Does anyone have a standard time to receive? Do little things take two weeks maybe but bigger things take 6 months? Are there any signs that things are to arrive and do most people have the same times for the same things?

Random questions, I know!! Ive read that it just has to be believeable to the person who is manifesting but sometimes (shamefully!) I have almost given up. Im always never too sure how long I should give it.

Would be interested in other people's experiences. Thanx peepz xxx

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The three steps in the manifestation process are

  1. Ask ( Which we are doing automatically at all times )

  2. The Universe responds and grants our request ( It is waiting to manifest from spiritual to physical )

  3. We allow the manifestation to enter into our physical reality.

The Universe responds to our requests immediately but the key is #3 - how much we either allow or resist the manifestation becoming part of our reality. When we begin to put conditions on the manifestation taking place, such as time limits, we are in fact trying to control the process and not trusting or believing that the Universe will answer our request.

We have to ask with complete faith that the Universe will respond when the time is right. By having faith or letting go and allowing the Universe to do it's work, the manifestation will actually show up quicker.


answered 24 Jul '10, 01:36

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I try to equate it with natural laws.Mainly because they are what they are .What i mean is there not really subject to any interpretation.Or many different interpretations.

In nature different seeds grow at differing rates.

Now you can plant a seed and worry about it,pray endlessly about it,confess its growing a bit quicker,dig it back up,re plant it etc etc.

It will only grow as quick as it will grow.I will admit we must water the seed with happy expectation ( i think Troward said that ) but after that we must get on with getting on.

I may be entirely wrong here,but as the maker of this world made nature and spirit ,i just assume they kind of work in a similar nature.

But im prepared to learn otherwise.



answered 08 Sep '10, 17:33

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Monty Riviera

It is always nice to have another shoulder to lean on, especially since, no one knows for sure.

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It will simply happen when you're a vibrational match. Period. So it's up to you...and honestly, it's just as simple as that. All the best...


answered 29 Jul '10, 18:56

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