EFT and other tools for changing limiting beliefs do require that you find the root cause of your limiting belief (specific event). Now on the other hand hypnosis doesn't address the root cause but just keep repeating the new, wanted belief over and over again till your subconscious soak it in. Am I missing something? Why should I even do the eft, focus blocks etc. if I can just listen the self hypnosis audio for 21-30 days and I'll experience the same result? Or won't I? For example let's take my social anxiety. Why should I tire myself with finding the specific event when I can just listen to the hypnosis? Tim

asked 13 Dec '12, 18:05

timmyy's gravatar image


"All boundaries are conventions waiting to be transcended - if only one can conceive of doing so" - Cloud Atlas

Why should you even listen to any hypnosis at all. When you can take your beliefs and fears off, just like your jacket, and throw them away. Boundaries/Beliefs exist only within limitations of your imagination.

Social anxiety? Why then not imagine you ain't got any?

"You must do, what you cannot do" - Cloud Atlas


(14 Dec '12, 03:05) CalonLan

@calonlan you say:Boundaries/Beliefs exist only within limitations of your imagination. belief some are in truth and some are not. imagination is one of the creative faculty in the mind, but you can imagine that you can fly and throw your self out the airplane,but you will discover that gravity exist and when your body hit the ground you will discover a boundary. if you can conceive something to transcend that boundary and that is yet in harmony and truth with the rest fine.example: parachute..

(14 Dec '12, 05:43) white tiger

@white tiger, Gravity is only a mechanism. It is how this planet was build. But your imagination, if not chained down by itself, can find mechanisms to defy gravity or find a way to change it. Whole planet could be rebuilt to allow you to fly freely. We can change energy in primitive ways, simple stuff, for example: build houses, make fire or ice. In area of energy control we are like cavemen with sticks and stones trying to build a spaceship. We could do so much more. Find ways to never die...

(14 Dec '12, 07:13) CalonLan

...physically. We could reconstruct the whole galaxy to our need. If galaxy was build in a certain way, then there is another way to rebuild it. We could find ways to appear instantaneously anywhere within this universe just by merely thinking about it. We could find ways to make our physical abilities as powerful as our imagination.

Fantasizing. That is what I'm doing here. That is another name for transcending limitations. First in mind and then in other planes of reality.

(14 Dec '12, 07:17) CalonLan

@Timmyy Don't jump out of any aeroplanes without a parachute just yet though! CalonLan gives you the advice I would give you give - try asking yourself "What would it feel like if it didn't matter to me what anyone thought of me in this social situation?" and attempt to reach that feeling a few times before you are in the anxiety making situation itself. It just gives you the chance to train your vibration a little bit and create a new empowering thoughtform.

(14 Dec '12, 08:06) Catherine

@Catherine, "people are no more right than you are wrong" Or in other words, opinions of others never mattered.

First you love it, then you hate it, then you understand it has never mattered anyway.

What is social anxiety but an illusory gap between you and others caused by your feelings.

Two men stood and didn't move. Through feeling of love they were connected. Through feeling of hate they were separated. When there was no feeling, they were two men standing still. =)

(14 Dec '12, 08:41) CalonLan

I thought I'd give my last comment a bit of poetic touch, just for fun and cuz I love it. So here goes:

Two men stood and didn't move, Through love they found their brotherhood, But torn asunder by ill-will, Heartless now they stand there still.

(14 Dec '12, 10:08) CalonLan

@calonlan i do not agree with you there is so much thing that you do not understand yet. example:"people are no more right than you are wrong" Or in other words, opinions of others never mattered.

if sharing with other to find the truth is wrong and does not matter then why have this conversation right now? you would not talk at all because it would not matter anny way. i would say that what is not true or negative does not matter or should not affect you.

(14 Dec '12, 14:49) white tiger

@white tiger, i cant tell you the truth, because i had to be mute, i cant hear it unless im deaf and i cant see it unless im blind. I can't do what's right unless i do nothing at all. And i dont have these conversations to be right or find the truth. Rather to see all possibilities of mistruths.

(16 Dec '12, 11:44) CalonLan

@Timmyy You dont need anything! not even hypnosis! Social anxiety is my magnum opus! I have so many things to tell you if you are ready to get over your anxiety by normal ways! I'm a counselor and I also used to be anxious in my classes around girls..

(16 Dec '12, 13:09) mastermind2
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The principle to consider here is that "Your vibration on any subject always stays where you last left it".

For this reason, if you are not engaging directly with the vibrational/emotional setpoint you want to change, it will always stay where it is.

This is fine if the subject never reactivates. It is also fine if you never leave your Vortex - because you only ever notice your issues when you are outside the Vortex. But staying in the Vortex for the rest of your life is impossible, and undesirable anyway because it goes against the natural expansion of the universe.

So whether you tackle an issue "head on" or just distract yourself from it now simply comes down to one of Time Management.

I know it sounds like a bizarre thing to say (and I've said it a few times before) but it really is that trivial if you think about it.

Let's say that you are in your Vortex and an "issue" is activated within you that makes you feel bad i.e. kicks you out of the Vortex.

