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With the end of the Mayan calendandar approaching, many people are talking about major changes in the world, in humanity, etc... It is also almost the end of the year 2012. Either way, changes are emminent, that is life. This creates a natural point to consciously change our worlds.

The best way to create what you want, is to feel the feeling of already having it. That is not so easy for many people for many things. So, I propose an experiment.

Do Two Hands Touching. Then visualize the world the way you would like it to be. Picture people getting along, being happy, enjoying nice weather and beautiful skies, etc... getting those details that are important to you. Then do THT. Then picture the world you created again, and feel what it would feel like to live in that world. Then do THT

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

it already is a perfect world it is only the perception that it isn't that makes it seem imperfect. this is a paradox it is the perception that something is missing or not right that causes us to try to become more and it is in the trying to be more that causes the trouble. the truth is that we live in a perfect and benevolent universe and everything is going along exactly the way it should. when we recognize this truth our perception changes and the world changes with our perception of it or rather seems to change actually we simply wake up to what has always been, perfection.


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no more judgement,inequity,stress,conflict and war. people helping each other learning from each other with a good heart in understanding and truth, experiencing and enjoying life.

how does that relate in the physical world no more poor,no more extremes :like people suffering from lack of food,cold,health problem. no more violence,crime,weapon used on people. equal opportunity for every one. faster progress and evolution. faster and better help when a natural disaster or tragedy occur. example: earthquake,tornado,fire,flood,accident. better communication and trust between the people.

you see the duality right here that get solved: no more rich afraid to get stolled or kidnapp. no more poor afraid to have no money to have a house and food clothing and healt care.

we all see stuff that needs to change. each problem have a solution. the question would be why is it not getting solved? is it a lack of communication? is it a lack of understanding the problem and finding a solution? is it a lack that in the present system there is stuff that are out of our controll? is it that people in high place or position are not doing their job properly? is it that people do not care about annything except making money and having power and success? is it that people are to dumb? is it that we do not have anny intelligent people on earth? there is a saying 2 heads are better then one. then with all the heads on earth that could work together united to solve all those problem,why is it not happening?


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white tiger

This would never work. Is white and black the same color? Last time I checked it wasn't. What you are talking about is not human beings...perhaps some other beings, other world. To to achieve unity, you would need to brainwash everyone. What ideology would it be we'd have?

(07 Dec '12, 02:24) CalonLan

@white tiger -- I like the way you think! Beautiful well thought out answer. I wish you would talk like this more often - from your heart - instead of posting quotes from the Bible or using "bible speak".

(07 Dec '12, 03:12) ele

@ele i always talk with my heart in truth. the real question would be why are saying that i do not do that? could it be that you are missing something? you see when we judge blame or stop to see things or understanding we make up our mind about something and we see only what we want to see and we miss alot of things,because we focus on what we know or what seams important to us. where your heart is also is your mind.

(07 Dec '12, 08:34) white tiger

@white tiger, she means she can't connect the dots and thus understand fully the concepts you explain throughout IQ with that metaphorical bible-talk you so often use. Simply because there are thousands of ways to express a thought, but one does not understand the thought in thousand ways. Only in the way he himself would choose to express the thought.

(07 Dec '12, 08:42) CalonLan

@calonlan what you are saying comes from fear. you do not need to brain wash anny one. they need to evolve find solution and make better choice. you most know the saying united we stand divided we fall. individuality still exist in unity. you see it right now looking at your screen.we all come here on sharing question and answer all together in unity. are you afraid of being brain wash coming to the site? is this site working? what ideology do we have here on this site?

(07 Dec '12, 08:50) white tiger

This is a very nice answer, white tiger. If you spoke this way all the time, then your world would feel more united. You ask some questions at the end of your answer. My answer to that it that if we all treated eachother the way we want to be treated, this would be a beautiful, untied place to live. That is in the Bible. Jesus said it.

But when you attack us, that is not unity and kindness and how you want to be treated. That is you looking down on us because you are the fee who have seen god

(07 Dec '12, 08:53) Fairy Princess

If you want to live in that peaceful place, then let it start within. Find peace in your heart, and you will find peace in your world. Where is Jesus? Is He not in your heart? Seek ye first His righteousness, which He said was treating people like you want to be treated, and all these things, the things you need, will be added unto you. He said to love your enemies and pray for those who hurt you. He said that whatever you give, will be given back in the same measure, packed down.

(07 Dec '12, 08:56) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess what you do not get is that i have never attacked you.i have always talked with a good heart in truth. if you are not able to accept the truth and you feel attacked because of that,that is in you. i always talk with my heart in truth. the real question would be why are saying that i do not do that?

