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I have various audio's for this purpose , but tend to forget to use and a little wary if I have no script that accompanies them

However a few years ago I bought a programme through Dr Robert Anthony and a bonus to package was an Intention Activator , basically it can either flash or scroll messages (that you enter) in milliseconds , across monitor as you are doing other things on computer, also there is a display contrast , to make almost invisible should you choose .

Crux of my question, what do you think of the idea of programming it where it's actually feeding questions into your mind , eg , "How cool is it that you are earning soo much extra money " Wouldn't it be nice to have that nice man from the library ask you out "

I know we have a two way dialogue going on in our heads all day ,

"I'd really like that yummy icecream " "Yeah , but what about all the calories ? " "Oh ,they're no big deal " "Really? remember that when you're trying to get those new jeans on tomorrow !" "Hmm , I guess so , you are such a wet blanket , raspthberries :-p to You "

OK my lovelies , throw ya best thoughts at me , please be kind and keep em simple , prefer not to have to decipher mysteries ......Love and Much Laughter SL ♥♥

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@Starlight, I've amended some of your tags. Please refer to the FAQ regarding information on how to choose useful tags on Inward Quest. Thanks : How to use tags on Inward Quest

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Thank you Barry , noted :-)

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Yes I have had good results with a free program that I downloaded a while back.

I an trying to remember what it was called. The link is in IQ someplace that I've posted.

Look to my answer here...


answered 03 Jan '13, 23:00

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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks Wade , I asked you a question within your answer there :-)

(03 Jan '13, 23:20) Starlight
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