Specifically, I want to understand how something I do not want to happen to me, happens all the time...I am persistently sick and I hate it, yet no matter what I try, I still get sick. I am not resisting it- I am trying to stop it.

This whole concept confuses me- it's one saying I have never understood.

Thanks in advance,


Happy Advent 2012 Everyone!

Update: Wade Just said I really opened up a can of worms here...But I am a big girl...I think (gulp). I think I can get this....LOL;)

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@Jai , I also forgot , stop talking/thinking/writing about you being "persistently sick"( reinforcing ) I watch my friends and they do same as you and get same results . I am telling you this from a place of LOVE :-)

(08 Dec '12, 05:42) Starlight

@Starlight- Thanks! Will do.:) I already know you are coming from a place of LOVE! Blessings to you! Jai

(08 Dec '12, 06:05) Jaianniah

"I am not resisting it- I am trying to stop it." Since we live in an inclusive universe, "tryng to stop it" is guaranteed to bring you more of "it". My ONLY solution is to turn away from "It" and find soemthing else. This has ALWAYS been my true answer. This is the only thing that has EVER worked for me. When it seemed that my "problem solving" cured the problem, it was only because I got so tired of struggling, I finally allowed the solution.

(11 Dec '12, 06:31) Dollar Bill

And @Jaianniah, @starlight is right, you DO spend a lot of energy, here, talking/thinking/writing about your illness. Tell us more about the GOOD things in your life. The fun you are having. You and Wade are extraordinary people. I have gained a lot from the good things you say!

(11 Dec '12, 06:35) Dollar Bill

I will try! TY!

(11 Dec '12, 06:46) Jaianniah
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The mistake most make is that the Law Of Attraction works like a magnet...

It does not work like a magnet, it works more like music, the law of harmonics.

The predominant thought that is on our minds is like a sine wave that is being played over and over again. This sine wave gets amplified as it goes out and everything similar in tune to it is attracted or you are attracted to it. This is similar to how fish swim in schools that are the same fish, or birds fly together that are the same kind of birds. We are radio stations projecting signals so unlike the birds or fish we can transform by our thoughts we are projecting. So we have to decide do we want to attract ducks or eagles, what is our predominate thought? Happiness or sadness, what is our predominate thought? Health or sickness, what is our predominate thought?

So as we think, we draw toward what we think. It is more like saying "I want more of this." Even if we say, "I don't want more of this!" It does not work that way, it is, "What are we paying attention to?" If it is something we want or do not want, it is what we are projecting in thought that is amplifying and returning to us as more of what we are paying attention to.


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Wade Casaldi

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Since I like music, your answer was very clear to me...It is as if I am repeatedly striking the same key on the piano, an A, perhaps, and wondering why all the A's are resonating back at me...Good analogy! Thanks, sweetheart. :)

(07 Dec '12, 16:43) Jaianniah

Really love how you compared it to music... I think the magnet idea is a little confusing for some people. Really nice answer:)

(07 Dec '12, 23:26) LapisLazuli

It is not really an analogy, it is simply energy in harmony. Like things stick together. Just like people that are alike enjoy each others company.

(08 Dec '12, 00:09) Wade Casaldi

Neat...And it is how all of this began. You told me in an IM about this neat website called Inward Quest, and I resonated to that... and you, too! Hmmmm...;)

(08 Dec '12, 01:14) Jaianniah

VERY well said @wade Casaldi! Love the music analogy.

(09 Dec '12, 11:53) Dollar Bill
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It means that you attract more of what you are giving your attention to, whether you want it or don't want it.

The law of attraction does not know whether you want it or don't want it. It just matches that vibration and gives you more of the same.

What you resist persists because even in your resisting it or trying to stop it you are still giving your attention to it.

May I recommend an excellent Process by Abraham for you. This will help you offer a new more positive vibration regarding your health.

Reclaiming Ones Natural State of Health

I hope this helps. Get well again soon Jai.


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Yes, it helps...I found out today that I have a "nodule" in my right lung...Whatever that means...I am thinking I will not mind much and maybe it will go away. I dunno. But thanks so very much for caring! :)

(07 Dec '12, 16:10) Jaianniah

Very simple and clear explanation, @Satori, for something that is always hard for me to articulate. Thanks very much!

(07 Dec '12, 18:20) Bedazzled

@Jai- @Bedazzled- Thank you, your welcome.

(07 Dec '12, 20:28) Satori

@Jai ,I had a 1 off situation went to casuality , they did their thing , then ordered tests outside of their facility. Next day I went and had those tests , but had already made up my mind they would find nothing and told my body , that it was healthy and I loved it . Results came back exactly as I had made up mind .

