hi..friends.. is it easy to apply law of attraction principles on someone ..,who has not even heard that any such law exists. what you all think about it..? just wanna know ur views on this..

love,light n blessings..


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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Do you mean use LOA for your own benefit and obtain something from a person that has never heard of LOA before? Yes. It is your own filter through which you execute things. And thus only your interpretation of events.

Or do you mean to hand someone a print out of LOA principles and expect them to use them? Then the answer is no.

(07 Dec '12, 09:50) CalonLan

@CalonLan... if your first statement is true, then couldn't you use LOA to make the second (last) statement false?

(07 Dec '12, 12:29) lozenge123

@calonLan-i meant to apply LOA fr ur own benefit.

(07 Dec '12, 22:33) supergirl

so, are you asking if the LOA works on people who don't know about the LOA? And does that mean attract people who don't know about it, or do people who don't know about it still attract?

(07 Dec '12, 22:44) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess- ur first sentence is right ..i meant tht..

(08 Dec '12, 00:11) supergirl

@lozenge123, not necessarily, because the former assumes that principles are understood in order to be used not merely followed, which would be the case of the latter. There are too many variables in the process and without proper understanding you won't be able to cope with the changes if you have only step by step guide.

(08 Dec '12, 09:22) CalonLan

@supergirl the first sentence in not clear. The first sentence introduces the sentence I am not clear on, and I offer two possible interpretations of the unclear sentence. Sorry about the confussion. Could you please clarify what you mean? Thanks

(08 Dec '12, 11:22) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess- k..let me tell you the whole story..., i like a guy who is too practical to know/believe in loa.n he likes me too. so,now if i am applying law of attraction on him...,so,it would be easier for me/ difficult? this is the question. but,u see since,4-5 dayz i am applying it on him n its amazingly working.:))))

(09 Dec '12, 02:10) supergirl

@supergirl, you make it sound so mystical lol. Giving him a little bit of attention and smile will get him hooked.

(10 Dec '12, 02:25) CalonLan
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From my personal experience it is not easy and it is really not possible. I had my moments trying to talk to family members who were struggling with certain issues and pretty much just got the look that I am crazy and not seeing reality clearly like they are. So after more than my fair share of trying to help and be rejected, I learned that their experience is not the same as mine and I should just allow them to find their own way in their own timing.

@Stingray has mentioned in many of his answers about the Blah, Blah, Blah effect that Abraham talks about regarding being out of the vortex and not in vibrational harmony with another person. When the other person is out of sync with your vibration and frequency, they will not understand or even care to hear what you have to say.

You can always be loving and throw the hook with the worm (in other words put the information out there) in the lake, but you have to allow the fish to be a match and make the decision to bite if that is their desire. You can't go out into the lake and force the mouth of the fish onto the hook. Forcefulness just doesn't work in the Law of Attraction.

A quote that is also used here at IQ a lot is "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Everyone has their own time and place when they get that "a'ha" moment and can choose to take the path or not take the path when it is laid out in front of them. This is what makes the choice of "free will" so enjoyable.

A way we can help others without infringing on their beliefs systems is to see that person the way that we choose to see them. Since this reality is our own unique and individual creation and we are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us, we can have any version of any person that we choose.

When we see a person the way we want and change our beliefs about them, we will then get that particular version of the person that we would like to share our reality with. The other version of the person will simply disappear and be on a completely different vibrational range.

So in the end, as we usually say here at IQ, everything we desire simply comes back to us. Every single thing that does or doesn't happen in our lives comes from the vibration that we emanate from within, which will then produce the illusion of reality that we perceive as being "out there."

Our individual beliefs, will produce the particular vibration, that will then attract or repel people that do resonate or do not resonate with our ideas of the LOA.


