I was going through some of the processes by Abrahams and came across The Prosperity Game and the Wallet process. Both seem to have a similar emotional setpoint range and meant for the same thing, so which one should be used. Also can they both be used in tandem or will that affect the power of each process?

asked 11 Jun '10, 10:08

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I Think Therefore I Am

Abraham's basic guideline for using any process is to use the one that brings you immediate relief.

If you don't feel an immediate vibrational shift from using a process, then try a different one.

I've been playing with many of the Abraham processes fairly intensively for some years now and it still surprises me how different processes seem to be more effective on different days. It's all tied up with my changing moods and feelings about different subjects.

While we're on the subject of getting into the feeling of financial abundance, I thought I would share some information that some might find useful...

I searched for some years for some financial computer software that would maintain and enhance an on-going feeling of prosperity, rather than most which keep you focused on your financial reality a bit too much.

I eventually came across YNAB - You Need A Budget.

It will take a while to get used to how the rules of the system work but, if you stick with it, you will eventually find that it is worth the effort because it keeps you focused on the positive aspects of your finances rather than the negative ones...a feeling of having rather than a feeling of lacking.

Well worth a look in my opinion.


answered 11 Jun '10, 10:55

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