When the Titanic sank it was widely reported that it was UTTERLEY UNSINKABLE. In fact many believed that even God himself couldnt sink her. I dont beieve this literally, but im using this widely reported belief to explain many peoples mind set on this boat.

I imagine most on board thought/believed that they were in a vessel that simply COULDNT sink.

All these people , firmly believing that there ship would be fine.

IM not fully convinced about the whole LOA thing. Im not against it, im just not too sure that LOA explains EVERYTHING. This ship sank, rather famously.

Why was this attracted to a ship and a mentality or belief system that would SEEM to have made its sinking impossible.

Ive an open mind on this one.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

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(22 Jan '13, 13:18) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Monty Riviera- The Titanic was designed to be unsinkable. When you prepare for disaster you attract the disaster because the law of attraction gives you more of what your giving your energy and attention to whether you want it or don't want it. Just my opinion :)


(22 Jan '13, 13:19) Satori

do not test God for your own perpace. belief is one thing but the truth is another.believe and trust in the truth.the word that I have spoken unto you, the same shall judge him in the last day

(22 Jan '13, 14:52) white tiger

@white tiger this is an interesting perspective.

Was there some internet thing about all people that said things against God in a joking manner meeting doom?

That, "Even God can't sink it" was one of the quotes. There was something that John Lennon said of about people like the Beatles more than God. A bunch of others too. It would make an interesting question for here.

The question could be something about the wrath of God on unbelievers.

(22 Jan '13, 15:48) Wade Casaldi

you have free will wade if you test God even God cannot sink it what do you think happens?is it God that made it happen?or is it the person that wanted to test God?and how many believe it and made the same free will?

(23 Jan '13, 02:35) white tiger

Actually, Lennon did not say that people like the Beatles more than God. He said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, and for that brief moment in history he was probably correct :-).

(23 Jan '13, 13:23) Pacal Votan

@Pacal Votan Absolutely correct.

(23 Jan '13, 19:40) ele
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"The Titanic is Unsinkable!"

"The Titanic is Unsinkable!"

"The Titanic is Unsinkable!"

People on Titanic sailed on it because it is 'Unsinkable' more than to go to other destination or to have a trip, even the creators of it in their mind they were seeking the 'unsinkable' much more invent a huge ship, inwardly they were testing that truth, unsinkable was so active in their minds/energies, as a result it sank.

So from LOA view : It is not about what they wanted, it is about what they were thinking of


answered 22 Jan '13, 14:37

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I don't think that's it. Most people go through life in a walking daze. They built the ship and all those people booked a trip on the Titanic because they were passive people, letting the world take them wherever. Others created a plot for them to follow so they did because they had no imaginative life of their own to contradict it. They didn't active cause the sinking, they just passively accepted it.

(22 Jan '13, 14:49) flowsurfer

Agree with you on this rOla, the subconscious doesn't process "un" "don't" "not' and "no" it's all inclusive , so if you really do give credance to thoughts being powerfull and you have 3,000 people's minds ticking away in the background "sinkable " it's not really a surprise the outcome .

(22 Jan '13, 20:47) Starlight

Really? So the secret to success is to constantly think "I am not successful. I don't love myself. I have no wealth. I am unworthy.", right? Unsinkable feels strong, safe, powerful. It doesn't have the vibration of "sinkable". You would need to introduce doubt to make the first match the second.

(22 Jan '13, 23:04) flowsurfer

I did write an answer to your Really ? @flowsurfer but on reflection it just wouldn't be of use to you

(23 Jan '13, 04:34) Starlight

@flowsurfer: Vibration-ally the focus on it to be unsinkable cause it to sink,

two people can focus on wealth, one with prosperity and other with lack, it is about the feeling caused from riding the 'unsinkable'

'Hey we are riding the unsinkable ship, but could it sink?, no it is the unsinkable but what if' and such... the energy was tending to sinkable more, the fear of it

(23 Jan '13, 04:39) r0la

I think another point here worth mentioning is that the crew of the Titantic (i.e. the ones who were actually in control of the vessel) were terrified of icebergs, and constantly on the lookout. The fear of hitting one was constantly on their minds.

