I have a question regarding both the EGS scale of Abe and their processes.

How can utilising these processes help me climb the emotional scale. Well obviously they make us feel better — but Do these processes tell us where we are on the scale or what.

If I have done a focus block and really released resistance on the negative thoughts that I started with but then I don’t where I’m on the scale

Does anybody have any experience with what I’m saying I really want someone to answer this since this is tripping me off and I don’t know whether I’m doing this right or wrong way

Even if I do other Hicks processes like creative workshop and I have conjured these really good feeling state but I’m still not sure where I’m on the scale and I need to know where Iam on the scale so I can start moving up and feel better at the same time

it’s really getting complicated for me and I want to what to do about it, it seems very difficult and can’t seem to get it

So any advice is really appreciated

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the processes will not and can't tell you where you are. only you can say where you are. the processes are there to help us move up or down the emotional scale but they cannot tell how we feel in each and every moment. you are the only one who can look at your emotions and decide where you are. when you do a focus wheel be sure to focus on only one subject at a time and dont let your thought wander. if they wander it will be difficult to know where you are on the scale. we containe so many feelings in so many subjects, so be sure to quite your mind before focusing and it will make it easier to tell how you feel. also - if it's getting difficlt and not fun, i would't choose this method for myself. a not fun or easy way will sustain the resistance. try to enjoy it. do it for fun.


answered 29 Sep '19, 02:29

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