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Last Sunday (very early) morning, I heard the doorbell. I assumed (assume=ass out of u + me) it was Wade's brother, opened the door, and got whacked on the head by a baseball bat....

I am okay..a little sore, but okay...My whits are not okay, but they will get over it eventually...LOL!

My assailants were foiled by me falling in the doorway, whacked me a second time for good measure, and fled...

I went next door to Wade's brother, who called the police. I refused the ambulance in favor of waiting for Wade. The ER treats me lousy if I go alone. (Wade was at his 3rd shift job. Being a security guard. Maybe I should hire him for me...)

Anyway, I wanted to tell you to appreciate. enjoy, and love the heck out of your lives...For you just never know...I found out my GFR is falling rapidly (that is a measure of kidney function...) But I am still grinning. I am alive!!!

I got Dope-slapped by Life, and boy, did I need it!

I still feel grateful. Even despite the fact that Wade hit a deer on his way home from work last night, and it just about totaled his car...

We are both grateful to God that we are all right.

I am grateful to you guys, especially. I was glad you were here...being who you all are.

Thanks and Blessings,


asked 23 Jan '13, 09:26

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does he have insurance?then he well get a new car. what have you learned from your experience ? trust but expect the unexpected.

(23 Jan '13, 15:52) white tiger

thank God ..u n wade are safe.., take care jai..-peace n blessings..:))

(24 Jan '13, 04:59) supergirl

I am glad you guys are ok.

(24 Jan '13, 09:05) Fairy Princess

Fortunate for the whacker that Wade was not the one who opened the door, might have been calling an ambulance for the whacker! Glad that you are both OK.

(24 Jan '13, 10:53) Dollar Bill

Having a day that didn't go as planned in so many ways. In fact, I cried with huge disappointment-yet I know the value in gratitude and how things happen for some good reason, and made a decision to feel better (after about an hour). Thank you @Jaianniah for the gratitude reminder in the face of adversity. Continue to see and claim your health and safety. Glad you and Wade are ok.

(24 Jan '13, 20:09) figure8shape

@figure8shape Do you know how good it made me feel when I saw this comment: "Thanks! Have a great day! :)" from you earlier today? When I got up, I went to IQ email first & I selected 1 email to open & it was yours. (It was also the last one & it arrived only min's before I got up - timing) It made me smile, then laugh & it was the start of a beautiful day. I didn't open any more till later. I do this often; especially when my email is overflowing. cont

(24 Jan '13, 20:30) ele

@figure8shape I'm pretty good at selecting which email to open. Thank-YOU very much figure8shape. I wish you an amazing evening, awesome dreams & better tomorrows ... I couldn't agree more about gratitude. Acts of Appreciation & genuine gratitude actually are empowering & lift our spirits. Thanks again.

(24 Jan '13, 20:36) ele

@ele, WoW!!! What a caring and thoughtful response! Thank YOU :)

(24 Jan '13, 20:50) figure8shape

@figure8shape You are most welcome. "caring & thoughtful", perhaps - truthful mainly. Have a Great Day!

(25 Jan '13, 04:08) ele

@Jai and Wade .good thing you are a hard headed woman and he is a hard drivin man..

(25 Jan '13, 04:31) ursixx

@ursixx- That's an affirmative!!! And @ele and @figure8shape- wonderful that you are so supportive to each other. It's quite lovely!

(18 Feb '13, 21:40) Jaianniah
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First of all, I would like to say that I am glad you are going to recover and that Wade came through his incident all right as well. I feel bad for you both.

But here is what else I am thinking. What did these attackers want? Clearly not a simple robbery or else they would have stepped over you and cleaned out your valuables. Sorry, Jai.......I worked as a security account manager for many years and my mind always turns to what/why/when/where/how. Secondly, it is not a good idea to put it out there on the internet that your significant other works third shift. It is best to keep that to yourself for many good reasons. Always check who is on the other side of the door because you never can be sure.

You're right can change in a heartbeat. We can be hurt, robbed, lose a loved one, get sick. So many things can happen and it is best to appreciate everything when things are good. I know some will accuse you of having attracted this somehow, or say that if you were in the correct reality this would not have happened, but I say, frankly, most of us are not adept enough yet to avoid bad things happening sometimes, or avoid losing someone we love. It could have been worse and I am so glad it wasn't.

Best wishes and Be careful!


answered 23 Jan '13, 10:20

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LeeAnn 1


i am thinking the same thing as you @Lee Ann 1 .If they did not rob anny thing they might have got scared or they acted from darkness and retribution.Do you have anny idee who it might be @Jaianniah?

