My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for some time, we've seen a few doctors and the last one told us that our only choice is IVF. This broke our hearts as we would like to have a baby naturally and IVF is very expensive and doesn't have a high success rate. I still believe that we can get pregnant naturally as I believe the Universe is in charge and NOT the doctors, has anyone had experience with getting pregnant naturally after being told otherwise?? I would really like some advice on how I can manifest this.

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For me, I had given up trying, and had thoughts like these, "It's up to the universe..whatever will be, will be." I completely gave up control. I detached from caring one way or the other. Like you, I was not going to extraordinary means or expense. If we weren't to have a child then so be it. A few months after this, we conceived our daughter, and the funny thing is that, that very night, I knew I was pregnant. Sure enough, I was, and we had two children then in two years. Best wishes!


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LeeAnn1 - you've made me smile this morning, much love to you my friend

(24 May '12, 08:03) MoonWillow

Hi, Ya, my sister in-law was told she could'nt have children and then she got pregnant naturally at 37 years old. She is now the happy mother of a healthy 2 year old boy and 6 month old girl.

You are loved.


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Thank you Brian for the encouragement, I do believe that the Universe is in charge of my life

(24 May '12, 08:04) MoonWillow

I did get pregnant from a circumstance where everywhere says "you should not have gotten pregnant from that." I did, however. It only matters what you think, not what others think.

Think of all the stories of people overcoming life threatening diseases, their bodies doing something amazing just in time to fix everything. I remember watching a show years ago of a woman who suffered major 3rd degree burns over her entire body from a house fire. The doctors said there was no way she could survive, yet her body somehow regree its entire epidermis and she made it home for Christmas. Her skin was beautiful and delicate like a newborn baby.

Our bodies are incredible and we hear these 'miracles' all the time. You can become pregnant, i know so many mothers who were told they were infertile who had children. My best friends mother had this problem yet she has two healthy, grown kids. Good luck!:)


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Thank you LapisLazuli, I feel much better now and I know that the Universe wants me to have kids

(24 May '12, 08:05) MoonWillow

You can loose hopes on everything but dont loose hope on YOURSELF & your belief that " you will surely get pregnant naturally " the way you wanted. I am sure you will win this quest. Keep deaf ears to all negative things even to your own negative thoughts. Multiply your postive thoughts and belief. I am confident at any time of your life you will win and you will conqueor your belief.



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Hi, I would like to tell you that you might want to try acupuncture. My friend is an acupuncturist and she has been helping women get pregnant for many years. I had a friend go to her when they went through the same thing that you and your husband are going through and she had given up. She went in for 6 appointments and she was pregnant 6 weeks later and they had a healthy baby girl. I would also like to say that if and when you choose an acupuncturist, please look for someone that has been doing this for at least 5 years out of school and also please understand that there is no reason for long term treatments with an acupuncturist unless you have a chronic problem. If someone tries to sell you 10 appts for a specific amount of money, run out of their office and find someone else. I went through three acupuncturist originally until I found this lady and we have been friends for more than 12 years.


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I struggled for seven long years to become pregnant with my first child, a year with the second and the third came along when we were using contraception. I asked the doctor how this could happen and he said that fertility and infertility are a complete mystery to doctors. To be honest, we were told all kinds of things by doctors and generally prodded about - one minute it was this, one minute it was that. Doctors are great but they certainly don't have all the answers!

From a LOA viewpoint and because it really is quite a difficult thing to let go of because it seems so big (I know I found it so) I would recommend DISTRACTION. For me (although I knew nothing of LOA at the time) I focused on my career which had been secondary to me trying to have a baby and within probably a year of making a decision to focus on my career and getting excited about it I became pregnant. Get yourself in great shape physically for the joy of being healthy and then focus your attentions on other things. It sounds like tough advice and of course it is easy looking at it from this side of things but paradoxically it is probably the quickest way. Best of luck Moonwillow.


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Hi Moonwillow - I've already answered your question above but I came across something today that may help? I have been researching Transformational Breathwork - there is a You Tube clip about it - it is in Turkish but with an English translator. The lady who pioneered this technique talks about how those who breathe from the upper part of their body aren't oxygenating the lower part of their body and so the life force is restricted in the lower part of the body - you see where I am going with this! It may be completely off in the bushes but hey it is FREE and healthy!

(14 Jun '12, 11:38) English Rose

Hi MoonWillow, Some things you can try are reflexology and the herb Vitus Castus. Google them it might help. Keep positive.


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Hi Moonwillow - Dr Schulze (mentioned previously on this website) does some fantastic herbs - I have them sent over from the US (EU regulations mean that a lot of herbs are restricted in Europe right now) - he might even have blogged about similar issues to yours. He usually recommends colon cleansing for absolutely everything and then on to the balancing herbs like Vitus Castus mentioned by Paulina.

(14 Jun '12, 11:50) English Rose

Thank you Paulina and English Rose, I have decided to let this go for a bit. Having a baby feels more and more like the next logical step to me and I'm not putting any effort into this feeling so I know it'll happen soon enough. I also thought I should let you know that I tested fine but the issue is that hubby's sperm count is very low. He still has sperm but based on the doctor's findings they are pretty healthy so it's just for one to find his way lol.....

(19 Jun '12, 10:55) MoonWillow

It only needs one! best of luck

(19 Jun '12, 11:57) English Rose
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