I'm wondering if that's how it works.

I mean, if your manifestation gathers further momentum because you are getting all your energy back from all places where it's stuck.

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allowing is unlimited in any direction

(28 Jan '13, 04:23) blubird two
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Interesting. I like this idea, it does make sense to me. While you have doubts and resistances and various shoulda/coulda/woulda thoughts in your head, your energy would be indeed scattered. I am picturing your thought of allowing as @Stingray's free-flowing water pipe: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/54773/spiritually-speaking-why-is-the-universe-offering-everything-to-me-all-at-once/54788

Not only flowing freely, but funnelling and concentrating energies that are otherwise on a fruitless path. I think you have here an excellent way of looking at this. It makes allowing feel so much more active than passive, which is, I think, something that trips some of us up. We all do so want to be doing something, to part of the creative process. Thank you!



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That energy is you, why are you scattered(division)? Only because you allow yourself to be. Where are you stuck? If we all work together do you have to divide yourself? Will you cut your left hand or your right hand? If you sit at the table for diner and someone ask you pass me the salt. Did you scatter your energy to give it to him? If you divide yourself you are not in harmony. If you ask someone that is in conflict with you for the salt, will he give it to you? Or will you have to get up and go take it come back and sit down again? what takes more energy unity or division?


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I was thinking more mentally speaking. Perhaps I'm confusing the concepts. I was trying to channel today and couldn't do the mental image of connecting, and then remembered the recommendation of gathering all your scattered energy, and then tried it and went upwards, it did work, I felt a jolt. Didn't push it though, asked for my guide to start working in the connection and let it there. So I thought if allowing worked in similar manner. But as always your input is interesting and wise, thanks.

(28 Jan '13, 01:05) Notgonnatellyou

as for allowing it is from the free will you have. and from the free will of other around you(if it is going to affect other people free will).There come the real question do i have the wisdom and the harmony to make this happen?And should i use my free will to do this? And how? if you are at a dinner table would you do that?what would the other people at the table say?

(28 Jan '13, 01:57) white tiger

Right now you see this only as a magnet to attract and manifest thing.Will it serve you and will it serve the other people at the table?You might want to get all the cake for your self but what will the other people at the table say? if you say give me the cake so that i eat it,will they do it?But if you say give me the cake so that we can all eat it,will they do it? Some might also not eat cake.It is a simple image that i gave you but the bigger the table and the manifestation the more wisdom-

(28 Jan '13, 02:26) white tiger

and truth(unity)you need to manifest the object from point a to point b.But you should seek first to wash the inside of the cup,because if you wash only the outside ,what you manifest in the cup might not taste to good.

(28 Jan '13, 02:33) white tiger
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This is sooo interesting! I have been having the exact same impression. That as my perception gets more aligned with my inner being, I start to pool all these energies from God knows where but that I sense were mine to start with. I took a course in a modality called ThetaHealing once and there was a procedure to Retrieve Soul Fragments. I wonder if it is somehow connected to what we are discussing here.. .


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