Bashar says that we should always follow our highest excitement, so I am wondering if, in the past when I didn't follow my highest joy, I created the reality I have now (which I don't like very much). There have been many times when I haven't followed my highest joy, mostly because I have done things to get approval from others, instead of having the self-confidence to do what I wanted to do. It seems a bit silly to worry about this; maybe I have mis-interpreted Bashar's messages about the true nature of reality.

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@bumptcat : Welcome to IQ,love your nickname :D

(14 Jan '13, 02:33) ursixx

What would have happened at the times when I didn't follow my highest joy?

You would have simply manifested reality after reality that your true core self did not prefer.

There really is no right and wrong when it comes to manifesting your reality at every moment. All there truly is in this world is the idea of experience. We came here to experience things that we never have before in possible previous incarnations. Or we maybe came here to enjoy the earth experience for the first time.

The universe/all-that-is/god/nothingness or whatever you prefer to call it, is so unconditionally loving that it allows you to have any experience that your vibration emanates. If you want a different experience, you simply have to change vibrational frequencies, which changes your point of attraction.

Bashar talks about following your highest excitement and highest joy at all times because most people that are attracted to his teachings are not living the life that they prefer. So he is essentially telling everyone that following your highest joy at every moment, the best possible way you can, will bring everything that you desire into your experience in the perfect place and timing.

It seems a bit silly to worry about this; maybe I have mis-interpreted Bashar's messages about the true nature of reality

I would suggest that you forget about the concept of worrying (since that takes you out of the now moment) and just focus on little things that make you happy and give you excitement every chance you get if you are not living the life you prefer.

It also sounds to me like you have a pretty good idea of the basic concept Bashar is talking about regarding excitement.

Whatever your dominant focus is on, is what you will manifest. If you focus on things that don't excite you most of the day, your vibrational attraction will match up to that focus. If you focus on things that do excite you most of the day, your vibrational attraction will match up to that focus.

There is no right and wrong. Just experience and growth. Make a choice of what you prefer and you will start manifesting that specific reality more and more everyday.


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Thanks, that's a good answer that makes sense to me. Watching the Bashar videos, I have noticed that the people who question him about "following your highest joy" are asking him because they are unsure of this concept.

(13 Jan '13, 18:35) bumpycat

@Cory - Well said! Experience and growth is what it's all about! Indeed :)

(14 Jan '13, 12:50) figure8shape

Some more thoughts from Bashar that give light to you question . Found in a conversation here

Your physical reality -- allow yourselves to keep this idea very simple, and it is exactly this simple. Your physical reality is always the direct reflection of your innermost belief structure, your core beliefs -- no matter what shells you may surround yourselves with. No matter what you may in a sense assume to be your belief, you may always know exactly what your beliefs truly are for yourselves by simply looking at your reality. Period.

Q: Okay, so it's the beliefs that I have at this moment that count, and if I believed otherwise before, even though I thought I -- it's what I.

B: Yes. Right now every moment in time is a totally new universe, a totally new system of beliefs. You may feel that you have an on going continuous universe and within that universe choose to change one or two ideas from time to time. Realize that when you create those new ideas, you are creating an entirely new universe in which that idea has a part -- from one moment to the next. Believe me when I tell you, you are the creator. It is totally second nature and you do not even realize you are doing it.

Reflect on these thing you call "My highest joy".Is it also your "highest belief"?


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Hello bumpycat

Love the name :) ... let's face it, a lot of the time most of us just have to follow the same routine of going to work, driving home, eating and sleeping ... very rare are the people who have the possibility to do exactly what they really enjoy doing all the time. So what is the result? it simply means that we find it hard to reach our full potential ... however if we do follow our highest joy at least sometimes, it enables us to evolve and things become better and better ... have fun bumpy :)


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blubird two

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Could I marry a girl, have a baby and then one day not feel like being a dad, or a husband and abandon my family in an instant and go live into mountains for a few years by myself or move to another place without telling anyone? That would be following my highest joy. As opposed to assuming I have some responsibility and staying where I don't want to stay.

Majority of people will never follow their highest joy, only the next best appropriate option. :P

(14 Jan '13, 07:30) CalonLan

@CalanLan- yes true, the majority never follow their highest joy ... however all is possible in the mind ... you can live with someone and assume responsibility of children and you can travel in the imagination to a far away place ... creative imagination has the same effect as reality :)

(14 Jan '13, 08:35) blubird two

@blubird two, cheating experience through imagination is one way ticket to the bottom of suffering.

(14 Jan '13, 09:09) CalonLan

@CalanLan- ok, thanks for the info :)

(14 Jan '13, 09:58) blubird two
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@bumpycat - In addition to the encouraging feedback by @Cory, if you would, please take a moment to watch this video by Bashar: I believe it will give you additional insight :)


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Thanks everyone for the helpful answers. I'm still thinking about how consciousness relates to vibration, and if you get to a higher vibration, does that mean having more choices in which reality you can manifest.

(20 Jan '13, 10:52) bumpycat
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