(07 Dec '12, 22:47) Starlight

My friends wanted to dissect and discuss , but I refused to play the game , because I believe , if you go looking for something long enough , you will find it , it's Law . My friends don't come from the same thinking space as I , and were mystified , but at days end I am Happy and Healthy. When in pain I know is hard to not give attention but bring your focus to "my lungs are healthy, I breath easy, I love how deep breaths calm and sooth me , I love you body " ... Love and Light SL

(07 Dec '12, 22:54) Starlight

Yes! This is what I meant when I said I thought I just would not pay much attention to all of the fuss...It seems to be the right way to handle it. Thanks for your great story! It helps! :)

(07 Dec '12, 23:43) Jaianniah

Most Welcome :-)

(08 Dec '12, 05:37) Starlight

@Satori - Saw the question and was going to answer until I read your answer...just too good.

(08 Dec '12, 13:47) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond - Thank you for the kind words. Appreciated.

(08 Dec '12, 14:58) Satori
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Jai, like me, you seem to be a "problem solver". I had a great deal of frustration with events that (like your health) that I knew I was perpetuating, yet my previous pattern had been to attack the problem, seeking solutions.

So I saw a problem, my powerfully implemented "solutions" sometimes gave me a limited feeling of success, but my unhappiness with the problem realities THAT I WAS CREATING caused me to focus my energy is ways that contributed to greater problems. This WAS very frustrating to me!

For instance, I had five of my rental properties go vacant at one time. For about a month and a half. I put incredible energy into renting them. We showed them constantly to prospective tenants. No good. They stayed vacant. My mind said, "I know that I am creating this reality, but how do I change this?"

I decided to take a vacation. Now, this was different for me. To me, vacations were what you did after you succeeded in solving a problem, to reward yourself. Seemed backwards and irresponsible to take a vacation FIRST. I quit thinking about ways to rent these properties and had a great time in the mountains for a long weekend. I left my cell phone off.

Following this, all five properties were rented within two days. Every time I showed a property, from that point on, a qualified tenant fell in love with it. Five showings, five good tenants in place.

What happened? I quit thinking about the problem and thought about other things that I really enjoyed! Source transformed my "problems" into benefits in ways I have never consciously understood. I do have to remind my self of this every once in a while, As I am doing right now! Thank you for asking this question to help me focus on joy rather than problem solving!

The cells of your body are in communication with your Source. Go play and let them take care of your health. Do fun things. If your right foot hurts, think about your left foot and how amazingly healthy it is.

And listen to some music. I love @Wade Casaldi 's musical metaphor!

EDITED: Suppose that Source amplifies what it "sees" you do? It sees you rushing to the doctor with an illness. You put a lot of energy into rushing, and the illness, so Source says, "She (and Bill) like rushing around trying to solve problems, so let me manifest more problems!" I don't think that Source understands "good" or "bad". Source just understands, and amplifies the energy we expend.

So if you put a lot of energy into "resisting" a situation, Source, who does not understand your words, only your attention and focus, "persists" that situation.

And you, Jai, and me, can be like a dog with an old bone. Holding on tightly. And we are not going to give up that old bone. Try to pull it from us, and we will "resist".

BUT if you give us a new bone, we will drop the old bone. So to "solve" a problem, find something different to focus your attention upon. Something more fun. Something more beautiful than the problem. Something more joyous.

Put your energy there and let Source expand that beauty.


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Dollar Bill

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Thank you, DB! Yes, I am a problem solver; I rush off to the doctor at the first symptom- not because I am a hypochondriac, but because I want so badly to hurry up and do something towards getting well. And the rushing is NOT always the answer! Thank you so much. Love, Jai

(09 Dec '12, 13:35) Jaianniah

Us problem solvers tend to move quickly to find solutions. Too quickly! It seems like a waste of time to sit around and ALLOW! Yet we know downn deep from many examples that allowing is the best and fastest way to manifest. Rushing is not usually the answer.

(11 Dec '12, 06:00) Dollar Bill

@Jai , you might find of interest , I recently attended a seminar where the speaker Don Tollman, suggested that if one felt unwell and did absolutely nothing about it for 7 days the body's amazing immune system will kick in and sort things out , but because we are so impatient and want instant fixes , we complicate the issue , with all the unnecessary pharma products instead of allowing the magnificent cells to do the job they were designed for :-)

(12 Dec '12, 10:35) Starlight
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These answers are all excellent. May I suggest one more to you Jai. In the book The Master Key System a manifestation like sickness takes place in a systematic manner. The steps are: thinking about it (focused attention), creating an emotion (setting motions in place=repetition), and feeling it in the physical body. The sequence is important, the quality of thought is important. Not thinking about an undesirable manifestation may or may not change it to desirable, it will depend on the type of activities done when not thinking about it. However, actively and persistantly thinking, (attentively focusing on) the desirable, in this case perfect health will certainly bring it on. If you can visualize yourself full of energy and a healty version of yourself, doing what you love, you are going to create it. How long it takes depends on how clear is your thinking. The all mighty universe is doing only one single activity THINKING, and look at the CREATION... If you need hands on help contact me at scio4u@hotmail.com


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