This is a genuine specific information request, rather than a debate-type question...

Does anyone know of any information (channelled, or otherwise) about the alien civilizations of Epsilon Eridani and Epsilon Indi?

I was watching Bashar's Lab the other day. It's a tour-de-force of universal principles, and one that I can highly recommend, and at the end of it, Bashar went through a list of nearby star systems where he (or it) said that intelligent alien life existed at this time.

Two of the star systems mentioned were:

  • Epsilon Eridani - 10.5 light years away, one indigenous civilization, according to Bashar. That's all he said.

  • Epsilon Indi - 12 light years away, two indigenous civilizations, according to Bashar. Again, that's all he said.

The reason that I ask is that about 15 years ago, a psychic medium passed on some information to me through a friend. The information was that she could see clearly that I had originated from there. She had never met me though - I worked in the mainstream media at that time and she had a copy of my picture from an article I had written.

Because of an inconvenient location (and considerable skepticism on my part), I never discussed this information with the medium directly but my friend, who was in direct contact, confirmed it a few times with her, and told me she was absolutely adamant that the information was reliable. (I've since lost contact with both of them)

Since I had not heard of any place called Epsilon until that time, and neither had anyone else I knew, I just ignored the information. But it did strike me as a bit odd that someone would be so adamant about a place and society that no-one else had heard of.

Recently, I seem to have been attracting a lot of information about alien civilizations and I was surprised when I came across these references to Epsilon for the first time in 15 years.

So I thought I would follow up the information and see where it leads, if anywhere.

So does anyone know of any information (channelled, or otherwise) about the alien civilizations of Epsilon Eridani and Epsilon Indi?

Before anyone points it out, I am fully aware that Epsilon is the Bayer designation for the fifth-brightest star in any constellation so Epsilon could also refer to any other system with five or more stars...but I get the impression that the reference was to something close-by in galactic terms.

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Sorry I can't help you but you've piqued my curiousity, I hope someone can offer some insight:-)

(10 Jul '10, 12:59) Michaela

I too identify with Michaela's curiosity. I am comfortable with the notion that all of us are originally from elsewhere and that we volunteered to come here and participate in this experiment of physical reality.

(10 Jul '10, 13:34) The Traveller

If there is a true hidden answer to your question, it's very few probable to receive it on a public place and by a public way. But if you have an yet unknown appartenence or mission, be sure you will be aware in the opportune moment and circumstance.

(10 Jul '10, 16:14) Gleam
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Some (very poor) informations about inhabitants of Epsilon Eridani system, in the middle of following article:

I finded this site by searching data about BAAVI planet (Centauri constellation) in the vission of Mn Y, quoted by Robert Charroux in his book "Le Livre du mysterieux inconnu" (original on French). I don't finded the book at, but I very recommend to read this book somehow.


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"...creatures seven feet tall, croc-wrinkled skin, large mouths and ears, three fat fingers"...very interesting...thanks for the lead, Gleam.

(04 Sep '10, 22:32) Stingray

With many pleasure, Stingray. Glad to contribue.

(07 Sep '10, 17:34) Gleam

The race on epsilon is a benevolent race they are more spiritually advanced the humans at this time on earth, or so they believe in using intellectual expressions to express the universal expression of oneness with the whole.
They are physically similar to lions though they can stand on two legs for varying times depending on physical strength, often used as sign of respect standing in another's presence.
Their government newly one, the last remaining two governments of their world became one agreeing on a no money system, and an emphasis on sustainability.
The world into is sustainability before quality, quality before production in all things. They have flown in space but have just recently broken the bounds of their solar system with maned craft the exceed the speed of light by oscillating and contracting the space in front of the craft and expands it in the back, it doesn't break the laws of physics they say. They call it the equivalent of something called a teseract in earth terms.
They also believe all energy in the universe is constant which accounts for there not being a decrease in temperature in the universe if it were the case. They also believe the universal consciousness is this energy that is in ever physical conscious being currently. The energy doesn't decay it stays one for a limited time and expands again.
They haven't advanced to the point of no sickness yet, they still have bacterial infections but have ended all viral infections. They are similar in base DNA to all other 24 chromosome beings do that are designed outside of third dimension. They have a unique attribute that isn't experimented on often they have three distinct sexes one carries and bears the child, another injects the "egg" and a third injects the "sperm", this physical characteristics has led to a faster evolution of their overall government systems and rights system.


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@deleterjoe- i like the energetic and scientific explanations, they seem to "fit in" ... i assume that you obtained all this through channeling ... have fun

(06 Jan '13, 03:56) blubird two

@deleterjoe - Interesting information. Can I ask where you got it from?

(07 Jan '13, 19:16) Stingray

from channeling but I think some of what is channeled from anyone is interpreted through their own mental filters, so if there is no word or definition for a particular thing it is almost impossible to express said thing. that is just my opinion on channeling in general I'm sure just like any sport, or art in life there are those that know their filters better than others.

(09 Jan '13, 22:44) deleterjoe

@deleterjoe - Okay, thank you

(10 Jan '13, 04:58) Stingray

@deleterjoe- good point,i agree personal interpretation plays a large part in channeling.

(10 Jan '13, 06:51) blubird two
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