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I've noticed that many of you seem to be interested in the idea of surrender. As i mentioned before, imo there are not really how to instructions to this natural process. Yet here are some summarized tips from Eckhart Tolle's books that can help to unlearn fighting and to remember how to naturally surrender again.

Yes / Surrender

It is only Consciousness that can accept – there is no separate “I” that does the accepting – acceptance occurs - and you feel a different energy arising when acceptance occurs. (You can notice the Non Surrender by the physical contraction, the emotion and the mental judgment – all aspects of the separate identity. The separate identity is motivated totally by self interest)

  • Accept the simplicity of the moment – do not let your mind add a story to it (personalize it)

  • Ask – “Am I surrendered totally to the form that this moment takes – in the field of Now?” “Am I welcoming whatever form arises in the Now”

  • Make a Practice of accepting completely (surrendering to) small irritations. Allow them to be as they are.

  • Surrender completely to the form that this moment takes (in the field of Now), welcoming what ever appears in the Field of Now. YES. Embrace the form of that moment, as if you had chosen it.

  • When you notice that you have resistance to something or just generally then just let the resistance drop.

  • Acknowledge the Isness of the occasions without judgment or comment when you cannot feel the Inner Body, or notice the aliveness and stillness of a huge tree, or there is heavy mind noise, etc. It is as it is. Accept that

  • If you observe in yourself a Non-Surrender state – Allow it to be. Allow the Non-Surrender to be! Do Not fight it.. You cannot fight it – it just adds another Non Surrender to it!

  • When a “No” arises in you – notice it and Accept it completely. Surrender fully to it. It is as it is, and there is nothing personal in it.

  • If you are having difficulties saying “yes” to what is - then feel the Inner Body first, and maintain it while you Accept what is.

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@releaser99 I like this releaser99 - thanks for this.

(28 Jan '13, 01:56) Catherine

Eckhart Tolle is new to me, i like it, thanks

(31 Jan '13, 03:23) blubird two

@Catherine @blubird two You are welcome.

(31 Jan '13, 03:37) releaser99

@releaser99 I am interested to know how, specifically, this (surrendering) has helped you. Are you willing to share?

(31 Jan '13, 04:56) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer You are seeking external validation and approval for a journey called inward quest. It's not going to work. Even if i made gazillion dollars by surrendering, it's not going to help you. Let me say that with the best of intentions: you're still trying to hold on to your old beliefs, while you don't like your current situation. And you aren't willing to let go. You want others to convince you to change your already useless beliefs. But you're also defending them by all available

(31 Jan '13, 05:24) releaser99

means at the same time. First realize that not others have to change you. You have to change yourself. You have to be willing to test new beliefs and ways of living. I believe many of us here come from great desperations and depressions. This is not a place to hold on to something. This is a place to let go and test new ideas for yourself. Maybe you are not ready yet. Sometimes it takes huge pain to be ready to let go (either of old battered beliefs or of physical life) to find relief.

(31 Jan '13, 05:25) releaser99

@releaser99 I'm interested in your experience; I know what my experience is, I don't need to ask anyone for it. People give advice, let's call this advice "directions". I am interested in knowing where those directions lead them. You described something that helped you. I am interested in knowing in what sense. I don't see the point in the lecture. I went through an Eckhart Tolle phase, I remember what it felt like, and it didn't help me. I have tested it. I am asking for YOUR experience.

(31 Jan '13, 05:49) flowsurfer
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Humility grants the ability to surrender. It releases resistance, judgement, complaint and blame. Humility is the universal solvent of the alchemists.

since this is a period of spiritual acceleration, i suggest using 2 or more methods of surrender. because of greater influx of energy, manifestations are faster for both positive and negative, dark and light, fears and desires.

1) surrender through awareness. practice mindfulness to sharpen your awareness. Eckhart Tolle's techniques will help.

also checkout

The Presence Process integrate blocked emotions. Once these blocked emotions – energies in motion – are liberated, the consequence is reflected automatically in shifts in our physical, mental, and emotional experience. It uses Consciously Connected Breathing 15min 2/day. The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded here. This goes well together with releasing techniques.

2) surrender through forgiveness: a) "a course in miracles" and b) "the 12 steps"

3) surrender by releasing. let go of judgement and blame. releasing techniques of Lester Levenson will help.

4) surrender by allowing. get into the the vortex and generate the emotional grid and state of being that you want. allow it to manifest in time to create the reality that you prefer.

Consciously Connected Breathing gets me faster and easier into the vortex.

5) surrender through action. adopt the belief that "beliefs are easy to change". secondly, believe that you are always in the right place at the right time. third, live your excitement.

6) repeat, recycle and rinse.

Abraham's exposition on "Great Awakening & Blending" is excellent.

check out:

i define ananda as bliss brought about by divine presence in your self, moment to moment, whatever the situation, whatever you are doing. This glorious presence allows 1) spontaneous and natural miracles and 2) being in the flow, zone or groove. it imbues your actions with creativity, enthusiasm and optimism.

i define sat as sublime being and cit as pristine awareness. ananda then is glorious presence in harmonious action.


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@don Thanks for your tips. Especially i like 1) and 2) :).

(27 Jan '13, 23:09) releaser99

@don Thanks for this - I like the rinse, recycle, repeat - it is an ongoing thing rather than a fixed destination, it is good to get a reminder of that sometimes.

(28 Jan '13, 01:57) Catherine

i have to add "living your excitement". it's important. i still feel like a butterfly struggling out of its coccoon.

(28 Jan '13, 02:54) don

Eckhart Tolle mentioned the insanity of the caterpillar. checkout

(28 Jan '13, 03:06) don

Lester Svensons method or Lester Levenson? @don? here is a excerpt from a book show Levensons method

(28 Jan '13, 03:15) ursixx

thanks ursixx. correct me if i am wrong, Lester Levenson is the mentor of both Larry Crane (releasing technique, etc.) and Hale Dwoskin (sedona). i have not really used his exact method, i just assumed it is similar to both since he is their mentor.

(28 Jan '13, 03:26) don

@don, Thanks! I like your comment: "Beliefs are easy to change".

(28 Jan '13, 10:16) figure8shape

"Beliefs are easy to change" is from bashar.

(28 Jan '13, 11:48) don
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This is not really "surrendering" in the way most people think of it then, is it?

This is more like complete honesty. If a "no" arises within you - that is ok, do not resist it as it just adds another resistance...

So not allowing is to be allowed, therefore it is not about surrendering / allowing - but self-acceptance... honesty. Is this accurate to say?


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