(24 Jan '13, 09:48) white tiger

@LeeAnn, Yes, I agree. We're all a work in progress. Thanks for reminding vs. faulting :)

(24 Jan '13, 20:52) figure8shape

Like I've said before, "Life is short & it's full of twists & turns. Who knows what tomorrow will bring - hell, the end of the day, may just be the end of the day. Absolutely, appreciation is EVERYTHING.

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. ~ Cicero

Like Lee Ann, I'm glad you & Wade are ok. I concur with Lee Ann, what you described does not sound like a robbery. Lee Ann gave you some good advice; don't tell anyone on any public forum when you will be home alone especially when your real name & location is linked to your user name. You do realize there are professional lurkers who do nothing other than sit behind their screens all day reading everything they can on forums such as this one, don't you? Granted, IQ would not be a very lucrative forum for the professional lurker, but be advised, there are individuals who are lonely, with psychological issues who also read these forums & who never post.

I also agree with Pacal. Take it as a wake-up call - both of you. A friendly reminder from the Universe; you're not paying attention to something. Next time, it may not be so gentle or subtle. Also, both (accidents or attacks) are good indicators of being out of balance or harmony.

Advice if I may, Dearest Jai - you best start loving yourself cause you will NOT like a renal diet or dialysis one damn bit. You think a diabetic or cardiac diet is hard to follow; both are a picnic in the park, compared to a renal diet.

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." ~ Voltaire

Wishing the Both of You the Best of Everything Always. With Love, Ele


@Jai Since IQ is primarily a LOA site; I was wondering if you've given any thought to how you may attracted this (so it doesn't happen again) or doesn't LOA apply to this particular situation?**


answered 23 Jan '13, 20:49

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edited 24 Jan '13, 18:48


@ele-You bring up a good point. I have given it a lot of thought-as to whether I attracted it or not-and then Wade hit a deer Tuesday night, and that made me wonder if we both are doing something to attract this recent turn of bad luck. This were humming along great for quite a while. I can only say that it has crossed my mind that I feel sometimes that i don't deserve this happiness. Interesting, eh? <3 Jai

(24 Jan '13, 19:41) Jaianniah

@ele good advice about anonymity. btw what are your CVC numbers on your Visa card ? :P

(25 Jan '13, 04:28) ursixx

@jai - I'm glad you are asking ?'s. Soon you may look at these 2 events as the impetus or 'invisible" force or as a blessing. You said, "I feel sometimes that i don't deserve this happiness" . . . that's what I'm talking about - you got to start practicing self love & self compassion & start believing in yourself. Why can't you love yourself?. You are worthy & you are GOOD enough! "May the Force be with You." With Love, Ele

(25 Jan '13, 04:38) ele

@ursixx ha-ha & it wouldn't be the 1st time either. I know the BD of at least 3 users in addition to their real names. I know IQ feels like home; but you can't forget about the professional lurkers. If I was a pro, there are 2 users I would zero in on - the millionaire & the one who lives in the richest city of its size in the US. Pretty sure if I wanted too, I could zoom in on her house - the perils of modern technology. Sure glad her living situation changed. About those CVC #'s, they are

(25 Jan '13, 04:53) ele

@ele fyi I live here

(25 Jan '13, 05:08) ursixx

@ursixx thanks for all the links! A Jedi's power 'flows' from the 'Force'. Source?

(25 Jan '13, 05:51) ele

@ele How are the swamps on Degohbah?

(18 Feb '13, 18:33) ursixx

@ursixx ~~ "Degohbah" . . . in the "frozen", icy, snow covered part of the arctic cold planet where I reside? Yup, swamps are froze & the trees look petrified . . Sound like your world? Picking up on my vibes, were you? You made me smile . . . thanks . . . seems like the first time in many days.... Now I'm laughin'. I'll be back soon; 'swamps" should be starting to thaw .... Like Yoda says "Do or do not. There is no try' ~~ I shall return...

(18 Feb '13, 21:05) ele

@ursixx ~~~ yes, the force will be with us always! Great link. As for 2nd link ~ I'm only visiting.......

(18 Feb '13, 21:06) ele
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I always look at big incidents like that as a wake-up call for me. If I start to run into negative experiences, especially if there are more than one, I take that as a message from the universe that I'm not on the path I have chosen for myself...and then start to look for ways to change gears, and perhaps even direction. Usually after I have made changes things start to noticeably improve.

Perhaps you just need to review your current direction...and of course continue to be grateful that someone took the initiative to give you a wake-up call :-).

Glad to hear that you're not permanently injured though...that's always a good thing.


answered 23 Jan '13, 15:40

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Pacal Votan

@Pacal Votan Another really good answer. Agree. The Universe tends to knock me in the head if I'm not listening .

(23 Jan '13, 20:35) ele
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