Those who are familiar with the Faster EFT , is making a peace list which contains all bad memories and then tap all the bad emotions out a good idea? Cause if I remember correctly Abraham say that it's not helpful to go to past memories unless they feel good.

To tell you the truth the 1st approach (making a peace list) resonates with me much more than the other one. But as always I'd like to hear what you guys think about it.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Don't you find nothing wrong with the fact that one approach resonates with you more than other.

Would you even realize that this very perspective is the root cause of all the issues you're searching the solution for?

(13 May '13, 02:28) CalonLan
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Hi timmyy. Always follow your gut instinct, no matter what the subject. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, you always know best what will work for you.

Any angle and any approach suggested by humans, present of dead, off world or non-physical beings are tools and processes we use to give ourselves permission to remember that which we already know at some level of our being.

Therefore, use your own emotional guidance to recognize which tool or process is most keyed to your particular vibration. And in so doing, know that because it's keyed to your frequency it will assist you to remember that which you already know in the timing that's best for you :)


answered 11 May '13, 22:01

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Thanks Eddie ,very helpfull reminder, especially when others are telling one to go in the opposite direction :-)

(12 May '13, 03:01) Starlight

Right on @Eddie!

(12 May '13, 19:38) Dollar Bill
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