I am very curious to know if anyone here have tried Past-Life Regression Therapy? If yes..then, I would love to hear your experiences and also the procedure?.., whether its safe to do try it or not? I also wanna know if anyone here is a professional hypnosist?

your answers will serve as guide to me..

looking forward to hear them soon...

love, light n blessings..

supergirl.. :)))

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Either you don't believe in your mission or you have none. What is left then is jumping from one glittering tinsel to another.

(06 Dec '12, 06:47) CalonLan
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I had a past life regression (through hypnosis) about twelve years ago.

I went to a therapist in Chicago just for that purpose, and there are many qualified to do past life regressions. I suggest making sure the person is already a mental health professional and not an ameteur! You should also be able to get a clear recording of the whole session.

I found out about three significant past lives! Really, I was astonished and it explained so much about my life in the now.....some unexplained fears that I'd had, some preferrences, recurring dreams and so forth. This helped me to sort things out on many levels and helped me to understand what I am trying to work out here in this life and helped me to put some things to rest as well. Very fulfilling and exciting.

The session was expensive but well worth it.

Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

@leeAnn1-thank you,, :)))

(07 Dec '12, 00:29) supergirl

When I was a teenager, I met some older people that became my friends. They did readings for people. They did one for me for free as a friend. They said that I was some quite significant historical people. They also said that I would have five kids and die young, at 35. I am 42 and don't plan on dying any time soon. I think these people were quacks. After that, I was skeptical of the whole thing. Now that I have learned more about the way things work, I would be interested in doing it from a reliable person.


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@Fairy Princess I think Bashar has talked about psychic readings and said that they are out of date the moment you have them because you can decide to do something different which would lead to a different outcome. Maybe the dying at 35 was correct at the time but you made the decision to prove it wrong and so you have!

(06 Dec '12, 09:03) Catherine

I am very stuborn

(06 Dec '12, 09:12) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess- thank you fr the answer.. :)))

(07 Dec '12, 00:31) supergirl
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