In manifestation, most questions will be "how long is it going to take to come?" and practically all answers stem to this: "You cannot predict when. Just let it come."

So how's this for an idea, can you ask for something, and ALSO ask when you are going to have it? For example, let's say you want a new car, as that's the only thing law of attraction can help you with (jokes lol)- could you also say, "I want a new car, before the end of the year." Or, "by october 21st" or "within the next 6 hours."

An answer to this would REALLY boost my knowledge about law of attraction. Thankyou so much Inward Quest- just a shout out to you guys from my previous question- I no longer have a fear of zombies! :) THANKYOU SO MUCH!

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Yes, you can ask for "due dates" for manifestations - but there are some things to watch out for when doing it.

I've seen "due dates" work with the Manifesting Box requests method (Manifesting Experiment 1) both for me and others and I continue to use them that way when the "due date" is far enough away.

What do I mean by "far enough away" in that last sentence?

Well, it's tricky to say in words but easy to sense with emotions.

An example will illustrate...let's say I want to double my income in one year. To me, with my current beliefs, that feels quite possible to me. With that length of time, I know that if I release that request, the universe will inspire me towards methods and ideas that will achieve that, or else just manifest the request anyway without me taking any out-of-the-ordinary action.

So in that case, I would just write the request with a "due date" and forget about it.

Now let's say instead that I want to double my income by tomorrow lunchtime. Thinking about it, I can now feel my current belief system being stretched too far and I feel some resistance towards believing that is possible.

Writing that date in a request and attempting to release it is now going to leave me feeling uncertain and unsure that the request will manifest...and remember that one of the requirements for Manifesting Experiment 1 is that you feel confident that the request is being handled.

I now have three basic options to deal with this resistance about this "too close" due date:

  • Option 1: Forget about the date completely and let it come when it comes - This is the easiest approach and the one I recommended to all those getting started with deliberate manifesting.

  • Option 2: Move the "due date" further back in time until you feel better - You move it back far enough so that you can feel confident again, when releasing the request, that the request is possible...then just let it go.

  • Option 3: Change your belief about what is possible by the "due date" - This is the head-on approach I call Surfing Your Desire Into Manifestation. And the idea behind that approach is what lies at the heart of Manifesting Experiment 4 - The 'Resistance Release' Method

If you're interested in alternative ideas about manifesting to hard deadlines, there's an ebook called How To Get Money For Anything Fast by Stuart Lichtman.

His deliberate manifesting method is pretty complex and, at times, pretty confusing but he has some interesting ideas. It's not free unfortunately and if you want to get some personal coaching from Mr Lichtman regarding it, be prepared to shell out several thousand dollars. I think he revised/updated his approach recently but I haven't looked at it yet.


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again stingray thankyou for the answer, you never ignore my questions which makes me feel 'apart of the community.' Really good in depth answer here, - the hyperlinks you provide really show how thoughtful you are. Peace :)

(03 Sep '11, 16:35) Nikulas

You're welcome, Nikulas. The words in all these answers are just words. Without someone making the effort within their own life to test them out to check the practical validity of them, they count for nothing. So it's always nice to see someone asking questions that suggest they are testing out and doing some detailed thinking about the ideas for themselves.

(03 Sep '11, 17:29) Stingray

Joe Vitale stated in the movie The Secret, something like "Then I hear people saying how can I get more money, more of the green stuff? Intend it! I need $50,000 by this date, or whatever is believable to you."

He said we can specify a date then set the intent we will have it by that date.

I remember that part from someplace in that movie, he said something very similar to that.

Florence Scovel Shinn in the book "The Game Of Life And How To Play It" said the word for a women that needed money for a court case coming up, here is that excerpt.

Isaiah said, "My word shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish that where it is sent." We know now, that words and thoughts are a tremendous vibratory force, ever moulding man's body and affairs. A woman came to me in great distress and said she was to be sued on the fifteenth of the month for three thousand dollars. She knew no way of getting the money and was in despair. I told her God was her supply, and that there is a supply for every demand. So I spoke the word! I gave thanks that the woman would receive three thousand dollars at the right time in the right way. I told her she must have perfect faith, and act her perfect faith. The fifteenth came but no money had materialized. She called me on the 'phone and asked what she was to do. I replied, "It is Saturday, so they won't sue you today, Your part is to act rich, thereby showing perfect faith that you will receive it by Monday." She asked me to lunch with her to keep up her courage. When I joined her at a restaurant, I said, "This is no time to economize. Order an expensive luncheon, act as if you have already received the three thousand dollars." "All things whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." "You must act as if you had already received." The next morning she called me on the 'phone and asked me to stay with her during the day, I said "No, you are divinely protected and God is never too late." In the evening she 'phoned again, greatly excited and said, "My dear, a miracle has happened! I was sitting in my room this morning, when the doorbell rang, I said to the maid: 'Don't let anyone in.' The maid however, looked out the window and said, 'It's your cousin with the long white beard.' So I said, 'Call him back. I would like to see him.' He was just turning the corner, when he heard the maid's voice, and he came back. He talked for about an hour, and just as he was leaving he said, 'Oh, by the way, how are finances?' I told him I needed the money, and he said, 'Why, my dear, I will give you three thousand dollars the first of the month. I didn't like to tell him I was going to be sued. What shall I do? I won't receive it till the first of the month, and I must have it tomorrow." I said, "I'll keep on 'treating.'" I said, "Spirit is never too late. I give thanks she has received the money on the invisible plane and that it manifests on time." The next morning her cousin called her up and said, "Come to my office this morning and I will give you the money." That afternoon, she had three thousand dollars to her credit in the bank, and wrote checks as rapidly as her excitement would permit.


