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I have found this Process on the net. It says it belongs to one of Abraham-Hicks books, but doesn't say which... Anyway, I am posting this here in case it's useful to anyone. I think it might give a boost to your requests...!

To: Universal Manager of Well-Being

From: Me

Date: Today

Re: Projects now in your hands

I. First of all, tremendous thanks and gratitude for all of the guidance and support that I have received over the past week:

  • Stephen being in a great mood for the most part :)
  • The kids finally getting over the cough that they have had for 2 weeks.
  • Rain so I didn’t have to water the trees :)
  • Visit with Suzette
  • New art from the kids to pin up at work
  • Jen coming around to allowing us to help her with her homework without attitude.
  • Walking with the kids.
  • SJ playing hard in the rain gully LOL
  • Sharing energy

II. Please support me in whatever way would best serve to expedite the following easily, effortlessly, and for the highest good of all concerned:

  • My pinched nerve and numb legs
  • Time spent at work
  • Needing a vacation
  • Getting windows replaced

III. Please support me in drawing the following to me in the most appropriate time/space sequence:

  • Health – So I can play more fully and enjoy romping with the kids.
  • Wealth – So I can do what I want when I want :)
  • Time to do both of the above!

Note: I then e-mail the memo to myself and put it in an e-mail file called Manager. It is amazing to review past e-mails and note the miracles that have happened regarding things in the memo.

From Bridget: I'd like to know your opinion on this, and if you think of taking it for a test drive; and if you do, if you got good results, and all you feel like sharing.

If you happen to know from which book this comes from, please share the information, thanks!


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The process is a variation of the Turning It Over To The Universal Manager process in Abraham's Ask And It Is Given.

Manifesting Experiment 1 is also a variation of that idea (plus a few others I've come across over the years).

The basic principle involved is to let go of your request so that you don't have any resistance to it coming since you are not trying to make it happen. It's the easiest way of manifesting stuff because you do nothing whatsoever other than decide what you want.

But, as I discovered with Manifesting Experiment 1, many people (myself included) want to be involved in the manifestation of their requests in some that's one of the main reasons we have Manifesting Experiment 2 (Focus Blocks).

And this need to be involved is fine since we are creators and life is no fun as a creator if you are not involved in creating something. :)

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You're right (as always lol). I have the pdf version of the book and I haven't got there yet. Not always have the time to read when I am online... :S I keep revising the first processes... I think it's a nice variation, isn't it? Without being detrimental of Manifesting Experiment 1, of course! Well, I just thought of sharing it. :)

(06 Aug '10, 15:13) BridgetJones09
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