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I recently came across this technique which was too good not to share with my fellow IQers. This is from an Anthony Robbins seminar, and it's an excellent way to get into the Vortex in five minutes or less. The first time I did this, I felt waves of joy-energy coursing through my body, and the effect seemed to last for some time. Curious to hear what your experiences will be if you try this, so if you've got a couple of minutes to spare, go along with the following meditation below and let us know how you feel after!

I'll post both the video and the text:

We're flooded with so much negative biochemistry that we can [easily] get hijacked. So the only solution is to flood yourself with positive experiences.

Stay in the Moment

First thing you want to do is shake your body out; then make your hands like claws and move back and forth, breathing in and out very rapidly.

Then, stop, shake your body out, clap and say yes five times.

Say: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Make a total excitement sound like when you were a little kid. Put your hand on your heart; close your eyes.

Feel Your Heart

We're going to go on a journey of things you're grateful about, but first, feel your heart. Feel the power of your heart. Feel the strength of your heart. Feel grateful for your heart.

Think about it: You didn't have to buy this heart. You didn't have to earn it. Someone thought enough of you to give you this heart, instantly, the moment you were born. As long as it beats, you're alive.

Step into a moment in your life you can feel deep feeling of gratitude for. Breathe in your heart; hear what you heard then; feel what you felt then, right now. Feel so grateful. Feel that moment; it was sacred; you were blessed.

Take It In

Don't just think it. Feel, see, be there. Reach out and bring in another memory you can feel grateful for. Step in and feel the power and grace of that moment.

Bring a third moment in. Maybe this moment could be a coincidence. We all love a coincidence because we did nothing for it--something just happened. You met somebody, you went somewhere, and it led to something magnificent. Step into the gratitude of that moment and feel it as well.

Take your hand off your heart and just continue to breathe, and go on a journey. Feel each moment, in your body, like you're there.

Shift to Moments You're Proud Of

Shift to a moment you're proud of. Bring in someone you're proud of. Breathe the way you do when you feel proud--along with the gratitude.

Think of something you've accomplished in your life--small or big. Think of a romantic, sensual or sexy moment and bring that in too.

Bring in a moment that made you laugh out loud. Did you ever laugh so hard that milk came out your nose or something like that? Bring it into your heart.

Bring in a special moment with family or friends.

Bring in a moment that was pure excitement. Make that sound of excitement out loud. Now, for 10 seconds, reach out and bring in moments from the future. Bring them in fast! And in the end, just shout the word "yes."

Now, open your eyes.


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Great exercise! Thanks for sharing. It's a good way to practice feeling good.

(22 Feb '15, 15:10) Kriegerd

oh dear, I had a very hard time finding good moments!!!! I could only think of one. I know it's not possible that I don't have any, but they seem to be so few. I definitely couldn't think of anything that made me proud of myself, although I'm sure people would point things out to me - those things really don't make me proud. Is there a way of going back and discovering or recreating such moments?

(22 Feb '15, 17:33) Inner Beauty

Something similar happened to me @Inner Beauty. More with gratitude moments than the others. What I started doing a couple of days ago is to do more rampages or tapping sessions with positive things when I'm in a good feeling place.

Practicing the positive more and more. It seems to be working.

(22 Feb '15, 19:17) Kriegerd

@Inner Beauty - I think it gets easier with practice, like @Kriegerd says. The more you look for good-feeling moments, the more you'll find. I've been doing this exercise for a few days now and it gets easier every time! And what's great is knowing that by focusing on those moments, I'll be manifesting more of them in the future...

(23 Feb '15, 09:24) cassiopeia

Thank you both. That is a quality I lack - persistence. I actually thought to myself - well, that's an exercise I'm not going to do again, but perhaps I should! Thank you!!

(23 Feb '15, 11:41) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - Did you follow the video or text version? I've been using the text version only, and I only now just realised that the video doesn't include the first part, under the heading "Staying in the Moment". There are a lot of silly movements so probably make sure no-one's watching you do it, but I find it really helps to get the physical sensations of joy and excitement going in my body, which makes the memories come easier too.

(25 Feb '15, 10:18) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia - I used the video - but I think I was distracted by other people's emotions. I'll try the text version. Thanks!

(26 Feb '15, 18:14) Inner Beauty
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