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Spot on:) I've been in that position where I wanted to help someone struggling... but ended up getting that "...are you crazy?" look, lol :) I really agree that we see the version of a person that we expect to see. It's amazing how different a person responds to me depending on which end of the scale Im on... it's always the "There's just something about you!" response. :)

(07 Dec '12, 23:38) LapisLazuli

@cory-perfect answer..,i expected this same answer..,thank you.. :)))

(08 Dec '12, 01:25) supergirl

@Cory, the only reason you get "wtf, you're crazy" looks from people around you is because you don't translate your understanding to their language. LOA is a way of understanding things, just like chinese language is a way of understanding things. Try explaining direction in chinese to a Mexican.

It takes an element of learning mexican language to be able to guide the person. Or help them in their struggles.

(08 Dec '12, 09:27) CalonLan

And if you really want to help them for whatever reason..."When the other person is out of sync with your vibration and frequency, they will not understand or even care to hear what you have to say. "... then what is stopping you from changing your vibration to match theirs in the first place. It's a skill that takes time to learn. But you have ability to relate to anyone.

(08 Dec '12, 09:29) CalonLan

Also.."Everyone has their own time and place when they get that "a'ha"" Also these aha moments can be set up. As I said to @Wade, understanding where people get their sense of who they are from will open a new level of influence you will have over them. It's only the question of morality that stops you from going this far and learning how to set up and manipulate anything in your favor.

(08 Dec '12, 09:45) CalonLan

@Cory - Great insights here. Thank you.

(08 Dec '12, 15:10) Satori

@Cory Great answer! Often we think we have to teach something because we believe that we know "the truth" or what is in their best interest. Perhaps we need a teacher to get this LOA stuff out of our minds. Who knows? Not that i want to. But my point is, why do we feel so superior with our knowledge about things? Let everyone have their own truth and just teach if they want to know. Or inspire them in being the change you want to see.

(09 Dec '12, 00:22) releaser99

@LapisLazuli I have had pretty good results with seeing people the way that I prefer to see them. It is really interesting to experience a change in someone who I never thought could be a "certain way." When we realize that every person in our reality is coming from inside of us and is a reflection of our beliefs, we can experience those people in the way that matches our desired vibration the best.

(09 Dec '12, 02:12) Cory

@supergirl @Satori You are both welcome. I'm glad my personal opinion on the subject was helpful for you.

(09 Dec '12, 02:15) Cory

@releaser99 You are right. I learned that I do not wish to infringe on anyone's free will experience of earth. I'm willing to put information out there, but it is up to the individual in question to make the decision if they want to go down the path that I put out there or another path of their choosing.

(09 Dec '12, 02:18) Cory
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The Law of Attraction is simply that we attract things and people of matching vibrations. Our vibrations are formed by our beliefs. We experience reality according to the lenses we look through. The lenses are our beliefs. According to Gregg Braden, our beliefs are our thought plus the emotion the attached to the thought.

This video about luck demonstrates how it actually plays out.


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Fairy Princess

@fairy princess- thank you :)))

(08 Dec '12, 01:26) supergirl

I have been trying so but it seems, unfortunately so that as we try for others they need to themselves.

It is like lemmings, you can redirect and turn them around all you can try but they seem preset on self destruct. All your effort seems to have achived little when they are much more willing to believe their limitations than the new reality that you are trying to replace with.

However this stems from our own belief that those we are trying to help are separate from us. According to the Bible they are not separate from us, therefore we could heal them if we fully believe we are one body.

It is very hard to imagine yourself as healthy as one being with the one you know that has constant problems of pain and sickness. When we can, we can correct what is wrong in the world by choosing a better creation to experience as an outside projection of ourselves.


answered 07 Dec '12, 14:22

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Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi-thank you.. :)))

(08 Dec '12, 01:29) supergirl

@Wade Casaldi, "It is like lemmings, you can redirect and turn them around all you can try but they seem preset on self destruct. All your effort seems to have achived little when they are much more willing to believe their limitations than the new reality that you are trying to replace with."..As I said to Cory, you are trying to open their doors, with YOUR keys. No wonder there's a little success... If you present a world where everyone loves each other to a person that thinks...

