Have an oriental background with all its philosophies and religions make applying manifestation processes whatever they could be a very hard task.

I posted here before about my desire to win the jackpot in lottery and I am declaring that I am manifesting a little. Now it is not only about lottery but more about the fun in creating this fact. Abraham talks about playing with fact, act, suppose...

I started just yesterday a process of celebrating (I hear about it once) that I did and I invite my sister and I am doing good so far emotionally as I should.

Now what games can you offer me to feel it, to impregnate with it and play with it for it is fun too????

For the process of forget and leave it to universe does not fit, plus that I want to sense the whole process of creating it, like I am creating a baby and note that I am with oriental back, it is too hard but I am enjoying waiting my baby.

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I know I want to have more fun with it too, maybe that is the problem I'm taking it too seriously? Lol Keep trying different techniques to you find out what really works. Let me know what works when you get the jackpot!

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I've noticed sometimes that there's a bit of an underlying vibrational contradiction with people who want to win the lottery.

The underlying unstated contradiction, which may or may not apply in your case, is effectively as follows...

"I want to win the lottery because I don't really trust the universe will always deliver what I want when I want it. By winning the lottery now and having all the money I want upfront, I'm now safe and secure in my life and I don't ever have to trust the universe to deliver anything"

But the problem is, how can you line up vibrationally with a lottery win if you don't have that trust in the first place that brings about the alignment?

Because if you do have that trust, you won't need to win the lottery because you know the universe will always deliver when you want it to...your life will be one long on-going "lottery win" :)

Hope you see what I'm getting at :)

What I'm saying is that trying to win the lottery (for most people) comes from that place of lack and doubt that stops the manifestation from happening in the first place.

Now with your question, you seem to be going one step further. You seem to be acknowledging that there is fun to be had in the process of winning the lottery rather than just chasing after that elusive end-result.

And I would say that you are absolutely right in that.

And I would suggest to you then, that why not just focus exclusively on the fun now and forget about needing to win the lottery at all. Because surely the only thing that the lottery win is ultimately going to bring you is that same feeling of fun you are chasing right now?

Fun is fun whether you have a lot of money in your bank account right now or not.

So just by having that fun now regardless of external circumstances in your life, you've already won the lottery :)

Since you know about Abraham, why not just play with the processes in Ask & It Is Given?

People think all those processes are about manifesting what you want (and they certainly do that as a by-product) but the real purpose in all of them is to give you that feeling of fun as you are on your way to what you want.


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The previous answer sounds very negative to me, to say that trying to win the lottery comes from a place of lack and doubt sounds very egotistical it seems like this person is saying in other words: "why do you have to win the lottery and have financial freedom when the rest of us have to manifest and work mentally to manifest money on a daily basis." If anyone wish is to manifest the lottery they should go for it, there is no limits for the universe. Having fun? there are so many ways to have fun while manifesting the lottery, you can image how you would spend your money, the fun things you can do, the nice places you can go, how people would react knowing that you won the lottery. Feel rich, feel good about it.


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Hello guv- yes i see what you mean, the previous answer may seem negative ... however look again at the question and answer and you'll find some built-in double binds ... i totally agree with your phrase "feel rich, feel good about it" ... have fun :)

(06 Jan '13, 01:19) blubird two

Hi Guv, I think what Stingray was trying to say was that most people who want to win the lottery are coming from a mindset of lack. You don't see wealthy people buying lottery tickets. Why? Because they don't NEED the money but mostly because they know "there's more where that came from". You hear about multimillionaires who lost everything and eventually made it all back. Why? Because in their minds they are wealthy despite what the bank account shows. Poor people have scarcity or poverty consciousness. They focus on the lack which creates fear which creates doubt which creates desperation... so they buy lottery tickets with the hopes that winning will put an end to the struggle - but the dominant vibration in them is struggle and lack, not abundance.

On another note, I wonder if there is more to winning (or not winning) the lottery. What if there's a reason why you will never win an enormous sum of money? What if winning the lottery would prevent you from achieving some higher purpose? Let's be honest - most people who go from rags to riches are going to bask in the glory of their newfound wealth. They're going to either blow the money or go on an extended vacation. It's unlikely that they will go write that book, start a business (that may change the lives of many people in a good way) or make contact with people who will fight for a cause or... (fill in the blanks). The only effort they will expend will most likely be on having fun.

I have a feeling that the way the Universe operates is far more complex than we think. Yes, Law of Attraction is at work but I think there's more to it. It's been my experience that the Universe will bring "things" to you (money, success, relationships, etc..) only if it is in your best interest or serves your highest good in some way. The people who win the lottery and are in debt one year later may have some lessons connected with that experience - so it could very well have been in their highest good to win if they learned something from that.

I realize I've gone off on a tangent but I also believe it's related and relevant. I think the Universe cares less about the thing that you want and focuses more on bringing you the essence of what you want... so while you may want to win millions of dollars because you desperately want the freedom to live life as you please, the Universe may lead you down a completely different path that brings you the freedom you're really looking for - and most likely in ways you never even imagined possible. Hence why Stingray suggests that you focus on having fun (raising your vibration) vs focusing on winning. Never underestimate Infinite Intelligence - let It bring you what you want or desire in the way that it will most benefit you.

This is coming from someone who has tried every trick in the book to try to win the lottery (and didn't). Now I'm just focusing on doing things I enjoy and I'm letting the Universe deliver the goods to me when the time is right (which in my experience has never been when I want it!).

Just as a side note... winning the lottery can bring you more headaches and trouble than you think whereas growing your wealth gradually is likely to be more comfortable and allows you to adjust to a different lifestyle in steps. Your relationships are also likely to be more genuine when the change is gradual vs having everybody suddenly being your "friend" because they want a piece of your pie.


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