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Yes, just detach though from the DUE DATE. Quite paradoxical. Sometimes, I put a DUE DATE and it either comes right on time, even before, or a little bit late. I just trust that the method and TIMING of delivery is JUST RIGHT ON TIME all the time. It is sometimes good to put a due date, as you have specifically told the UNIVERSE when you want it. JUST TAKE IT EASY ;)


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Being grateful, having a vision, performing the tasks, etc... when done from the perspective of putting a target in front of you and going after it is exhausting. Most take that common path and eventually fail. Because we reason that in order to become or get what we want we must first "do the things" necessary. We reason if we put our intention out there with continuous clarity then the deed will be done, and for some of us, we dont have to do anything

The truth is you are a wholistic part of what you wish to manifest. Spontaneous or effortless fullfillment of our intentions was never meant to mean that our own action was not needed or required. It is itself part of that unfolding. No different then that of a seed which will sprout and break through the surface. It is you who becomes more in order to recieve more. Yet im not speaking of the procedural and systematic action or work which we must partake in to confrim our intention. That perspective works ass backward again. im speaking of the quality in which that action is carried out. Inspired action is very real, it is fresh, creative and without conditioning.

What most of us do is momentarilly align ourselves with the seed of that intention ( and at that moment that seed must harvest a like and evolved expression on the surface) but then turn around and kill the crop by inaction or forcefull and impatient raction. all conditioned.

we try to become something without first recognizing that we must first embody fully now that which we intend for in the future. working to become something is torture and only serves the ego by not demonstrating and laying witness to the creative process that you are.

Thanks Urisixx.


Yes, action, inspired action is not only necessary but it confirms your intention no different than planting a seed and then watering, fertalizing, cultivating etc..

Many things do happen,,all the time actually, that are but a wisper of intent in most cases and spontaneously come to form without even further thought. Yet many of the thing we desire or intend for ouselves take surface time, favor, momnetum and material support (action) for those things to unfold tangible. Not to see this would be to assume that all one needed to do was to sit in a corner all day (listening to some soothing or enlightening music), have an intention of building a sky scraper and never have to do anything else but sit in a focused transcendental state. Its not happening. If the universe had a position of individuality or separation, it would slap many on the head and say "go @#!% yourself, you're disrespectful and don't know how to play". Fortunately, the universe can care less.

Some may also reason that a seed can be cultivated through the abundant resorces of nature itself and there is no need for personal involvement. True, yet that is a quality that reflects the nature of that seed and its harmonious relationship to the elements which surround it. Our nature is to create, to evolve, to reach and align ourselves in that fullfillment. To consciously harness and therfore lay witness to that continuous and abundant demonstration. We are to realize that we are creators, not through intellectual understanding, but first hand experience. if we become clear that the seed of thought already has within it the potential to manifest that intention, and we do that from a state or awareness from which we can now consciously choose, the unfolding happens quite effortlessly.

But there is still plenty of doing...yet that doing is not looked at as a task or something that "i have to do". That never works. Instead, it is seen and really accepted as part of what i already chose to become. It becomes an intrinsic part of what you ARE. Imagine a tree saying to itself, "sh#@!!, i have to grow some more" or a fish saying, "more swimming?$@!". In that action, there is no separation between thought and deed. The only time there is a challenge or friction ( which usually results in frustration and deviation) is when we approach our intentions from the wrong state, from the wrong perspective. So from the very start we begin to build our home from a faulty and unsustainable fondation. The irony is of course that we will get exactly what we wished for.

We all know that we are continuously (mostly unconsciously) manifesting our perspective worlds. However, the fundamental shift in that unfolding happens when we truly recognize that we are constantly creating it. We need to see that. That is vital.

Then instead of attempting to manifest things into our lives because we want to feel better via many masks and facets ..(which is why we do it to begin with), instead, we do it becuase it is what we ARE and we can simply choose to play for the sake of play...just to watch that beautiful unfolding. so you no longer need to try and be detatched from the outcome or concerned that your ego is the one that needs and desires for its own selfish gain. All of that becomes mute... irrelevant.


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WOW! great answer welcome no1wakesup

(07 Sep '11, 07:00) ursixx

Yeah, what a great answer. I get the basic meaning of what you're saying, but I don't fully comprehend what you are EXACTLY trying to explain. Are you simply saying that our action is necessary for manifestation?

(07 Sep '11, 09:55) Nikulas

Re-read this after you edited it. Rockstar answer dude, hats off to you :)

(08 Sep '11, 10:06) Nikulas
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My experience of manifestations is that it is possible to get immediate answers to a very precise question under certain conditions. See my answer to my own question "How can i improve my results with the pendulum in choosing winning racehorses?"

It's a bit like using a bow and arrow to hit the bull's eye, the greater the precision, the nearer the arrow gets to the center. Precision in this case depending on a harmonious equilibrium of many "circuits"...all the physical circuits being "tuned-in" to just one aim, so to speak...or it can be compared to learning to walk a tightrope, it looks so damned simple when you see someone doing takes many years practice to get it right.


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blubird two

zen archery blue bird.The archer ceases to be conscious of himself as the one who is engaged in hitting the bull's-eye which confronts him. This state of unconscious is realized only when, completely empty and rid of the self, he becomes one with the perfecting of his technical skill, though there is in it something of a quite different order which cannot be attained by any progressive study of the art

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(08 Sep '11, 06:21) white tiger
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nikulas just have faith that it will come when it needs to come. everything happens when it is the time for it to happen. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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