In the past, after reading and practicing the Silva Method for some time (a month perhaps) and a couple of other breathing exercises found in another book I was able to get premonitions in my dreams. Specifically 4, talked about them in my first post here.

Due to some recent events in my life, I'm back in my quest.

My mother, to whom I'm very close, recently lost a leg. I cannot tell you enough how much we have suffered. It's been a testing time. Previous to that I had experienced a big loss of money in a failed investment. I was finally getting out of a deep depression thanks to a lot of mental effort when my mom thing happened. It was more than 2 months of a lot of stress. We are still dealing with it but thankfully, her life seems to be out of danger now.

But I'm on my quest now, and I'm looking to get in touch with inner being in the most profound way, I need to help my family. I need to be strong and optimist, I need to find a way to get the financial resources we need. Every day I need to gather all my strength to communicate it with my family.

What have helped me greatly is incremental body relaxation/meditation, ETF, the self steem paraliminal (thanks Stingray) and the reminder that I have the power to heal myself (mc2 method..posted by someone I don't recall). In the past couple of days I've spent about 5 hours, relaxing and paying attention to my energies, or blockages, or tensions in my body and after I'm done I feel with energy again.

Lately I've made a twist in my worldview, I've started thinking how great it would be to be able to help others, with charity, with words, with employment. Those kind of things I used to see as weakness, and perhaps after the radical switch in my family life, I've found a lot tranquility in those thoughts.

In my little free time I've been reading the Law of Attraction, and being a critical thinker all my life and due too to my education background, I've actually found "logic" to it. Many of the advice I've found very practical.

I'm totally immersed in my inward quest. I need it. I really want to get ahead and help my family and myself.

I would appreciate all the advice you could give me to help me in my situation, I know the mental work that's required, I know it's not guaranteed to function for everyone, but I'm willing. I just need to be pointed to the right direction.

Thank you.

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Are there people in the world that are physically weaker than you, emotionally more unstable than you, and/or mentally less astute than you? I seem to get that you still think that these things are bad things, when in fact we are all weaker, stronger, dumber, and smarter than many others, this does not make us lesser than though. The reasons for our weaknesses are that we can choose to learn to allow others to help us. I believe there is that someone in your life currently that you are not letting help you due to some type of pride of some sort. Be more open to help let others see what you believe to be your weakness, and I believe this will help you in the right direction of your quest.


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