okay i have been dreaming about this guy and when i dream about him i get a warm feeling inside and this doesn't happen when i dream of other guys. What does this mean? and what should i do? Tell him about it?

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When this guy came to school in kindergarten when i looked at him he was the only person i saw then he moved away like 3 years later then i just started to talk to him on facebook then i have been dreaming about him constantly and in kindergarten i knew he liked me well because he said he did, but i didnt like him after a few months, anyways, i have been dreaming about him and we were kissing and now i can't stop thinking about him. What should i do and what does it mean?

(18 Dec '12, 00:57) Memories

Clear your mind. It's full of mess.

(18 Dec '12, 03:51) CalonLan
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No dont tell him. Yes it is nice to have that feelings maybe but still have a respect of yourself. Give importance to your dignity when you do that it will make him respect you less and besides its no going to do any help. He might even take advantage of it or if not,just laugh at you. Now always think of the end result like think before you speak or do something.


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