When mediating I use they Indian style position with hands clasps for 36 minutes. Lately my little dog has been coming and sitting in my lap. She seems so peaceful I don't want to move her. Should I. Is it interferring with the vibration energy or anything ?


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello. I can tell you this : cats sit where bad energies are (and cleanse them) and dogs sit where good energies are..because they like it :) ...If it distresses your attention you move her next to you, if not, let her stay. Maybe you will create a new and powerful type of meditation with a fancy chinese type of name : "The dog that opens up the heaven" or something :)


answered 25 May '13, 08:32

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@holla- Really? Perhaps you could answer this question for me: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/77877/what-causes-animals-to-be-drawn-to-you

Don't mean to put you in the spotlight but one of my favourite "sub-categories" of metaphysics is our relationships with animals. My ego loves the thought of being all enlightened and having birds on my shoulders, and giraffes and rhinos following me, and a pet pig I would call Napolean...You get the idea.

(25 May '13, 08:43) Nikulas

Guilty for generalisation :) What i meant : when you move to a new house, take a cat and a dog and let them walk around..put your bed, for example, where the dog sits, not where the cat sits... On the other hand, cats also love good vibes : -i know somebody whose cat loves a piece of orgonite (orgon energy) with some crystals in it.. - and somebody told that her little cat used to go to sleep, next to her, when she made an asana (posture from hatha-yoga).. In this case, the dog loves it :)

(25 May '13, 09:18) holla

@holla, I was thinking you were so right! After a surgery, my 2 cats just draped themselves over the painful area on my body for days, giving me their healing. One of them still sleeps on my side when it hurts. :)

(25 May '13, 23:12) Grace

Good "A" @holla & that's been my experience as well. I've had German Shepherds all my life & I trust there instincts. No doubt in my mind, dogs sense negative vibrations. @Grace My experience is the same as yours when it comes to cats.They sense the location of your pain whether its physical, emotional or spiritual;very healing. Few weeks ago I had killer spasm. I was beside myself in pain. 2 of my cats sat on each side of my head purring till the pain went. My cats will even knead my back..

(26 May '13, 03:59) ele

@Grace and @holla- Would it be worth a shot to take a problem that's on my mind, sit on my bed with my acts and see what experience I get? Yes, I'm going to do that and see what happens!

(26 May '13, 05:42) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yes. I would even recommend you tell the cat what's going on, and ask him/her for some love. :) Then just sort of reel that energy back in, and consentrate on yourself. The cats seem to feel that vacuum, and want to come fill it. Beautiful.

(26 May '13, 11:23) Grace

@ele - That purring, yes! It's almost as if their purring vibrations come into me and recalibrate my own. Lovely feeling. :)

(26 May '13, 11:25) Grace

Ha! amazing thanks @holla

(28 May '13, 00:52) Victtoria
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Let your dog do what he wants to do as long as you feel comfortable.

It doesn't matter what you do as long as you feel comfortable and focused. If you can make it your object of your meditation and just observe the feeling of him sitting on your lap without judgment, it's alright.

Meditation is about stopping thoughts in whatever way you can.


answered 24 May '13, 18:16

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I concur @releaser99 !

(26 May '13, 04:00) ele

It's not always easy to find complete silence in meditation. So just treat outer distractions the same as inner distractions like thoughts for example. As long as you keep easily favouring the object of focus in your meditations, for example the breath every time your distracted then your doing the work.


answered 13 Jun '13, 05:14

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