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I am interested to hear of anyone having huge financial gains from using the law of attraction, thank you!

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See Are there any millionaires who have used the Law of Attraction? :

(01 Jul '10, 03:55) Stingray

Several years ago, I was privileged to begin working for a friend of mine at my church, doing software development. Prior to that, it was difficult to find work of this type; I had talent, but little experience. For six years I worked at this small software company, and I learned a ton, not only about software development, but about running a small business.

After I had been working there for about four years, I decided to go back to school. I had only one goal: to make an additional $15,000 per year.

Going back to school was easier than I thought it would be. The school I chose takes care of all of the registration details for you, and schedules classes in the evening to make it easier for people who work. I wrote many papers, worked on assignments with other students in small groups, and gave an oral presentation each week.

During that time, I was given an assignment to create a computer program. I don't even remember what the program was supposed to do, but a person in one of the other working groups (I'll call him Allen, because that was his name) approached me after my presentation, and said that he was impressed by the way I put together the assignment, and complimented me on the quality of my work. We traded phone numbers, and thereafter collaborated occasionally on school projects.

Anyway, when I completed my degree, one of the professors suggested that If I stay in school another year and a half, I could get a post-graduate degree. So I raised my goal to making $30,000 more per year, started going to classes again, and completed the post-graduate degree.

I had no idea how I was going to find work. There are very few software development companies in the area where I live, and I really didn't want to commute a long distance. So I wasn't actively looking for work, and I didn't even bother to send out résumés, as the only jobs available to me at that time were two hours distance by car.

One day, about six months after I'd completed my post-graduate degree, Allen called me out of the blue. At the time, he was working as a civilian at the military base about 35 minutes from where I live, an easy commute. He said, "Can you send me your résumé? I know of a position you might be qualified for." I said, "Sure," and emailed him a copy, not really expecting much. But a few weeks later, I was granted an interview, and then a second interview. Shortly thereafter, they made me an offer.

The offer was almost exactly $30,000 more per year than I was making at the time I decided to get the post-graduate degree.

I found out later that Allen had been asked if he had coached me, or had doctored my résumé, since my skills so closely fit what they were looking for.


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thankyou for your answers

(01 Jul '10, 12:42) Ross

IN 1992, I was a recently divorced mother of 2 working 18 hours a day. No matter what I'd do I could never save more than 5000 dollars. I was brought up in the Unity/Religious Science Church and was aware of the LOA teachings but did not practice as much as I should. I told myself it has to be a better way, so I started to apply the principles in my daily life.

Several months went by and an article popped out in a magazine which stated "Start your own healthcare business with only $3000". I prayed on this, sent away for the info and quit my job. When the material arrived I followed the instructions and set out to be a business woman. Everyday I visualized having clients, the best employees, having a better life. I read everything I could find about business, surrounded myself with like minded people. The first 4 months were slow, but I maintained my focus. I started to wonder if I had made the right decision and asked the Universe to send me a sign. A few days later I received a telephone call from a friend and told him about my doubts. His reply was "Are you going to be a nurse or a businesswoman?". I took this as my sign.

A few weeks later I received a call from a potential client and arranged an interview. While collecting the clients information I noted that the client and I had the same birthday, June 18th, which I mentioned. We concluded the interview and said our good byes. The next day I received a telephone call from an insurance company saying the client wanted to use my healthcare agency...the contract was $500,000 per year. I signed the contract an sent in a team of nurses.

Several months later while having a conversation with the client, she stated that she had been praying for the right team of nurses. She knew her prayers had been answered when I mentioned we had the same birthdate.

Within the next 24 months I went on to make over $1,000,000. Please note, the client I mentioned in this story prognosis was poor at the time we met. She went on to live 12 additional years. The LOA is very real.


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Most inspiring GS415 , thanks for the share :-)

(26 Dec '12, 21:18) Starlight

Neville Goddard tells several such stories.

  • He talked about one guy who used his imagination to win a small fortune gambling (horse racing).

  • He talked about an advertising executive who used his imagination to generate billions for the industries he was working for, reversing a previous downtrend.

  • He talked about an unskilled elderly woman who got a trust fund set up for her by an old, out of touch acquaintance.

  • He spoke of the fortune earned by his family (which he shared in), including how they got a building with no money down when all they had was a small shop.

  • He told the story of a woman who married a wealthy man on a trip to Paris, which she could barely afford.

  • He also told stories of getting a job, or preventing the loss of a job (and thus ensuring retirement benefits).

  • He told the story of how a couple got an apartment building built for them on an empty lot of theirs.


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