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I have a question regarding negative feelings- not particularly for a manifestation but mostly because I have not felt this way in a long long time- this way meaning negative worry-frustration-sometimes despair even (?) and I really really dont like this one single bit because I have not felt this way for so long and I dont understand why NOW is the time I am feeling this way- let me explain- ever since I started my journey with becoming a conscious creator almost everyday i fluttered in the vortex (not ALL day but EVERY day) and generally I have gotten used to after a couple of weeks that even after something would occur that I did NOT like and the old me would probably cry 2 weeks over- the new me was focused, I understood the process, I first of all understood that everything is fixable and nothing is permanent and usually all the 'negative manifestations' I had were a co-creation with my ever so lovely mother and stepfather, the worlds Most Negative People That Kill Dreams Faster Than I Could Say 'I want to become a painter someday'. So long story short, I was focused, I was meditating, walking, spending time alone THINKING and deciding what I wanted in life- did so much soul work and totally transformed my way of looking at myself and the world and in the backdrop of that my ever so lovely parents decided that I was losing it- walking alone and being alone and smiling when my phone screen cracked and saying: my own fault guess Im gonna have to go to the apple store tomorrow- lol- their faces- so they decided I was crazy and told me they wanted me OUT because they were worried (yes that is the exact explanation I am still looking for the logic in that one) so I again, saw this as an AMAZING opportunity- the fact I had no work- a master thesis to complete- no family relatives friends anyone I could stay with- i did not blink a freaking eye and I did my vibrational work like a BOSS and you know what happened? Everything! I manifested an amazing house where I can stay for 3 months FOR FREE- its a womens shelter- for women involved in domestic abuse- a safe home where they can relax with their kids and build a new life- well guess what there are currently zero point zero women in my city that have this problem so guess who lives in a huuuuuuuge 3 story villa in the center of the city- with electric guarded fences and 159000 rooms,free wifi, FOOD (I buy my own because I dont want to be like totally a pig but STILL if i needed it i would have it) i have no more parents to insult me and try every day to bring me down and generally being mad at me for becoming a happy person- I can finish my thesis in calmness, I can search for a house peacefully, i have super fast internet and a bathtub and an amazing room and everything and even more manifested exactly the way I wanted it and I actually did not expect anything less BUTTT


I feel like ****. like literally i feel nervous, shaking, worried, anxious, i am noticing that i am beginning to speak mean to myself- becoming enraged when i fumble or drop something all of the sudden- and i dont understand


what is this?

help me PLEASE, this is driving me crazy- i thought it was maybe just because of the sudden change from family enviroment- but i still live in the same city- i still go to the same drugstore- i am now left alone without hateful parents and negative energy- i have WIFI and food and EVERYTHING and it has been 4 days now and im starting to think this wont just go away after sleeping- keep in mind I have been doing vibrational work since January 2016- more than a year ago- I have not had such a low state for more than a couple of hours after consistently focusing my emotions- Its like I all of the sudden CANT do it- although i KNOW it works because it did ! like im so frustrated! please help me and maybe explain what the hell is going on?? Is this normal? Has anyone had this happen to them? What should I do??

Thank you and sorry for this dramatic form of asking its just I write how i feel and by all the exclamation points i think its pretty obvious i feel !!!!!! like that!!!!????

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@Januaryfeelings, my impression from reading your question is that you are describing feelings of anxiety and fear.

"im so frustrated! please help me and maybe explain what the hell is going on?? Is this normal? Has anyone had this happen to them? What should I do??"

Unfortunately, it is "normal", otherwise we would not be in need of so much "mental work". When we start this work within ourselves, we start to feel the "contrast" more than other people, I think. And then, we want to go back to the Vortex as soon as possible - we get anxious and afraid that we won't be able to do so.

Take it easy on yourself. Don't beat yourself because you are not in the Vortex right now. It's a new life, and you have to get used to it. I would suggest you to focus only on what you have to do and focus only on what you love to do. Don't fight your fear, just let it be and it will subside. Don't think about these feelings, think about what you appreciate in this new situation.

It seems you have attracted this new house and new perspectives into your life and they seem to be good.

Try to enjoy your new freedom and let the rest of it in the hands of the Universe. I wish you good luck!


answered 17 Mar '17, 09:20

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