Your options now are:

  1. Distract yourself from the issue to feel better e.g. meditation
  2. Directly clean up the issue to feel better e.g. EFT, Focus Blocks/Wheels etc

Taking the first case, a meditation session to get you Vortex-aligned again may take, say, 15 minutes. So if you were kicked out of your Vortex because of the issue, say, twice a day, that would be a time investment of 30 minutes to feel better just because of this single issue. You would then have to do this daily...that would mean a time investment of about 183 hours per year to keep that one issue under control.

On the other hand, directly accessing the vibrational cause and cleaning it up can take anywhere between a few minutes (Faster EFT) or 20 minutes (if you are a beginner with Focus Blocks/Wheels). Let's say 20 minutes for this example. But you do it once and then the issue is gone. Your time investment is now 20 minutes for the rest of your life.

So that is a time investment of...

  • 183 hours per year for a distraction method
  • 20 minutes per lifetime for a head-on clearing method

...and we are only talking about one issue here. If you multiply the number of issues you may have, the differences become even more stark. Yes, you may need to spend several hours (or more) initially learning and mastering a clearing method but the time investment still pays off again and again.

Now the question is whether hypnosis is a distraction method or a clearing method.

It really depends.

If the hypnosis, or the self-hypnosis audio, just happens to trigger within you exactly the vibrational cause of your issue, and soothes you regarding it, then it is acting as a clearing method and it is quite likely that repeated listening will clean up your issue forever.

If, however, the hypnosis is only addressing a symptom rather than a cause, you will find yourself needing to listen for the rest of your life. It may be the case that, at some times in your life, it will seem to work more effectively than at other times so you may even be able to stop using it for a few weeks without the subject reactivating. But you will still find yourself needing to return to the hypnosis again and again over your life in order to feel better.

So the way to establish whether you have a distraction method or a clearing method is to consider whether you keep needing to return to the method for the same subject repeatedly. For a distraction method, you will need to.

As to which is better, there's no right or wrong really...it's up to you and how you live your life.

Distraction methods are often easier to apply (for example, just lie back and listen to a self-hypnosis audio every morning) so some people are comfortable making that distraction a part of their daily routine. They are willing to trade-off the time saving against the ease of use.

Because distraction methods often have minimal effort involved, they are also useful just to get started when you get yourself into a vibrational state where you can't even summon the required motivation to use a clearing method. I've found that Paraliminals can be quite helpful for that kick-start.

A Vibrational Twist

Having said all of the above, there is a little twist here.

If you can manage to keep yourself in the vicinity of the Vortex most of the time, you can actually override the principle of "Your vibration on any subject always stays where you last left it"

While you can't stay in the Vortex 100% of the time over your lifetime, you can limit how far out of it you allow yourself to drift.

alt text

The Vortex has a kind of magnetic quality to it. If you remain in the vicinity of it, you will find yourself drawn into it. There is no way to force yourself into the Vortex, all you can do is just hang around the edge of it until you feel magnetically drawn in. In the Advanced Focus Blocks Method, you keep doing Positive Aspects until you feel that subtle shift within you indicating Vortex alignment has happened and then you can write out a Rampage of Appreciation to confirm your Vortex entry.

You can use this magnetic quality of the Vortex to prevent yourself being drawn back down to your original vibrational setpoints regarding a particular subject.

In the picture above, it's as though the magnet is preventing the balls from rolling downhill to the right. There is still a (gravitional) force on the balls but the magnetic force overrides them...if the balls are close enough to the magnet.

The practical application of this is that by remaining in the Vortex vicinity (even when out), you can intersect your previous vibrational setpoints on a subject at a better-feeling level than before i.e. you never let the balls drift too far from the magnet.

Abraham tried to get people to employ this approach with their creation of the Virtual Realities method. However, though they pushed it for several months, it never seemed to really catch on that much because people tended to give more attention to their perceived realities (perceived through their 5 physical senses) than any virtual reality concocted mentally for the purposes of feeling better.

Again, it's all a matter of personal choice. You will find yourself drawn to different approaches at different times.


answered 14 Dec '12, 04:46

Stingray's gravatar image



@Stingray Although i read the concept of the "vicinity of the vortex" and your "advanced focus blocks method" many times already, it means something different to me every time a read it again. I mean this in a positive way. It seems to always be valuable to read. I think first it was just theory and now i can relate to it with my practical experience. It's such a powerful concept!

(14 Dec '12, 05:39) releaser99

@releaser99 - I agree. This concept of "Vortex Mechanics", for want of a better phrase, has many layers of subtlety to it that you start to unravel as you look deeper and deeper into it. You can spot the newcomers to it because they think they understand it all just from a brief description :) ...but it really requires on-going practical experience with it. I've been playing with these ideas for a few years now and am still learning...and the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know :)

(14 Dec '12, 10:58) Stingray

@Stingray- Great answer. I find the Wouldn't it be nice If/positive what Ifs.. Process works very well while in the vicinity of the Vortex. I been having good results from using this process on certain subjects lately while still maintaining a pretty good feeling state. I agree with what you say, this vibrational-work has layers of depth to it. The more you know the less you don't know. :)

(14 Dec '12, 11:30) Satori

@Stingray "The practical application of this is that by remaining in the Vortex vicinity (even when out) you can intersect your previous vibrational setpoints on a subject at a better-feeling level than before" This is a fantastic explanation of how the vortex will do the work for you if you let it. Once you're chronically in there any subjects that are important to you that you are outside the vortex on get cleaned up. Your mind is drawn to thinking 'It's mine' 'I have it', whatever the subject

(20 Oct '14, 07:35) Yes

... you see all those "big" things as buttons not castles.

