I was under the impression that we can only really affect and influence our own life and life experiences. However, I may have experienced a major synchronicity so I need to better understand this concept.

I have been searching for work for the past year and feel strongly that I'm now getting close. A friend of mine this past summer sent me a job posting for a job that is exactly what I want to do, so I applied. However, because this job is a government job the hiring process has the potential of taking a while, plus governments and major organizations rarely start a hiring process in the middle of the summer anyway. So at the very earliest I was not expecting to hear anything about this opportunity until this month (September), with a first interview (video) perhaps sometime in October. I was then asking the universe for a face-to-face interview scheduled in December for January and a hiring decision in late February or early March; hence, I would be able to start the new job debt-free in April :-).

Because I would also like very much to get my financial situation in shape before another major undertaking I have been asking the universe for a temporary job to fill in while I wait to learn about that major opportunity (and get my financial situation under control) before I travel across the country for work. Besides, I would need the money to travel there anyway :-). This is why I have been continually asking the universe if this main government job (the one I would love to do) could start in April 2015 that would be perfect timing for me (provided I can find temporary employment now of course), and allow me to move into a new job in a new part of the country without the added stress of getting my finances back in order while I acclimate to my new surroundings.

Was I being too erratic and the universe may have only heard the phrase, "wait until April"? Or can one ask for multiple requests like that and still succeed? I ask this because that temporary job is just not happening for me, and I have been trying to find a job in the here and now with a lot of effort. Does asking for too much like that perhaps only confuse the universe? Should one perhaps only ask for one thing at a time, and allow for each one to manifest before moving on the to the next challenge?

In any case, last week I was informed of a hiring freeze for that major government job and it won't be reopened until February or March 2015, which still basically aligns me to what I want, but I'm still somewhat impressed by this turn of events. Did the universe respond to my request? Is this an example of Synchronicity? Something else? It just seems that a hiring freeze is not something I can influence....but the timing is still somewhat uncanny.

I cannot help but think that this is far too coincidental to be "coincidence", and we have all heard that there is no such thing as "coincidence". But should I also perhaps be reconsidering and rephrasing my request to the universe and try to tackle my more immediate problems first, before moving on to bigger and better things? There are a few things I want to accomplish right now, but I'm wondering if it might be a better idea to work on, and complete, each one individually first before asking the universe to help with subsequent tasks. Perhaps the reason I have been out of work for so long is because I'm continually asking for too many things simultaneously?


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Pacal Votan

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You can only affect Self because everything in your experience is your Self. The so-called "others" and "circumstances" are merely reflections of your imagination and inner state of mind. By changing your inner state you will automatically affect the outer because it has no choice but to reflect your the essential nature of your inner state, and yes "others" (: who are actually you :) would alter accordingly or have to move out of the experience. HOWEVER, the instant you try to control another i.e. like using mind "power" and treating the other as a target/victim, you are immediately creating a conflict within your Self (: because remember you are in control by default, it's never the "other" it is you :), you create split energy, get more lost in the dream / illusion of separation and are weaker than before + more vulnerable to fears of "other" people doing the same to you even though even in this case it is you all along but just creating unpleasantly for your Self.


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Wow, wonderful answer, thank you!

(01 Oct '14, 06:55) Bedazzled

Thanks harsha...this is a mind altering explanation. I think what it comes down to is that many humans just don't realize how "connected" we are to our external world. Interesting point about trying to control others too...this certainly explains why severely passive-aggressive individuals alway hurt themselves; they are very controlling and manipulative people.

I'm also fascinated with "synchronicity", and my recent "job hunting" experience I found quite interesting.

(01 Oct '14, 11:48) Pacal Votan

Glad it helped. Both are active aggressors because both create the scenario in the mind before it manifests. What is required is awareness that imagination is the cause. Once a "passive aggressive" becomes aware that he is the cause of the unpleasant circumstance he might be more likely to embrace the realization and apply it to his life because the idea of a peaceful manifesting of his desires would be VERY attractive because he prefers no conflict or peace.

(01 Oct '14, 12:05) harsha

It is possible for "active aggressive" to be more happy about their ability to "fight" (: the only thing they ever fight is the result of their imagination i.e. their own reflection :) and get a bit lost in the potential pride involved. Not a must but it can happen. When you fight and "win", it's like a reward that encourages similar thinking. Hard to say though. What's clear is that both are equally responsible and powerful :) and at some point everyone will realize that they are the cause.

(01 Oct '14, 12:15) harsha

Synchronicity is everywhere all the time. Everything is a synchronicity or a miracle because since you are actually pure Self Aware consciousness you can only be conscious of what you are conscious of. What we jump up and call "miracles" are merely HIGHLIGHTS of the synchronicity that is everything we experience. It's like a big movie where we create everything the setting, mood etc. but our focus is on the plot (: our focal script :) that we neglect that we created the WHOLE thing as director.

(01 Oct '14, 12:18) harsha
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Do our thoughts (which are creating our reality) then go on to affect the reality-creating thoughts of others?

Well...Yes. It seems so to me.

If we were all doing our work, using the LOA, and I mean all of us- everyone in the world, all at once..., well, then I would think that we would all only experience those things which we would choose to experience. It would be a little strange at first. It would mean that if someone new pops up into your life, he or she would absolutely mean something to your experience and reality creation. Everything would be synchronous, everything would matter. It would be almost like Heaven, in that everything in reality would flow, would come easily, and make sense.

The problem is that not everyone is aware that they are creating his or her own reality. Not everyone is putting out goodness. Not everything has purpose. That leaves us guessing. When an item pops up in Wal-Mart that we need, and we find the money to get it, we probably would put it into our shopping cart immediately. Wade and I just had that happen. We saw a bed frame, we needed a bed frame, but we thought we did not have the money. But I had a feeling things would work out. I told him I had to check our bank balance. Guess what? Of course, there was just enough money to put that bed frame into our cart along with our groceries.

It worked that well. Get this- there was only one. Just one.

Synchronous. Nice. Easy.

This involved a stocker who stocked that shelf, any number of shoppers who did or did not choose the frames that were stacked onto that frame...and maybe even a shopper who wanted to get the frame, but did not have the money, and ended up putting it back.

Our desire for a better frame went out there, and it was something we both really wanted. We were not focusing on it, we were not even expecting to buy it. But it showed up. I think that in this may lie the answer to your question. Our desire to improve our very lousy bed situation- our thought- seems to have affected a whole lot of people. Perhaps you could say that everyone is thinking independently and creating their own realities, but I think it is much more complicated than that.

I hope this more directly answers your question, @Pacal.

Blessings to all,

Jai ♥


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I'm not sure you quite understand the original question. I can certainly affect events or processes that are under the control of others if I were to talk to them face-to-face, or over the phone, or even by writing to them. The original question is really asking if one can affect events or processes that are under the control of others through our thoughts alone.

Hence, if you are continually focussed on an outcome or desire, do these thoughts affect other's or outcomes that affect others?

(01 Oct '14, 17:45) Pacal Votan

Pacal Votan- Yes, I did understand your question. I have actually been at this since you posted your question. My computer had 268 malware files on it, including two (2) Trojans, thanks to my spending two days on Facebook...They are gone, and so was half of my original answer which got blown away when Mozilla crashed. Sigh. I will post the rest of my answer when I get back from shopping. I have to recreate it because Mozilla, Inward quest, everything locked up and crashed...♥♥♥ Nice to see you!

(01 Oct '14, 17:55) Jaianniah
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