Are there realities, truths, knowledge that we are unable to grasp? Are there four, five and six dimensional realities that occasionally or continuously come into contact with our three dimensional world that cannot be experienced with our three dimensional minds?

In his 1884 book, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Edwin Abbott describes a two dimensional world inhabited by geometric shapes. One day, a three dimensional sphere passes through the two dimensional plane, and because the inhabitants can only perceive things in two dimensions, they are unable to comprehend the truth of what a three dimensional sphere really is. (The book is a fascinating mind-stretcher and you can read or download it at The Gutenberg Project or read it more easily at this link.)

For those who already believe in transcendent beings and infinite intelligence and collective consciousness, could there be something even beyond all that, which we have yet to imagine?

This is probably more of a discussion question (both by its nature and my preference) but since Inward Quest would like to encourage more answerable questions, let me ask this: How can we optimize our mind's potential to grasp such transcendent concepts?

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Thanks for my accepted answer

(25 Nov '09, 11:23) flowingwater
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First of all our minds can not grasped all truths and all things be it other realities, dimensions, planes, or whatever. We can only grasped and handle so much and too much knowledge is not good for anyone. Because one question leads to an answer which leads to another question and another answer and so on. There are certain things we should know and try and find out. For God has the books out there for those who search digiently but there are somethings we are not meant to know or shall I rephase it and say we do not need to know. Our minds even the subscious mind can not contain all of what God knows. That is why some people have an over load and than are mentally damaged forever for it was just too much knowledge given and not being able to conceive it or contain it for there was not space to hold it and thereby and electrical overload happen and fried the brain and the conscious than was removed from it for it had no place to contain itself.

Now God has all of the answers and we are allowed to ask him but why do you want to know everything? For what good are we doing with the knowledge that we already have? Are we helping others, ourselves, the world, mother earth, our environment, and has our heart open up with with more love for God, other humans and our selves?

Than that knowledge would put you up there with God, all knowing and all seeing. Now remember that is what got mankind in trouble in the first place. God gave us the ability to eat of all of the fruit trees in Eden but there was only one we could not eat of or pretake up and even though we enjoyed all of the fruit from all eleven fruit trees, even the tree of life, the serpent got us to thinking why not eat of the tree of knowledge now mind you we were not hungry and was not interest in that tree until the serpent got us to thinking about it than we said if we eat of that tree than we surely would die. Of course the serpent said NO God would not do that to you he just don't want you to be like him an god and know everything. So, Eve probably went hum like an god hum well that would be nice.

Now think about this why did she listen to the serpent who did not love her and did not listen to God who did love her. So she ate of the fruit of that tree and than presented it to Adam now Adam knew he should not eat of that tree but rememeber he was lonely the reason God made Eve for him in the first place so I believe he did not want to be lonely again so he sigh and ate of the tree and took the punishment along with Eve which he knew was coming.

Now I look around and I don't see us trying to protect and help heal mother earth of all the wounds we have done to her. We have dirtyed the waters and contaimanated them, we have added to many chemicals and messed up the fertile soil, and we have reduce the oxyen and polluted the air, and we have destroys many trees which clean an purified the air, and we have contaimanated the human body with things that it can not use and are destroying the cells in the body, brain, and we are experimenting and destroying our selves and mother earth with global warming and open an hole in the ozone layer that allow things to come in that God had to protect us and not allowed in and now we have allow so many things to come in an destroy us.

This planet was made for human beings. To grow and learn of ourselve and about God and his love for us.

Knowledge just for the sake of knowing is of no earthly good if you are not going to help you and your family, your environment, other people, mother earth. It seems like the more knowledge that human get now is taken is use to destroy. There are more diseases now, less oxygen,the forrest does not yeild the fruits and food now that it did for the forrest animals and insects that lived there, the fish in the ocean, seas, and bodies are water are disease and dying because of mankind, we are messing up so much and are not watching and paying attention to what we are destroying including mankind itself. After greed, money and power. There is here enough for all to enjoy and be happy. If we use the knowledge we already have for the good of man kind an let the love of our God shine through us to others and a smile can be place on all of our faces. For there is so much suffering now on all levels and yes there is more knowledge but what are we doing with it are we helping mankind or destroying it. I let you be the judge of that answer to that question.


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You mentioned Adam and Eve so I'll share this limerick I wrote: The serpent was slick, a real stinker! He said, Eve I see you're a thinker! Eat this fruit to be wise, it'll open your eyes. And she swallowed it - hook, line and sinker! Don't you think humanity has benefited in some significant ways because of all we've learned? Yes, with increase in knowledge come the good applications and the bad, but don't you think that our mind is a "gift" that we should make full use of? If one believes that God has given us intelligence, then isn't it just good stewardship to make the best use of it?

(13 Oct '09, 08:50) John

What Eve and Adam did was bring sin and death into the world John. By the serpent tricking Eve and she was than kick out of the Garden of Eden. What have we really learned John we are still being trick by that old serpent and remember he has his own agenda he does not love humanity he wants to destroy it. The evil that is end this world that was unleased by humans for their thirst for knowledge and gold has been suspendious. They may have read who open this will unleash an demon or destruction and through the quest for unamaziable richs they do and say hog wash and go forth to bring it anyway.

