If all our desires are equal i.e. it’s only our belief that makes them easy to achieve or challenging… then does it mean that being out of the vortex or having a low period can affect any aspect of our life equally?

asked 23 Nov '10, 14:48

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Indubitably, being out of the Vortex or misaligned with Source will have a negative effect in all aspects of our life. Just as, being in the Vortex or aligned with Source will positively impact all areas of our life.

These effects can be seen quite clearly when one who is aligned with Source seems to experience good fortune in all areas - they are deemed as being lucky, when really there's no such thing as luck. They are merely tapped into who they really are and are creating their physical reality from a loving perspective.

In the same way, the one who is not in alignment with Source or their authentic self seems to experience nothing but misfortune and laments that forces are working against them - if they would only take the time to realize that being out of the Vortex or misaligned with Source is the only thing making them feel bad. They are creating their reality from a fear based perspective and hence their world is a reflection of this.


answered 23 Nov '10, 15:02

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Nice answer Michaela! wholly agree with it! thank you, namaste

(23 Nov '10, 15:19) daniele

Me too Michaela

(23 Nov '10, 23:11) Tom

if they would only take the time to realize... Yes, awareness is the key :)

(24 Nov '10, 01:50) Eddie

Thanks - You're welcome guys :)

(24 Nov '10, 12:25) Michaela
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Definitely. When you are out of the vertex you are not in a state of 'allowing' which is the magnet that draws what you desire into your life. It means that you will be attracting what you do not want more than what you want.


answered 24 Nov '10, 16:10

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