(23 Jan '13, 13:27) Pacal Votan

yes i agree with most of what has been said ... the law of attraction was unconsciously put into action to sink the Titanic ... on a smaller scale in our daily lives, it is easy to notice people all around us, putting the law of attraction into action for their own good or bad without realizing it.

(25 Jan '13, 06:09) blubird two
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Maybe the people on the ship had an underlying fear that the ship could actually sink... that the ship being "unsinkable" was too good to be true. Before I came to know LOA, I had deep underlying fears about many things and still went into them. Almost to the point where I EXPECTED failure.


answered 22 Jan '13, 13:39

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Good point...and to add to this it is more about how you feel (deep down) than what you think.

(23 Jan '13, 13:28) Pacal Votan

@Pacal Votan another excellent point - I agree with all the comments you left on this thread.

(23 Jan '13, 19:42) ele

I watched a show on this and I believe it said "The Titanic was Unsinkable!" The damage was handled poorly maybe because of panic.

If they had sealed off the damaged area it would not had sank. There were air lock rooms on that like submarines have today.

So it had nothing to do with the LOA and much more to do with poor handling of a bad situation.

Remember to put the law of attraction to use you need to take inspired action, they must not have so it worked against them.

Some facts about the Titanic you don't know.


answered 22 Jan '13, 12:46

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Wade Casaldi

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In Mother Russia you don't take inspired action, inspired action takes you.

(22 Jan '13, 14:52) flowsurfer

@Wade Casaldi You mean it was NOT the Wrath of God?

(23 Jan '13, 02:28) ele

@ele actually I didn't think of it that way until I saw white tigers comment about testing God. It triggered a memory long forgotten about something I had read many years ago about the wrath of God.

It is kind of strange revisiting that article after all these years. But it was so different it had to be a question for here. :-)

(23 Jan '13, 14:19) Wade Casaldi
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what man thinks is unsinkable was not so
though he did his best to make it so
now the group karma of those aboard
were certainly in for surprise, but perhaps
their time was up for more than a ride


answered 22 Jan '13, 19:44

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This is what Neville has to say on the matter:

If man could only remember these moments of seedtime, he would never be surprised when the harvest appears in his world. But because he has no memory as to that moment in time when he dropped that seed, which is simply his emotional response to something he contemplated, something he overheard, something he observed, at that moment the thing was done; he didn't have to labor to bring it to harvest - he simply encountered it as something already full grown, so he reaps now that on which he bestowed no labor, outside of choice. He selected it by his attitude, by his reaction.

Now, am I responsible for others in my world? I certainly am! When I take my little mind, my little imagination and think because it's mine - my Father gave it to me, that I can simply misuse it, it isn't going to hurt another. I tell you you do have to use more control for the simple reason I am rooted in you and you are rooted in everyone and all of us are rooted in God. There is no separate individual detached being in my Father's Kingdom. We are one. I am completely responsible for the use or misuse of my imagination.

Do you recall seeing on TV, a dramatized version of the sinking of the Titanic? Do you recall it? Have you read the book. "A Night to Remember"? Well the book itself is by Walter Lord: but 14 years before the actual harvest or that frightful event of the sinking of the Titanic a man in England wrote a book. He conceived this fabulous Atlantic liner and there he built her just like the Titanic, (only the Titanic was not built for 14 years) but he, in his imagination, conceived the liner of 800-ft. She was triple screw, she carried 3000 passengers, she carried few lifeboats because she was unsinkable; she could make 24 knots; and then one night he filled her to the brim with rich and complacent people, and on a cold winter night he sunk her on an iceberg in the Atlantic. 14 years later the White Star Line builds a ship. She is 800 ft., she is a triple screw, she can make 24 knots, she can carry 3000 passengers, she has not enough lifeboats for passengers but she, too, is labeled unsinkable. She is filled to capacity with the rich, if not complacent, but the rich, because her passenger list was worth in that day, when the dollar was one hundred cents, two hundred and fifty million dollars was the worth of the passenger list. Today it would be a billion dollars. All the wealth of Europe and the wealth of this country was sailing on that maiden voyage out of Southampton. Five nights at sea in this wonderful glorious ship and she went down on a cold April night on an iceberg.