(20 Oct '14, 07:39) Yes

@Yes - Well said :) It's only when you slip out of the Vortex again and go back to old habit patterns of thought that you see buttons as castles again :) It's only those habit patterns that are making that effect happen. There is nothing beyond those patterns that is dragging you back to the old vibrational setpoints so if you can stay in the Vortex long enough, you can sometimes "forget" those patterns...hence the stories about people who cured themselves by watching comedy television

(20 Oct '14, 15:27) Stingray

@Stingray - That's exactly right! You explain things in just the right way. Thank you for being you! :)

(20 Oct '14, 18:24) Yes
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In my experience hypnosis CAN be a good belief changer if you find a professional hypnotist and work with him a few days or even weeks (depends on your problem). I wouldn't go to the first available you can find because he can do more harm than good if he doesn't know what he does.

But i think you are right now at the source of the best tools that somebody could ever find and learn in life. They are right here on this site. You will discover powerful tools that will change your beliefs in matter of minutes sometimes. Just look through this site.

What i hear from your post is you want to change your beliefs and find relief without going back to some specific memories, right?

Is this possible? - Yes, absolutely!

A great tool is Faster EFT which is much more powerful and faster (obviously:) than standard eft. Here is a youtube video to immediately start to clear some blockages up in matter of minutes without having to go through painful memories. Just notice your feelings in your body regarding your issue. Then aim and tap. It's that simple.

Also read this answer regarding Faster EFT.

I would also highly recommend that you check those belief change tools out (especially manifesting experiment 2, 4 and 5). IMO these are the best tools that you can ever get. I strongly believe that they can make you social anxiety free today or at least tomorrow if you are willing to apply them.

Here is another tool that you might find interesting especially for your social anxiety issue : Go to www.mc2method.com and login with "mc2free". There is an online audio course that helped me with my panic attacks and social anxiety in a very short period of time. Again, you don't have to go through past experiences either here.

I hope this helps :).


answered 14 Dec '12, 00:37

releaser99's gravatar image


edited 14 Dec '12, 01:05

Great comment! I became aware of the faster eft only about a week ago (I've known the traditional eft for quite some time now though) and as far as I know Robert says that you should address the memories (specific events). Isn't that true?

(14 Dec '12, 03:16) timmyy

@timmyy There are 2 ways to adress and neutralize limiting beliefs with Faster EFT. First you must know that a belief consists of 1.the mental aspect and 2. bodily sensations. Therefore these are the 2 options you have:

  1. One way is to tap to the mental aspect (pictures, thoughts, sounds and memories in your mind)
  2. The other is to tap to bodily feelings without adressing the mental aspect of your beliefs...
(14 Dec '12, 04:00) releaser99

...These 2 aspects are connected. If you neutralize the mental, you automatically neutralize the bodily sensations and the other way round. So just choose which feels more comfortable.

You don't have to tap to specific memories. If you choose to tap to sensations just notice if you feel uncomfortable regarding your issue and ask yourself: "How do i know that i have a problem? Where do i feel it in my body?". Then simply aim the sensation in your body and tap to it until it is completely...

(14 Dec '12, 04:00) releaser99

...neutralized. And every time some social anxiety issue pops up, tap to it until all sensations (and memories) are neutralized. It can take a while (a few days or weeks) until you are completely cured. If you want it faster and you feel brave enough then take an hour or 2 and use the manifesting experiment 4 process to neutralize all memories and feelings at once in one session.

(14 Dec '12, 04:00) releaser99

Thanks. :)

(14 Dec '12, 05:20) timmyy
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hypnosis is like someone else being in control.would you not like being in control,who is in a better position then you to seek and know your self and learn about your self. meditate be aware focus concentrate witness the flow of though and know thy self learn the truth from your self and how it relates.this will bring you the truth that you seek.so let there be light , Be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Dec '12, 23:04

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger


Good hypnosis puts you in control. You cannot change what you don't own. A good hypnosis intervention puts you in the driver's seat, and thus when you own your belief, you can change it. The hypnotist is then viewed as a facilitator of your empowerment, someone who convince you of the power of your mind, because at the end of the day, in hypnosis, your are the one who is doing the changework anyway. So no, hypnosis is not like someone else being in control. As a tool, it depends how it is used.

(23 Feb '13, 15:14) Yva

agree with you @Yva. You can never believe in hypnosis what you don't chose to believe.

(22 Oct '14, 18:23) Inner Beauty

inner beauty, perhaps, but in a way there is a surrender of free will. a questionable habit to give in to

(24 Oct '14, 19:16) fred
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