I've been doing a lot of thinking and meditating and I now recognise immediately when I've 'clicked' into feeling good, but (and I know by voicing this I am perpetuating it but how else to ask the question?!) it doesn't STICK.

I slip in and out of it so mostly I'm hoping more than I am believing. Hoping doesn't feel like it's giving me the best opportunity because it implies a lack of faith, a kind of fingers-crossed-please-let-it-be-ok-ness.

Does anyone else find it difficult to slide up from hope to belief, and stay there? And what do you do to encourage it to really embed itself in you and be more stable?

asked 02 Jan '11, 15:58

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what you are describing sounds to me like Staying in the Vortex(ish).A good place to start. Is clicking on some of the very helpful stuff Stringray has done here over the past year. He has linked them in his profile.
This question on hope might be helpful too ; hope
And maybe changing the belief from "jump from hope" to something easier,like roll over or nudge yourself to belief


answered 03 Jan '11, 09:20

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Thank you Ursixx, that's v helpful. Will check out links and also I really like that idea of changing my BELIEF that I have to 'jump' to one where I only have to roll over or nudge! Seems like a tiny thing but makes so much sense! Feel better already :)

(03 Jan '11, 10:49) aquamarine

Well,by hoping you are already vitualizing your desire as possible,thereby attracting it towards you.Hope is the mother of believe.By hoping on a particular stuff you are already believing.


answered 02 Jan '11, 18:48

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Ifeanyi 1

Simple, change your belief pattern, and you will change the out come of your belief!


answered 02 Jan '11, 20:59

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Hoping communicates the desires of your heart to God -- much like prayer, except held longer as the positive energy of hope, and therefore usually more effective.

In a very real sense, belief (or conviction), is the message that God (or one of His messengers) sends back to you.

The desires of your heart, and the VALUES of your combined mind-spirit consciousness, are FELT... The problem is always one of discernment... What you describe as 'clicking-in' could very well be your validation... I feel 'stronger' when that happens.

For me, the best time to discern or feel those values, is early in the morning... That's when you're rested, and more receptive, because your spirit is in its 'receiving' mode... That's when your spirit can 'tell' your mind what to 'beleive' (and DO) on a day to day basis.

Like anything else -- practice makes perfect... Good luck!


answered 07 Jan '11, 15:41

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The Prophet

Wow that's lovely, the idea of messages of hope and belief going back and forth! I feel a painting coming on! Thank you Neil.

(07 Jan '11, 19:15) aquamarine

Painting is a good example of the benefits that accrue in applying the process I use... In practice, your guiding spirit will gently wake you up, review the work that you are to do, and get you started by organizing it for you... Not always of course -- but often enough to give you faith in yourself.

(10 Jan '11, 19:44) The Prophet
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