Now that man wrote a book either to get something off his chest because he disliked the rich and the complacent, or he thought it might sell or he thought this is the means of bringing him a dollar as a writer. But, whatever was the motive behind his book which, by the way, he called "Futility" to show the utter futility of accumulated wealth, but the identical ship was built 14 years later and carried the same kind of a passenger list and went down in the same manner as the fictional ship.

Is there any fiction? There is no fiction! Tomorrow's world is today's fiction. Today's world was yesteryear's fiction - the dreams of men of yesteryear. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could talk with someone across space and just use a wire? And I couldn't see that one: it would be a mile away beyond the range of my voice - then maybe five miles and maybe a thousand miles - fantastic dreams - then they came true. When they came true, suppose I could do it without the means of a wire. And it came true; suppose now I could do it not just in an audio sense but in a video sense. Suppose I could be seen? And that came true, but when they were conceived, they were all fictional, all unreal.

There is nothing unreal, because God is infinite, and God has finished creation. You cannot conceive of something that your Father has not only done and conceived of it, it is worked out in detail, in all its ramifications. You and I are only becoming aware of increasing portions of that which already is. We are not making a thing - we are discovering God's wonderful world. But now in this church - at least here it should be done, for this is a church of the mind: this is Science of Mind, where there is a science to planting and you do it in a certain scientific manner. You just don't walk the street and reflect; read the papers and reflect - you go out a more positive person than people who gather in similar areas, for the simple reason they go just to hear a service and to be told how bad the world is.

You're not coming here to be told how bad the world is, for if you believe it is bad, there is something you must do about it because you have planted the world. You have your seedtime. So here people gather to be told how to operate this wonderful gift that the Father gave them. There is this wonderful mind and imagination. So you are told to go out and be choosey in your selection; single out that aspect of reality to which you want to respond, success, health, dignity, nobility, something wonderful that you contribute to the good of the world. As you walk by you are contributing to society, you contribute to the community in which you live, not necessarily by giving dollars but you contribute by your wonderful seedtime. If, in your community, you see the need of maybe a church, you see the need of some wonderful school, you don't wait until people get together, you actually, in your mind's eye, contemplate the joy that is yours because of the wonderful school here for the children, a wonderful church here to lift man spiritually, and you wonder what it would be like were it true; - you feel the thrill of witnessing it within. That is seedtime. Then in a way that you do not know and you need not labor to produce, you will encounter that school and that church and these lovely things in your community.

So you plant the seed and let others, who think that they are bringing it into being, let them think so. You go about this world planting the good - that is why you are here. We are gathered here on Sunday mornings to discover more and more about this wonderful gift that God gave us, that we may single out all the lovely things in the world and bring them to birth in our world;

This morning you take not only yourself - start with self - then turn to a friend in your mind's eye, and congratulate him on his good fortune - congratulate him on his expansion in his world, and actually feel the thrill of such contact - at that moment of response that was a changed attitude in regard to that friend- at that moment you planted. Now, in a way you do not know and you need not know, that seed is going to go through its normal natural hidden passage and appear as a reality in your world. Then you will know the power latent within you and you will stop reflecting life and you become one what I call a true creator in the sense that-I mean creator - that you are creating by selecting wise, wise, lovely things in this world and giving them expression in this world of ours.


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Hey Monty

Wade Casaldi posted this link:


in regard to his Wrath of God Question.

Thomas Andrews was the builder of Titanic. He was known to be very particular about details and as the ship went on its voyage, he kept on taking notes on what should be improved about the ship. After the construction of the Titanic, a reporter asked Andrews, how safe the Titanic would be. With an ironic tone he said: "Not even God can sink it". We all know of what became of the ship.

LOA - NOT everyone died did they? Vibrations.


answered 23 Jan '13, 02:23

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Good point...not everyone died, and the really sad part is that many of those lifeboats were only partially filled. Many more could have been saved had they taken the initiative and precautions.

(23 Jan '13, 13:31) Pacal Votan

Some laws of physics are core agreements & experience is a manifestation of our "strongest" beliefs.

People can have contradictory beliefs & the strongest ones have the strongest effects.


answered 25 Jan '13, 05:54

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