My problem is that whenever I start to raise my vibrations regarding money all my thoughts seems to revolve around the lack of it e.g. if I start thinking of how much I will enjoy spending it my thoughts go towards the lack of the things I think of buying, if I think of money flowing towards me I start thinking of how it hasn't been happening so far.

Can any one give me some suggestions regarding positive affirmations regarding money? I try to use 17 seconds of pure thought but I seem to be giving attention to the lack rather than the abundance.

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It is hard to stretch beyond a realistic point of reference within the eternal now moment. At every moment of your life you are eternally within the only moment that exists and that is NOW. Everything outside of this now exists only in your imagination. From a timeline perspective, it is like trying to hit a target that is far away from you. The further your imagination is away from the truth of the now moment (the truthful expression of how conditions are in your life right now), the harder it is to aim at and try to hit that target.

On top of that you are right now manifesting your abundance. If you have a perceived lack of resources, that is the nature of your abundance. You are essentially in an abundant expression of a lack of resources. Right now you have a perceived imbalance with regards to what you want and the apparent lack of resources to have it. This is the form of your expression of abundance. If this expression is not gently changed within the now, no matter how much money you will have, it will always be expressed in the form of an abundance of not having enough.

The problem is not the lack of money. The problem is that the expression "I don't have enough right now" has a meaningful expression as part of your character. Look at everything in your life right now as the expression of your current abundance. That includes acknowledging that all that you lack is also your abundance.

Look at the things that you feel are lacking and investigate what that expression of abundance is contributing towards your growth and soul development. Ultimately it is a soul development thing. It is like the carrot causing the donkey to move forward, the feeling of absence drives your soul development to work towards constant fulfillment. If you get that you will realize that you can never complete that feeling by fulfilling the physical manifestation of that lacking expression of abundance. You soul growth depends on that feeling of absence. It is a direction pointer for your growth.

It is somewhat similar to taking a trip to a distant destination. You know what the final destination is in your mind but you are not there yet. As you drive along towards this destination you keep discussing how wonderful the fulfillment of the journey will be. The kids at the back are constantly distracting you with "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Then you get there and enjoy the feeling for a while. But you get tired of this new destination quickly and ask your self, “Why isn't this feeling of fulfillment lasting?" Then you realize that the destination was just the prize for the effort, the Journey was the real lesson. Eventually it is time to take another journey in a new direction. The fact that you are not at your new destination starts to slowly create this feeling of "I'm not happy here; I wish I was there instead".

So accept that you will always feel a certain amount of a lack of fulfillment. It is a direction pointer for your soul development. You will not be able to complete that feeling of lack by acquiring more stuff because you are already in complete abundance. However most of us grow up giving so much attention to this incomplete feeling within us creating an imbalanced abundance of a lack of things.

It is possible to shift that feeling back to a more realistic balance point by examining all your abundant expressions of things that are lacking in your life. You can shift to a perspective where you are expressing your abundance as always having enough for right now.

In this process you will eventually find that you actually don't need a lot of "stuff" in your life to feel that balance point of fulfillment and a need to constantly grow in new directions.

(Added later)
Since you also mentioned the 17seconds of pure thought, and that there is a tendency for the mind to drift towards the lack of things, try this fun technique.
Do you remember fantasizing about what you would do if you had won the lottery?
Have you noticed that when you do that you rarely snap out of that ride within your mind by saying "Oh but it is not real"; you know that the vision of having won gives you this joyride in your mind.
You could use that as an anchor to fix your imagination at a preferred expression of abundance.

Time yourself by looking at a clock where you can see the second hand move. Then imagine that you have just won the lottery & go on a spending spree with you winnings. The moment your mind snaps out of that pure joy with any hint of realism look at the clock to see how far you got before reality snapped you out of it.


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Can someone suggest some positive affirmations regarding money?

You are where I was previously. Below are some affirmations that actually helped me get over that hump:

'I'm very happy and appreciative now that money
comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple
sources on a consistent and continuous basis.'

'I love and appreciate how the Universe
brings money and anything else I want to me
on a consistent and continuous basis.'

'I love and appreciate it every time my phone rings,
as it probably means more money is coming to me.'

The idea is to reprogram the neurological pathways in our brain. In other words, we need to change our pre-existing, pre-programmed, self-limiting belief systems into those that serve us better.


To help to integrate, solidify and firm up these new beliefs within my psyche, I use positive reminders on a daily basis, like these:

Have no fear - Have no doubt - All you want - Will come about

Money from nothing - Chicks for free - Whatever you want - Let it be!

