I have a question and I will try my best to keep it short.

Now for about 4 years I have been trying to get closer to God, reading on the spiritual powers we all inhibit,meditating and trying to express the characteristics that all are inherent in successful people.

I am now at the action phase ready to take the plunge and to the world but I have a question; I have a feeling inside that tells me all the information I have acquired about how to act,how to cope with failure and how to be grateful and positive has numbed me somewhat to having feelings of courage,power,victory and I now am at the point of questioning how helpful being conscious of such power can be.

I am not saying I want to give up by any means or stop being spiritual but what does this feeling show? Signs that I am lacking faith? I welcome your responses and those to explain what have felt this.

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Jonathan David Coleman

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Once you know the way, you don't need the path

But not to leave you with just mind boggling puzzles, I will add, that all those "hows" are the path. And while the path is one of many possibilities of the way, knowing the path (how to do this and that), does not mean you understand the way.

In other words, you can forget all the hows. They're not needed to understand. And knowledge is just an additional baggage that weighs you down when trying to understand.

(07 Jan '13, 21:01) CalonLan
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may be the numbing is the realization that our
material world is off balance
and competition as we know it becomes obsolete in the
spiritually developed


answered 10 Jan '13, 07:14

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