(13 Oct '09, 16:48) flowingwater

Humanity needs to understand that the serpent is still at his old tricks except since this is the twenty first century he has ungraded. You must rememember the tree of knowledge was knowledge of both good and evil. We forget the knowledge was that both Eve and Adam recieved was of both good and evil now when you recieved knowledge you must determine whether it is good or evil and will you use it for good or evil for the serpent is still out their beguiling and tricking all who not grounded in the love of God. Ask yourself where is this knowledge coming from or came from first.

(13 Oct '09, 17:18) flowingwater
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I venture to say that, yes, the human mind can grasp transcendendal truths. More today than ever before. A great book about this "Cosmic Consciousness" (A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind) by: Richard Maurice Bucke. He discovers that there have appeared certain individuals who are gifted with the power of transcendental realization. Jesus, Buddha, and others that are close to enlightenment like Socrates, Bacon, Descarte. Etc.. And that this is increasing with the human mind. The author shows records how this transcendental illumination is increasing.


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As HUMAN BEINGS we are doing things NOW never thought possible.I feel that we can and WILL continue to expand with our FAITH to guide us. ANYTHING is possible


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Good answer, and I believe the Bible says, "With God, all things are possible."

(13 Oct '09, 08:27) John

The key word is that Jesus said all things were possiable through him. That means you need to be in alinement with Jesus. He also said I come that you may have life more abundance. our faith is the key an we must hold unto it with all of our might.

(13 Oct '09, 17:25) flowingwater

Good ? I believe that we are always at the forefront of new discoveries daily. There are so many things available to us if we are open to them to learn from. Our consciousness and awareness expands along with our learning and understanding.And why wouldn't there be all other realities and dimensions? I suppose the thing is in being open enough to perceive it/them and then to be able to comprehend the situation or realities enough to realise we are still ok and have not gone insane ;-) in the now. Happy discoveries and adventures.


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I think we need to be cautious with our knowledge that we may be gaining for some knowledge is not for the betterment of mankind. I think we have not learn enough about this demension. I don't think we need to open up the pathway to this dimention by traveling to other dimentsions and realities. Even though the portols are out there. We must remember that there are other beings out there that are not for our betterment, some are, and some are just neutral.

(13 Oct '09, 17:33) flowingwater

Unknown (yahoo), I don't know if your "Good?" was in reference to my comment "Good answer" but I don't see that you have said anything contrary to Roy's answer. Essentially, he is saying that humans are capable of anything..."all things are possible." You're not disparaging his use of the word "faith", are you? Or my biblical quote? As you yourself said, "There are so many things available to us if we are open to them to learn from." I am open to learning from all sources. Are you? If I've misunderstood your initial "Good?" perhaps you could elucidate. BTW, I think you're answer is very good.

(13 Oct '09, 23:38) John

Hi John, the question you asked along with the answers that are here are good. Thanks (-:

(14 Oct '09, 07:32) N20

Oops. Just reviewing these older posts, I realized I addressed that comment above to Unknown (yahoo) rather than N20, as was my intent. Accept my belated apology for any confusion that resulted.

(24 Oct '09, 07:58) John

John I was rechecking things old and new and came across your comment about good and I was confused but than you cleared it up for it was meant for N20. Thanks for clearing it up for me. Have an nice day John.

(27 Oct '09, 04:50) flowingwater

John what does BTW stand for to clear the meaning for me and others thanks and I appreciate.

(25 Nov '09, 11:21) flowingwater
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if one takes the time to find out what makes us human and where our destiny lies,
there is little that remains transcendental, unless we choose to keep our head in the ground.
since we can truly see only from where we are at, it is up to us to refine and unfold our potential,
letting us see the spark of the eternal flame that grants us our connectedness with all life and our individuality


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I have to add a comment, regarding the reference to Adam and Eve: Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, and thus became aware of their nakedness and hid (from God). I take this to mean that they became aware of the worldly truths rather than the spiritual ones; that they turned their eyes away from the heaven they inhabited and became aware of need, and lack, rather than plenty and abundance, and thus became aware of what is termed 'the human condition', and were cast down and lost their previous open connection with God as a result. People have been looking for it ever since.

When it is said that God cast them out of Heaven, I think it is more that Adam and Eve cast themselves out of Heaven by their actions and wandered in the wilderness of want, alone and afraid, much as we do these days, especially if we mindlessly allow the media and politicians to influence our thinking. Some of us are detaching ourselves from mainstream thinking and moving towards a way of enjoying and creating a more Heavenly world.


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NO ONE can really "grasp" Infinite Intelligence fully, unless they are able to "tap" into it, and know with 100% certaintity that it even exists, much less its power and possibilites. I have successfully taken this journey, and KNOW.....


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Steve Meyer Stairway to Heaven

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