The past few weeks have really transformed my thinking...I've discovered the Teachings of Abraham and completely resonate with it. Things are becoming clearer esp since I've been searching for the past few years for the key to life.

At times I feel happiness when thinking about this new found knowledge and all the processes but at other times like now. I feel overwhelmed with information or I wonder if i'm doing things right.

Is it normal to go through this process of frustration and overwhelment when first discovering this info and implementing these process?

(as I type this I remember reading that when you begin meditating things start getting werid because you become more aware of your vibrations. Does anyone else agree with that statement? ahve you experienced it?)

Thanks for you encouragement. It's much appreciated.

asked 28 Jul '10, 02:50

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Chris 2

Hi Chris, I don't know if you're still around on here, but I was just looking for a post on being overwhelmed and found yours, which was a comfort. I was wondering where you are now with it all since this post is dated nearly 6 months ago now? It would be nice to hear you've made some progress and are finding it easier. :) I've also noticed since I started all this I am super sensitive to other people's negativity and find it quite hard to be around people. I'm assuming this will pass as I settle into it. Anyway, I'd love to hear how it's going for you now.

(07 Jan '11, 20:34) aquamarine

@Aquamarine I sure am around :) I check the site pretty much everday. As for your question the think over the last 6 months the only thing that has change is me and the way I see/feel about things. I've eased up on myself and my progress more than I ever have in my life. When I began this journey it was more so to manifest a certain type of life. And while I still desire the "dream life" I find it more exciting to just try my best to feel good as often as possible. The thing that has helped the most on a daily basis is meditation. I do the guided meditation that was produced by Abraham

(08 Jan '11, 00:52) Chris 2

It really has helped me. I look forward to the daily meditation. Honestly the sensitivity to negativity has eased up in the since that I don't focus on it much any more. I don't try to convince other of the good in life. I focus on being aligned with myself and my spirit. Trust me 6 months later it's still a journey. But I can feel changes in my vibration. I've had some manifestations, however when something I wanted manifested it only caused me to ask for more. This is an interesting journey but I wouldn't give it up for anything.

(08 Jan '11, 00:57) Chris 2

It's interesting to read my older questions and to see the areas in which I've grown. My advice to you if I'm qualified to give any is to stay close to this site and ask questions as they arise within you. And also as Abraham would say "Be easy about this, you're doing fine". The more and more you internalize that the more joyous the beginning stages will be. I like to think I'm still in 101 but I'll be moving on soon. Experience is the best teacher, so try things out as long or as little as you desire. You can't go wrong. I hope some of my ramblings help. excuse typos. :)

(08 Jan '11, 01:01) Chris 2

Ah bless you, thanks for the supportive words. :) It's interesting to hear where you are now and what you've learned. I look forward to the meditation too - are you doing the Getting Into the Vortex ones? I seem to be in a struggling patch of being overwhelmed with questions and worries, but am trying to see it as progress and an opportunity to practice releasing rather than a real obstacle!

(08 Jan '11, 15:28) aquamarine
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You are right it is very difficult in the beginning. I used to get massive headaches whenever I worked on my own limiting beliefs or doubts and they lasted for days. I still get them but thankfully the duration is shorter as I find it easier and easier to work through my own emotions and beliefs. It is a hard battle still at times to keep my vibrations high when really negative things happen but it is becoming easier with the passage of time and I think you will find that too.


answered 28 Jul '10, 14:24

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I Think Therefore I Am

People can be very attached to their current beliefs. Changing those beliefs typically involves a degree of resistance by the ego. It can be difficult to release that resistance for some people.

I wouldn't worry too much about "doing things the right way." Do the things that produce results for you. Even Richard Bach once said, "Everything in this book may be wrong."


answered 28 Jul '10, 14:51

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