(07 Dec '12, 09:05) white tiger

@fairy princess could it be that you are missing something? you see when we judge blame or stop to see things or understanding we make up our mind about something and we see only what we want to see and we miss alot of things,because we focus on what we know or what seams important to us. where your heart is also is your mind. the light shines in the darkness but the darkness as not understood it.

(07 Dec '12, 09:06) white tiger

@white tiger sorry, I can't hear you from up there on your high horse.

(07 Dec '12, 09:08) Fairy Princess

@white tiger, if people evolve good for them. But I hope by that time I'll be long gone and flying hopefully as a consciousness all over the universe.

And questions, they create the problem. Question always precede problem creation. And searching for answer is just desperate attempt to find a solution. Sounds like a lot of trouble makers are here. Lol.

(07 Dec '12, 09:19) CalonLan

@white tiger Oops, I seem to have made another boo-boo. I know religion & the Bible reside in your heart. I left out 6 important words. Let me rephrase. - "I wish you would talk like this more often - speak from your heart, in truth, using your own words - instead of posting quotes from the Bible or using "bible speak". Do you speak like this in real life?

(07 Dec '12, 19:55) ele

@white tiger You asked me why? Often times it seems to 'me' like you are preaching. Your tone tends to be judgmental. I feel like you are trying to shove your interpretation of the Bible onto 'me' & your "truth" is the only 'way'. Believe it or not, I'm familiar with the Bible. I actually own one. to continue

(07 Dec '12, 19:57) ele

@white tiger (cont) . I realize this all started on another thread & you've been waiting for me to respond. I thought @Grace would be happier if her question just disappeared instead of constantly being brought back up to the top with off topic comments between you & me. I don't even feel like answering her question; even though I had some SIMPLE but effective suggestions as well as a few thoughts which I thought would be helpful.

(07 Dec '12, 19:58) ele


hmm . . . Mind Reader plus Translator? lol Thank You for raising my vibration. I've been laughing ever since I read this.

Ever hear of the acronym KISS? Most problems are best solved by simple solutions. Simple minded people seem to be happier - they don't worry as much & simplicity is key to success.

(to be continued)

(07 Dec '12, 20:07) ele


Seems like you missed the central theme of Buddhist teachings & the true path to enlightenment.

I wondered why you kept following me from thread to thread trying to provoke me (or engage me) into an off subject conflict.I thought perhaps you were jealous because people welcomed me back; now I realize you are either hoping my happiness rubs off on you or you're trying to covet my joy. Your choice.

Thank You - still laughing.

If you are laughing as you read this; I've done GOOD!

(07 Dec '12, 20:11) ele

@white tiger

I know I misinterpreted what you said on the other thread. I realize your intention was good as was mine, when I posted my original comment above. As for the other thread - I'm sorry; it was my fault. I brought negative energy & conflict onto that thread & I do apologize for NOT realizing your comment meant NO harm. I keep talking to you because I want to understand you & I want you to understand me. to be continued

(07 Dec '12, 21:56) ele

@white tiger

(cont) Thank you for trying to explain 'me' to Cal. Very Much Appreciated. So I'm going NOW, to Experience & Enjoy & NOT sure when I will be back ! With Love, ele

(07 Dec '12, 21:59) ele

@ele we all make mistake learn from them,and grow,in harmony love understanding and truth see you later, let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy. with love white tiger

(07 Dec '12, 22:05) white tiger

@white tiger I liked the comment which arrived in my inbox - before you edited it. No matter Thank you & I'm out of here...

(07 Dec '12, 22:28) ele

@ele, there are no problems thus there's no need for solutions in the first place, your previous and any post is indirect reflection of yourself, which being simple minded as I get notion you are from your other post, you don't even realize. We could go on for hours about pros and cons of being simple minded, and there is no "true" path to enlightenment if you must know. Other than that I have no idea about people welcoming you back, I didn't noticed any sort of thread regarding your return,..

(08 Dec '12, 09:59) CalonLan

...nor is it my intentions to follow you around. Although, to be honest I admit your comments are interesting playing ground especially if responded to in a certain manner and only help me to further enlarge my understanding of human's mind.

And off topic conflict might in fact be quite interesting, since you already got into protective stance ;)

(08 Dec '12, 10:04) CalonLan

well @calonlan you say there is no "true" path to enlightenment if you must know. but i say to you there is a true path that have been called by different name and word. for jesus it was born of water and spirit. for other it is called samadhi,dhyana. for indien it is called the greastest path between heart and mind to soor like eagle. each religion have probably their own words for this. to describe this path.

(08 Dec '12, 10:47) white tiger
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there are stories and fragments
of witten words about the paradise
designed for human beings

the place where our spark of life
is put together and sent
on its way to develop

and then return to rest in
the land where archtypes
are reverenced and respected


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