(08 Dec '12, 09:33) CalonLan

...everyone hates him. No wonder he won't be able to relate. You know yourself how altering your beliefs can change your perception of things.

One important thing to realize is, that people tend to REJECT whatever they don't feel is theirs. If you can provide an illusion to them that YOUR idea is THEIRS, they will follow it. It's rather powerful and works wonders. Simply because people identify themselves with their thoughts. They think it's who they are.

(08 Dec '12, 09:38) CalonLan

Actually it did work I just used it to heal Jai. I had to first see her as not a separate being from myself but the same being myself. Then I worked on tuning her to match my frequency in every way. Then both of us to match God in every way as us and God are one. She felt like a snake shedding dead skin, layers and layers gone. Anything not in tune gone or tuned up. It does work but you have to give yourself up to do it. We need to broaden who we are, we are not we but, I!

(08 Dec '12, 12:34) Wade Casaldi
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You don't really apply " the principles" upon someone. They are continual properties of nature. Which is to say, you cannot HELP but "apply" the law of attraction "on someone." You are always applying it on everything and everyone.

However, I want to point out something to fine tune your understanding to a deeper level. You never actually "apply" these principles on someone. That's why I put it in " " earlier.

It is not an effective way to go about things, for multiple reasons, but ultimately because all the changes of significance must occur inside of your consciousness. To try and "apply" it on someone, is akin to (to take a phrase from Bashar), looking into a mirror and seeing your face with a frown on it, then trying to force the image in the mirror to smile. It's simply not how things work at a fundamental level.

Every person represents some aspect of yourself, and you can easily sit down and discover what aspect of you is represented by that person - what beliefs have bought them to you etc by just posing these questions to yourself and waiting for the answer. Then you work on THOSE and the person (or people) will have to naturally fall in line with the new resolved role you have cast for them. And the thing with this is - no one can resist you working on yourself (other than yourself)...so it is in that way a "sure thing" if you will. ;)

But back to your question more exactly...because they are principles, they operate consistently regardless of whether anyone is concerned about them. We are not typically concerned about gravity - but we are still a little bit shorter in the evening than in the morning despite out lack of concern with it.

However, if one wants to play the "influence other people" game then someone being "practical" (though honestly, these things ought to be very practical :P) and unconcerned with them does tend to make it easier with most people...since these people are less likely to pay enough attention to their thoughts to recognize anything but the most blatant shift in them, nor have learned to control their thoughts and do so regularly.

And they almost definitely have not developed any little "habits" from folklore or magical traditions that would protect them. A simple example that is habit for me everyday from a fair while ago, is every time I put my belt on, I have an automatic (from doing it deliberately a while back) intention that it protects me from any "external" influence. That is a sort of old folklore tradition. Another I use regularly is bathing in cold water. Most of these kind of things have or are really dying out from use, especially in the western world - though even seem to be well on their way out in places that had a strong basis for them, such as Eastern Europe and your own India. The only one that the average person really still hears about and a few (very few :P) still do regularly is praying.

So yes, it is easy to apply on someone who is not at all concerned about what it is. But it's much easier (and less hassle) to apply it on yourself and the aspects inside you that are projected onto the other person.

(And damn, I was excited to make a nice brief short reply to an answer for once, but it seemed I rambled yet again...)


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@Liam - I know the feeling :) "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead - Mark Twain" :)

(10 Dec '12, 04:02) Stingray

@Liam Good answer - love the belt idea.

(10 Dec '12, 04:09) Catherine

@Stingray chuckles Haven't heard that particular quote of his before. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

(10 Dec '12, 04:26) Liam

@Catherine Thanks. Glad you liked it. :)

(10 Dec '12, 04:26) Liam

@liam-wonderful answer.., thank you..so much,i expected this answer..,i knew its easier to apply on someone who is not aware..,but i wanted to hear from someone. :))))

(10 Dec '12, 07:09) supergirl
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