Notice me - I'm always there - Every when - Every where

The last one is my favourite as it reminds me to stay in the now moment.


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You are tuned in dude. I am allowing myself to follow you path.

(14 Nov '10, 02:00) Tom

Thanks Tom. We can explore rabbit holes together, but no one is leading and no one is following, let's feel our way into it :)

(14 Nov '10, 05:26) Eddie

I have come to believe (as you have no doubt already discovered) that thinking about having more money is not necessarily the best approach, because it creates resistance. Instead, it might be worthwhile to examine some of your own beliefs about money. Is money something that "doesn't grow on trees?" Do you try to "save" money?

If you want more money, you should adopt some of the attitudes and beliefs of those who already have more of it. A common misconception about people who have a lot of money is that those people think about money all the time. Presumably that viewpoint underscores an underlying envy or resentment towards wealthy individuals.

But people who have a lot of money seldom think about money at all. It is the people who don't have a lot of money (the people for whom money is a scarce resource) who think about money all the time (i.e. How am I going to pay the rent this month?)

Consequently, the most effective affirmations about money are those that do not mention money:

I live in an abundant universe that always provides.
Every day I meet people who want to help me achieve my goals.
I have an attractive personality.

Money is a measure of the value you provide to other people. If you want more of it, you should ask yourself the question, "How can I improve my financial security by using my talents to provide value to others, while enjoying the process?"


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Thats an interesting point I'm going to try this.

(14 Jul '10, 22:06) I Think Therefore I Am

It all depends on where you are. It is difficult to plan when you are feeling desperate. so I would recommend that if you have great financial needs now then come up with a temporary plan to get you out of that. Maybe a one month plan or so. That will leave your mind free for one month to apply the law of attraction without worrying. For the next month you can start allowing yourself to raise your vibrations so you can attract more things into your life.

I would also like to add that when you block the "source energy" for any purpose then you reduce your chances of manifesting anything. When you open up yourself and raise your vibrations then you are bringing all things that you desire into your life. When you allow more money, you are allowing more of everything else.


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Sometimes when you are saying these type of affirmations, and thinking prosperous thoughts, an idea will come to you from the ethers. I just want to remind you that when these ideas come to you, you must ACT on them. The movers and shakers of the world attribute ideas and ACTION to their success. Wealth is one of those things that often requires acting on notions, ideas, hunches and etc. Best wishes!


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In Bringers of the Dawn, Marciniak's Pleiadians say: "You believe that in order to get money you must expend a great amount of energy, or you must be employed by someone who is going to give it to you, or whatever. These ideas are completely and totally erroneous. We cannot emphasize that enough. When you are allowing, Spirit will compensate you in a variety of unexpected ways. The only reason this has not happened before is that you just haven't believed it was possible. When you believe things are possible, reality changes."

So I formulated: "I am allowing Spirit to compensate me in a variety of unexpected ways." Some years ago, I shared that quote with a conscious creation forum. Then I went out for coffee. On the way back...I found $40 (2 twenties) on the sidewalk! Spirit is so playful :)

A couple others I use:

"I accept abundance!"

(Inspired by Abraham): "I believe I deserve abundance, and I expect it to come to me just because I want it to."


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Here are some others.1. " I am enjoying my life.My assets are increasing day by day".2."Everything i am receiving now is a gift from God for my betterment.Now my life is very easy and very rich".3."Any thing comes to me now makes me life is very easy and very rich now".


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What do you mean "3" Any thing?

(14 Nov '10, 02:01) Tom

You can say these affirmations for twenty-one days: “An endless avalanche of money now pours down upon me, or I am a money magnet, money come to me easily, and effortlessly.”

Also, you can make up a wish list, and put it in your wish box, and leave it for the LOA to manifest your desire! Good luck.


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I use these. I've made them a showy and colourful pps (each sentence a slide):




I play it and play it again when I am at my computer. It's working for me, moneywise. Hope this helps. :)



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I would say think about the good things that you are able to do with your money right now. What goals do you have that you desire more money? Have a good estimate of how much money you need (a year, 10 years, 25 years, etc.). Start at that amount. Many times overshooting how much you desire without a plan for its usage will cause resistance. We all should have a starting point for the flow of money in our lives causing appreciation that makes expectation easier.


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My friend once told me that she sees a sea of money and a wave dumps money in her lap.

She had a lot of money.


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Greetings I Think Therefore I Am.

Here is a meditation to help:


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Luke Wonders

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