i am again here..with my hushyyy..bushyyyy question..tht can make you smile a bit.. :))) but,i l love rather if you will smile a bit..peeping at this question..lolzz..:)))

newayzz, its just something which popped in my mind yesterday. "love at first sight"..,hmmm.. i know its sounds interesting..n ofcose you will love to read it further,so.my question is.,..that.,

.is it just a vibrational match with someone who is in that same frequency or something much more than that..like as many people say.."couples are made in heaveen sort of.."???

just wanna know ur views on this...,

n common.now..alt text.don't let that "cute smile"vanish from ur faces..let it be there for the whole day..."it suits you..."... :)))))))))))))

love,light n blessings...

supergirl.. :)))

asked 29 Nov '12, 00:59

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Barry Allen ♦♦

love at first sight: i would say there is harmony between the 2 person.or something that both person like about each other. it help make a connection between the 2 person. but from experience it does not last. one of the 2 person will fail the other or will not be in harmony for what ever reason and move on. yet it is experience to have so: experience and enjoy.


answered 30 Nov '12, 15:05

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white tiger

(01 Dec '12, 02:11) supergirl

yes, synchronized searching wave lenghts
on at least one or more liken levels.
be careful though not to smother each other


answered 30 Nov '12, 22:46

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I have no idea where they make them, but on average I meet one of those once in a decade.

I'm now convinced that this is way too rare to ever let her flee again. So the next time our eyes meet for the first time and I'll see in them that "forever" that's calling me, I'll catch her.


answered 29 Nov '12, 03:18

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