Dear all,

Yesterday I had a series of experiences which seems different than the "common" synchronicities which have been occurring for many months.

Essentially, what started happening is that sometimes when I just start to think about something, I get an "instant" manifestation in the form of someone mentioning the exact same thing, or it appearing on the computer, television screen, etc..

For instance, I picked up a book on a specific movie...flipped through the pages...and just as I started thinking about a certain character, my fiance (across the room, her back turned to me) points to an animation on the computer screen and says..."Hey...look at this...doesn't it look just like such-and-such a character from that movie?" And sure enough, it does...and it happens to be exactly what I just started thinking about.

This happened to me five times in one day, which is unprecedented for me. When it first happened it was wondrous, but now it is starting to seem commonplace.

I was wondering if this might have something to do with changes in "density", or the global vibration shifts that were supposed to occur after December 21st?

Thanks for your insights.

asked 12 Jan '13, 01:54

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@lozenge123 Good question. Have no idea why & never worry about the why's; but would be interested in hearing thoughts on this. This is also automatic for me & has been that way for decades. I never take it for granted. Sometimes it does seems commonplace; but mostly it makes me smile, sometimes I am in awe, but I'm always thankful.

(12 Jan '13, 01:59) ele

@lozenge123 - Your question made me think of @Stingray's explaination here about getting a flood of maniestations when you effectively release resistance. It seems to me to be the same sort of experience? And, btw, its so nice to hear you are enjoying yourself. :)

(12 Jan '13, 18:55) Grace

@Grace - Thanks for that, I remember reading it some months ago. In that post, Stingray seems to be talking about desires that have "built up" over time suddenly coming through, whereas what is happening now, is little things--as soon as I think them--manifest. They don't seem to be related to anything from the past. But maybe it could still be related as a general phenomenon, I'm not sure...

(12 Jan '13, 21:09) lozenge123

@ele - Thanks for the comment. It's happened to me so much that I actually do take it for granted now. The whys would definitely be interesting to know!

(14 Jan '13, 13:30) lozenge123
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I think you should enjoy it, don't get all weirded out about this. I know it probably feels like Twilight's Zone stuff, like this isn't suppose to be happening! Even getting worried you might accidentally think something bad into happening.

Just stay in the light with your thought, if you catch your self thinking something negative say erase erase erase.


answered 12 Jan '13, 06:38

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Thanks for the response. And no worries, I'm not getting weirded out. :) Has this phenomenon happened to you before?

(14 Jan '13, 13:28) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Yes it has and is. I responded to a question a little while ago about the speed of manifesting. I posted how things were coming very fast and I was truly blessed living the kingdom life.

It works with things, but not something abstract like money! I know all the successful people say "You don't really want money, you want what money buys." That makes out easy to say, "Focus on things, cut out the middle man - money." I have bills and rent that need paid, I absolutely need MONEY.

(14 Jan '13, 16:27) Wade Casaldi

The only way that may work is attract things to sell to make money to pay the bills and rent. That seems like the long way around and would I really have the same attracting power for something I only want to attract to sell? It doesn't seem like it to me.

(14 Jan '13, 16:32) Wade Casaldi
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Yes, it has something to do with global vibration shifts. According to bashar, the collective energy of the world is more positive than negative & explosion of posiive synchronocity is a reflection.


answered 12 Jan '13, 09:17

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@Gumnaam - Thanks for the response...I'm curious, do you have any links to material wherein Bashar talks about this?

(14 Jan '13, 13:28) lozenge123

You may find this in some of the bashar videos on youtube. I remember bashar talking on this subject in the session "Beyond 'The Secret' into abundance".

(15 Jan '13, 08:55) Gumnaam
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In my opinion you are experiencing your perception of reality in a motion of change. The way you explain the instant manifestations leads me to believe your state of consciousness is starting to shift towards a more enlightened/appreciative state of your existence. The states of confused wonder are clues that can lead you by your own correct choices towards a more developed state of awareness, drips from an already existing ocean. love pds


answered 16 Feb '13, 00:30

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paul st

@paul st - Thanks very much for your response. If you don't mind my asking, have you experienced similar things?

(18 Feb '13, 16:15) lozenge123

yes, and still do, a common one is that i will be contemplating a certain thing and reach a conclusion and as i do the same word i have ended on or a word that summarizes my findings will be on the front of a magazine or shampoo bottle etc the word almost pulls my attention towards itself.

(18 Feb '13, 21:15) paul st

it is a beautiful experience and i am often filled with awe and amazement at the unfathomable complexity. More profound and elaborate ones happen when i am a little lost and caught up, they seem to be there to nudge me back in the right direction, amazing

(18 Feb '13, 21:16) paul st
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