We know that shadow people deceive,play in the shadow,try to influence us like the story of the angel and demon on our shoulder.

I have read somewhere that the dog was seing them at one spot and the owner was seing the shadow people at another spot.

So basically it would be similar to plato caves. you are looking on the screen and see your own shadow,then you see another shadow but are not able to see where it comes from. but the dog see it.and the dog do not see it where you see it. at that time it want to remain hidden it moves slow in the shadow,yet as shadow it as no corporality. then like in sleep paralysis when you feel them,their presence is entering your field of awareness and they move slowly coming towards you moving through wall and doors making you more afraid,feeding from that fear, giving them more energy to become more corporal(entering in to their shadow) then they jump on your chess and try to choke you.the more you fight and fear the more strongh they become.When you move out of that darkness in you and stand in the light in you,they have no more power source they run fast and exit the area.

So basically they have very little power and remain hidden projecting their shadow in a different area that they are at.until they get enuff power to move in their shadow and gain strengh and speed. Could it be that they also have a physical weakness when they are in corporality? Also the need to remain apart from their shadow until they gain enuff power.Why do they need to operate in that pattern? what if when they have no power if they remain on this side for to long they could become trap here and become something like alien grey,and become more physical.Would it explain this?

shadow people

alt text

alien grey:

alt text

In their case it seams divide to conquer,they are divided being,sneeky little creeppers.

Here is a video for some that never seen one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RszVo4me9qc


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white tiger

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@Barry Allen thank you for editing.

(12 Feb '13, 16:41) white tiger

The answer to this question is probably linked with the question about borderline personality disorder ... shadow people can easily exist in our dream world, after all thoughts are creative and in our imagination we can conjure up anything that we desire and if we do not have control our imagination can "run away " with us ... dream world is just as "real" as the "reality" of our physical world ... the borderline in this case is the flip over point where these two worlds meet ... we should be conscious that we are multidimensional beings, our thoughts can exist in the invisible as thought forms and animals especially cats can perceive them, otherwise they risk to intermingle which can be cause of confusion.


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ru bis

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Possibly @white tigers you should put your focus on looking for Angles of Light instead. .

alt text


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You have entertain me ursixx.And i do not focus on shadow people even if you think that.When you go out and it rain is it because you focus on that? You should search shadow people,sleep paralysis nightmare and alien. you will see the patern is there. shadow people and alien are very similar both of them incapacitate you,both of them comes at night or when you sleep,the small difference would be that shadow people are usely seen in sleep paralysis,and alien are seen when you are in the physical.

(26 Feb '13, 17:42) white tiger

How do alien incapacitate you is it knock out gas,high harmonic sound wave gun that affect the nerveous system,who knows?If you think those things do not exist go take a look in army weapon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incapacitating_agent http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_weapon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwr2e78Reks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhAFlezjq-0 i have send you those link but i add seen in 2000 on tv non lethal a sonic gun to paralyses the nerveous system.on tlc ordiscovery.

(26 Feb '13, 17:50) white tiger

@white tiger the way i see it then is that "shadow people" are parts of our consciousness, energy vibrations if you prefer, that are not yet integrated into our consciousness and manifest themselves as being "dark energies"; masked, disguised energies that are by definition are out of our conscious control and therefore can manifest themselves in all sorts of "negative" ways as nightmares, phantoms, aliens, threatening weapons etc. they are resistances that have not yet been recognized as such.

(27 Feb '13, 03:04) ru bis
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"Theory".. well, based on the description of them appearing during sleep paralysis I can guarantee at least that facet of what is being described here is 100% real, or at least I experienced things identical in description before ever reading anything about them or having them suggested to me. ;) I think it's even come up in some of my questions and/or answers.

Back when I was strongly pushing my lucid dreaming and/or OBE practice I got 'stuck' in sleep paralysis on more than one occasion. In my experiences once I hit the sleep paralysis stage I am 'supposed' to step out of my body. Methods for this include simply rising (sometimes difficult, especially for those not experienced); envisioning a cloud forming above your body to which your spirit is drawn into it and allowed to float freely; or (the only method I was actively able to achieve) rolling over out of your bed (to achieve the same goal as the first option, but without as much struggle).

Now, I didn't know this when first starting and I'd also unintentionally activated this process in the past before studying it, so there were times I would simply get 'stuck' in that phase. Highly uncomfortable and unpleasant experience in and of itself, struggling to move your body or awaken and having difficulty doing so. Simply the attempt to force waking and it not working isn't a fun feeling. I should also note I'm always able to 'talk' in this state, but I don't appear to actually make a physically audible sound as I've tried yelling for people in proximity before to no avail.

On a few occasions while in this state I felt or observed another entity present with me. One of the earlier incarnations' form being a generic reaper- black cloak hovering with no lower body, ghostly / skull / demon-esque face, large scythe in hand. This image illustrates well, however I recall the Scythe being held in the right hand, point facing away from the body.


This experience didn't bother me so much. It simply floated towards me slowly, I felt fear in a mild to moderate sense but I either expelled it or woke myself, I don't specifically recall.

Later this happened again, once taking the form of an extremely valued friend, but other times taking the form of an ex-girlfriend. The latter being the more interesting experiences, it appeared standing near the end of the bed, appearance of my Ex in her youth when I fell in love with her. I first asked "What are you doing here?", as they smiled and began to approach me slowly. After a moment I noted her youthful appearance, and said "You're not real," as they arrived by my side and leaned in to kiss me. As I said this their face did a very cinematic style transformation like you'd see in any generic demon / vampire / werewolf movie. Teeth went fanged, jaw extended forward, face stretched somewhat to look more evil.

I felt an agonizing pain, one that I lack the poetic ability to appropriately describe in my currently smeepy state. It was like my veins were being pulled out of my body, and much more I can't articulate at the moment. I struggled against the assaulting entity, trying to move, trying to repel it, and trying to wake up all at once. Unfortunately I'd been unable to successfully move since the beginning of this episode. Finally I was able to awaken, severely uncomfortable and as I recall sweating & heart racing.

I've speculated with many people about the meanings of this experience as well as the source. I know of people who believe in 'spirit vampires' (referring to people here who do this practice, possibly but not necessarily intentionally) who basically do in the spirit world the same thing we depict in vampire movies but with energy. This concept seems plausible to me, though I'm not convinced either way, and I largely feel that because of the shape shifting nature I encountered that the form it takes is most likely tied to what it / they find most vulnerable in us, rather than a form representing the actual entity responsible for the encounter.

I hope that this question will bring up answers that help to shed light on my curiosity into the topic. Thanks for asking. ^_^y


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good picture. last week went to sleep and saw a face in the door of the room green fluorescent face with small spike or needles coming out of the face. with penetrating black eyes. looked him in the eyes face to face and woke up.

(01 May '13, 22:14) white tiger

good post , ok there is no theory of shadow people. The visiable came from the invisable LETS NOT FORGET THAT. There are angels aswell as demons both were around and on earth waaay before we were here.


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Popi Bearcat Gibson

well popi bearcat Gibson I say theory. because it is reported by people yet no one as physical proof and if you did not experience it, with out proof it is only theory, since you can't prove it to someone else,then the someone else will need to experience it to believe you. it is also theory because they are reported by different group of people: race,religion and alien believer.

(01 May '13, 22:21) white tiger
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