What animates mind, body, elements, etc. to create emotions, thoughts, memories, etc? What is it that runs the show within and without as one organism?

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Dolly Gupta

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Watch this movie. Very entertaining and informative and talks about your question. At 51 minutes, this part talks about the chemical processes of the body and brain and how emotions are created. Animated and humorous. :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioONhpIJ-NY


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And this is by far the Best explanation of our genes and how we can change them with our thoughts. MOST Excellent! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjj0xVM4x1I

(07 Apr '13, 13:22) Rindor
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Scientists have been looking for the "soul" in the Brain for a long time; it is the Soul which animates and motivates the being to act. We all seem to know that, but finding just where the soul exists is elusive.

As a rule, I hate using links to explain things. I'd rather try to word it myself. But this article really speaks to the subject, and I recommend it highly.

Surely you have raised a good question!




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This question I believe to reveal an exceptionally enlightening answer this must be examined as, "What makes anything function or think?"

It's one thing pondering about people. However when we start contemplating the thoughts and actions of every living thing, we see this gets complex fast.

One thing I could say is self-evident is only humans are self-aware. So it seems whatever it is that makes everything think or act exist within each of us.

A rather interesting Bible verse is in Genesis, God created us in his image. There is yet another verse right after the eating of the tree of knowledge that says "Behold they have become like us."

So this intelligence and self awareness that seems in charge of all consciousness, appears within each of us individuality.

If that there would be an all controlling intelligence, it would seem that this same intelligence could have parts as similar to our brains that appear to function independently.

We have conscious and subconscious parts that function apparently independently.

What if what we believe is our self-awareness is really only a part of the God mind much like our subconscious is part of our conscious?

Then it would appear to seem that everything we think, say, and do is really just a part of a greater whole, much as every cell in our brains makes a part of a greater whole.


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Wade Casaldi

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Yes, it has to be part of a greater whole/network/substratum/ universal consciousness because most of our bodily functions are involuntary and as if on auto pilot and the little control we like to think we have is within those parameters like the radius/distance a dog can move within is determined by the length of the leash around its neck. There are many local and non-local leashes that make this movement possible/the visible leash with form and the invisible leashes without form.

(07 Apr '13, 17:52) Dolly Gupta

How about chi energy(or whatever you prefer to name it) running the show; using just a piece of paper , a bit of cardboard and a pin you can manifest your own chi energy at work


You can build a subtle energy pump; cut small squares of aluminium foil and pieces of paper of exactly the same size and glue them together alternately so that you have a pile of about 20 sheets in all. It's a great way of training yourself to feel subtle energies, the energy enters on the paper side and emerges on the aluminium side. Copper foil works even better, if you really want the ultimate use 18 carat gold foil.

alt text

The electret is based on this principle and acts as a rechargeable accumulator for subtle energy. An electret is a mixture of waxes, heated and cooled very slowly in a high voltage polarized electric field, wrapped in a sheet of metal foil.

ffalt textff

have fun :)


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ru bis

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Hey these are fun, I have one that I bought called 'if I remember' The Mind Machine. Mine was made of heavy aluminum foil. I also have the Mind Machines You Can Build book.

(16 Apr '13, 11:32) Wade Casaldi

yes Wade there're great fun, real easy to make and actually work :)

(16 Apr '13, 13:27) ru bis

Looks like fun. I've seen before; but I've never made one. I'm imagining what your home must look like. lol I hope you have a few little people in your life. Little ones must love you. Have you priced copper lately? Thinking copper sheets are more expensive than gold? I'm partial to silver; but not tin foil. Of course the metaphysical properties of gold are different than copper & I guess that is the point. When you work with gold if I remember correctly you should use a little silver ..

(17 Apr '13, 04:35) ele

silver... not sure exactly why - harmony, gold is masculine & silvers energy is calmer. Both represent abundance or wealth. I'm sure you will enlighten me if I'm in error.

(17 Apr '13, 04:40) ele

the servranx electret contains a sheet of 18 carat gold foil, i know because i accidently destroyed one of their electret's, i'd left it in my shirt pocket and put my shirt through the wash. lol so i opened it up to examine it.

(17 Apr '13, 04:56) ru bis

haha check your pockets ru bis - men! I bet you were none too happy. I can imagine you taking it apart too. I didn't realize it was that small. I can't purchase the ELECTRET w/o an instructor though - dang. Has my name on it. lol! Actually I was asking about making your subtle energy pump. Night ... trying to get back to a more normal bedtime & it's not working out very well for whatever reason. Thanks!

(17 Apr '13, 05:20) ele

if you're having difficulty in purchasing servranx products would you like me to assist you?

(17 Apr '13, 06:46) ru bis

Hmm .. my comment never posted yesterday. Since you asked - Please. I think my main issue is I find more & more to buy; now I need a different pendulum. Seriously, I cannot find the Traces of Gold transmitters radionics book at servranx & yes I use French in my search. I continually get server error (Recherche) instead of no results - so not sure if they carry it or not. The book is pricey is the US, 200$ for a paperback & would take a month to get to me from NY.

(19 Apr '13, 00:59) ele

If I go to Amazon France, where I automatically have an acct set up it's less than half the price & ships to me in less than 2 weeks. Is the book available at Servranx? I believe you suggested another book, what was it? The Graphics Sevranx book? Thanks..

(19 Apr '13, 01:00) ele

"if you're having difficulty in purchasing servranx products would you like me to assist you?" Well if you really want to assist me, pick out what you think I need & I'll pay for it. I'm sure you will spend less than I would. Then when my pkg arrives, it will be like Christmas.

(19 Apr '13, 01:30) ele

If for my benefit only, you may want to delete your comment. spammers Thanks.

(19 Apr '13, 02:53) ele
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The wisdom that knows the ingredients to form the first cell and program it for multiplication by the process of dividing itself to produce a defined shape, color, and form and supplying it with the ability to carry on zillions of functions till a defined time including emotions, thoughts, memories.


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Dolly Gupta

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