I know some individuals who are very focus on past life work.

But I don't understand why they stop there.

Why not incorporate the past life's, past life? And the past life's, past life, past life. And then the parents of the past life, and the past life of the parents, and the past life of the parents past life's- etc.

(If someone can draw a diagram of this that would be a helpful visual).

Anyway, what about all those connections ?

How does that "web" effect our daily experience?

What or how can we apply that to help us?

I think a computer program could help us here as it may be hard to comprehend.

I am not sure what else to ask or why I am being forced to write 300 more characters but I do think this is a vey interesting question and worth some time to think about. Also if we can think about how all the past webs consciousness was different that's ours and how it evolved and where we might be in that evolution stream that would be helpful or is if anyone has any ideas.

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I was never drawn to work on past life experiences.

I think what was - was

and what is -is - because of what was.

but if i try to underdtand what was just to figure out why im here, it will take maybe a life time.

so i prefer ACCEPT what is, and HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING that it is because of what was, without digging to much, loving where i am and thank god for showing me the beauty of my+his creation now.

Digging in the past is the opposite of accepting where you are.

The past doesn't exsist anymore even in god's eyes. only the present moment is even if it is the result of what was. so you can go back further and more but it will finally lead you back to the now.

the reason people go back to their past is because they want to accept their now. you can do it with out the digging by thanking god each moment for where you really are, for what you have and for what you don't have. everything is for your greatest good.


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I look at it a little bit like I look at clearing my own limiting beliefs. If there's a belief I've been carrying with me that has been making me feel less than good about myself or my life, I'm going to dig into it, see where it comes from, accept that it's there, and then go forward to or in a better mindframe and with a better current belief for my understanding of it. I may have other subconscious beliefs that might not necessarily be the best, but if they're not really affecting me then I don't feel the need to address them until the time comes. I accept that they're there and may influence my life, but it doesn't make me feel great to go searching for them rather than enjoying life. When I need to address them, I will know.

With past lives, I know I've had more than I can imagine, and while they may have all formed my soul into what it is and therefore predisposed me to be the me I am coming into each subsequent life, I'm here to experience this life and what I can do in and with it. I accept my past lives, the tons of them I have no idea about that could have been wonderful or terrible, but if they're not impacting me now in a way I need to look at, then I'll leave them where they are and live this one. Maybe outside of the physical I can look back at everything and decide what to make of it all, where to go with it. However, just like with limiting beliefs, if a particular past life is impacting me in this one, then I will want to look into it, understand it, and use that understanding to be in a better place now, in this life. That's something I've experienced, I believe. A particular past life was echoing quite a lot in me this time around, and it seemed like a lot of what I was doing and why were mirroring some things that I'd experienced then. By understanding where they were coming from and accepting what I believed was a separate past without holding onto it any longer, I can move on to better things now. Perhaps some other lives have echoes in the me of this life that I'm not aware of, but I want to just be in this one and enjoy it as best I can. If I need to address those echoes, I'll know when the time comes.

If it makes a person happy and fulfilled to look back through that entire web and understand it, then why not? Go for it. Who knows what amazing connections can be made that could shake up spiritual evolution for the individual or for many? As for why many people don't, this is at least why I've left it at the one.


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