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Haven't been on this site for a while, but I just wanted to talk about a couple of things. Two months ago I was feeling mildly depressed and I felt I was going in a downward spiral. It seemed my life was revolving around socializing and drinking and nothing was going how I aspired it to.

I started taking advantage of every temporary period of being 'in the vortex' and focused my thoughts on how I'd like to see myself in the upcoming future.

Slowly, things started to look up, I took advantage of every opportunity and quickly landed myself a decent job in an industry and city I love.

Since then, I am a whoooole lot happier and I cannot believe how fast it is to manifest absolutely anything I want!
So generally to anybody;

-Have you noticed the difference between manifesting when in a positive vs negative headstate? and,
-Even when things aren't working how you hope/expect, I think you are always capable of reattaining equilibrium and contentment, although it can be challenging at first.
Love to all x

asked 10 Mar '11, 22:51

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It seems to me that we are always manifesting our thoughts. We just might have our thoughts focused on what we don't want instead of what we want, so we manifest what we don't want. I have not had a lot of success manifesting things I want. I am new at this whole thing, but I am not at the same time. The Bible talks about what we allow our minds to focus on. It tells us to think on things that are true, and good, and lovely. Also, since we are not conciously manifesting our thoughts, we are not aware that what just happened was a manifestation of our earlier thoughts, or what is not happening is a manifestation of the lack that we focus on. Since manifestations take some time, varying, not like in the movie Bedtime stories where he can see the connection because of the short time it took. Some people do conciously manifest things purposefully into their lives, many people here I am sure. I plan to manifest a great life now that I am learning how to manifest our desires, not just our random thoughts. How we feel about what we desire to manifest is important. If we have limiting beliefs that keep us from feeling like we can acheive our dreams, or that we deserve success, etc... we have tools, like EFT, to remove those blocks to our manifesting our dreams.

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answered 11 Mar '11, 04:35

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Fairy Princess

I can certainly relate to what you are saying, and I am very happy to hear of your progress in manifesting your desire! You should continue to believe in yourself, and to take control of your life to create what you desire!

There is an old saying: “out of adversity cometh success!”

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answered 11 Mar '11, 05:20

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