Ive just answered a post with the statement that its quite "easy" to move thought to a better place.

I answered it quite quickly and then pondered afterwards why im finding this easier.

Spending a lot of time on my laptop i find i can always find something online that stimulates and excites me. I can go onto a boating web site and fill my mind with images of various interesting vessels and destinations.

I can then type " Canal Dud Midi " and be regaled with images and sounds of this,my favorite area .

If it was art that made me feel good there are countless sites devoted to this.

In short i seem to get most of my upward vibrational nudges from my computer. It can transport me to wherever i want to be,i can look at exactly what i know will" up" my emotional scale.

Now i must add that i do make a point of walking at least 5 miles a day and i get a lot out of the views and exercise that gives me.

But i must admit,my porthole on the world helps me tremendously to keep in a good feeling place.It can give me the images,knowledge and even sounds that never fail to give me relief and move me upwards feeling wise.

Am i alone in this?


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Monty Riviera

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Duplicate of http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/4142/is-the-internet-the-most-clear-demonstration-of-the-law-of-attraction-at-work

(08 Apr '11, 17:49) Vesuvius

Hi Graham,

I find with online adverts, video streaming websites, easy access to jump from one idea to another, that my computer is a rich pool of all sorts of possibilities. The key for me is refining it and blending it with the physical world - what I mean by that is taking the images I find and the music that I hear and bringing it into the world around me - seeing them as one and the same. I'm also very chuffed to have a smartphone which serves as a go-between to really keep me on track.

Take care



answered 09 Apr '11, 01:00

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Sukh Singh

Your greatest aid to manifesting is your attitude towards the tools you are given. It is not the tools themselves that have the power but you're feeling about them that does.

Go get em'


answered 09 Apr '11, 09:28

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yes, very good...tools are only as good as the user...

(08 Jul '11, 16:18) streetsanto
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