NOTE: Many have suggested that this is ball lightning, and while it does sound like a logical explanation, none of the descriptions or videos that I've seen of ball lightning are accurate to what I saw. What I saw were search-light type, dull/shadowy lights that rotated on a single cloud for over 20 minutes, in fact it probably lasted longer than 30, and they did not spark or emit lightning, or resemble lightning. My first thought when I saw them was, "Are those search lights"? Because they were moving in such a robot-circular motion.

I live in Florida. A few weeks ago I witnessed the most intense lightning show that I have ever seen. Lightning was flashing almost every second, if not every second. It was mostly white lightning and there was NO rain. Sometimes I would see multiple lightning bolts connect in the sky, it was really insane, but also really spectacular. I would see huge lightning bolts touch down in the distance, some even looked as if they originated on the ground and were being sucked up into the clouds.

I wasn't sure if this was normal for Florida or not, but I had never seen any lightning this intense before. And I found it odd that it wasn't raining at all with the amount of lightning that was flashing. I actually thought to myself, "Wouldn't this be cool if it were because of aliens"? Wishful thinking, I know, but I just thought it would be a cool notion. I mean, regardless if it was caused by aliens or not, I was just grateful that I was able to witness such a spectacular display.

Anyway, as time went by I went to the living room where there was another window. I wanted to see the lightning from a different angle. Eventually, I saw something pretty strange. There was a cloud in the sky and it looked like there were shadowy, dull, yet white lights moving around in a circular motion on the cloud. It almost looked as if the lights were right above the cloud or contained in the cloud.. if that makes sense. There was definitely a pattern to the movement of them, it was about 3 lights.. maybe 4, they were pretty big. They kept moving in the same exact circular motion. But it looked as if they were only able to be seen on the cloud.

My brother was with me and saw this too so I know I wasn't being delusional. Lol.

Eventually the cloud moved and it was so weird because it looked like the lights were in a fixed position and as the cloud moved they disappeared because the cloud was the only thing making them visible? It's hard to explain.

Also the lights were visible for over 20 or 30 minutes moving in the same exact circular motion.

After this I started contemplating theories because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't getting worked up over something could be scientifically explained. I researched online and searched things like "Circular lights in the sky", stuff to that effect. All I found were other stories of people seeing things like this as well, without any scientific explanations. I thought to myself, "Surely if this was scientifically explainable I would have come across some official term for this or scientific pictures of it or SOMETHING".

Maybe I was just unlucky and didn't find out that it was a natural occurrence but I did try searching for it with multiple words and came up with NO scientific names, pictures.. nothing. Just people talking about seeing it without knowing what it was.

I also thought that maybe it could have been a search light? But that seemed absurd to me because why would someone put a search light up in the sky when lightning is flashing everywhere? Some people on one of those sites that I found actually claimed that it couldn't have been a search light, and that one of them actually drove underneath the lights and it vanished.

Has anyone else seen something like this? Is this scientifically explainable? Do you think aliens can manipulate the weather? Or maybe aliens just go to places with extreme weather to absorb the lightning?

Article where someone saw something similar:

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Google search images for "Martha lights." Did your lights look similar?

(01 Aug '14, 00:33) Wade Casaldi

No, it didn't look like those lights. Those are much more light and shiny than the ones I saw. The lights I saw were like white shadows.

(01 Aug '14, 01:30) PowerWave
(01 Aug '14, 01:34) PowerWave

Good article, this is really strange.

(01 Aug '14, 08:11) Wade Casaldi

I was just thinking if you have an exact time and aproximate location, maybe you could google search that and lights in sky.

There has to have been others that saw what you also saw.

(03 Aug '14, 13:38) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi

I may try that, though because I waited weeks to post this I forgot what the exact date was. I might just look and see when the severe weather was and try it from that angle.

(03 Aug '14, 21:30) PowerWave
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alt text

It could have been Ball Lightning. As to your theory of alien attack, Nicola Tesla invented a real Death Ray that could cause real damage if shot at a target. This shot lightning bolts of electricity at the target unlike the fiction movies of shooting laser beams this really worked. Could it be aliens attacking? Yes maybe it could, after all, Tesla proved that technology could work. Could it be military testing new weapons based on that death ray, possibly.

The fact is we don't have enough information, what it most likely seems is Ball Lightning.

A side note, yes stars and planets flicker in the night.

Even if it was just, "Ball Lightning" don't feel let down, ball lightning is rare to get to see. You were quite lucky indeed to witness it!


answered 31 Jul '14, 10:53

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Wade Casaldi

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I think ball lightning may have been part of the lightning that I was seeing in the sky, but the shadowy white lights that I was referring to couldn't have been lightning. They were constantly visible for at least 20 minutes, if not more, and were not emitting lightning.

They were the kind of lights that if you saw them, you would think someone was shining search lights up into the cloud(But I don't think it was search lights), they were moving in a constant circular motion.

(31 Jul '14, 12:44) PowerWave

20 minutes!!!!! Wow! Yes I don't think that would be ball lightning.

Maybe it was space ships, wow, I don't know.

(31 Jul '14, 15:21) Wade Casaldi

Lightning is just static electricity. For example, if you drag your feet along your living room carpet and touch something metallic you get that "spark and snap" of electricity and your finger hurts for a minute after. Lightning is the same thing only on a massive scale! The lightning is the little "spark" on a massive scale and thunder, that always accompanies lighting, is the "snap" sound on a massive scale. The dryer the air the more active the static electricity is.

Think of the clouds of a lightning storm as being a huge carpet dragged across the earth's surface and static electricity is snapping and popping everywhere underneath it.

In active weather systems, where the conditions are right, there are "pockets" of really active static discharges that look really freakishly cool compared to a normal lightning storm. Seeing lightning doing 90 degree turns is common because of the swirling vortex inside those pockets. I've seen them myself. The dryer the air (you mentioned no rain) the better the light show.....I've also seen lightning in the middle of a snowstorm.


answered 31 Jul '14, 13:21

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They were just lights moving in a circular motion on a single cloud. The cloud was quite close and was not emitting electricity. I'm not sure if I'm describing this accurately enough, but if this is something that is scientifically explainable, could you link me to an article describing it or link me to some pictures?

Because when I searched for it I came up with no legitimate information.

(31 Jul '14, 15:00) PowerWave

Based on that article and the plethora of ball lightning videos I just watched I can conclude it was not ball lightning.

(31 Jul '14, 16:51) PowerWave

First off, it states that the biggest it can get is a beach ball. The lights that I saw were MUCH bigger than beach balls. They were covering quite a big amount of area on the cloud they were on. They could have been as big as cars or even bigger for all I know.

Second, most ball lightning that I just observed in these videos look very circular or seem to "spark" or shine brightly. The lights I witnessed weren't exactly circular in shape, and they were dull, shadowy, white lights.

(31 Jul '14, 16:54) PowerWave

Also, that article states that ball lightning can last a few minutes long, but the lights that I saw lasted at least over 20 or 30 minutes. And they kept moving in a circular motion on the cloud, without moving across the sky.

It looked like they were rotating in the same spot, stuck in the cloud, and then when the cloud moved, they vanished from sight, as if only visible when the cloud was in that position where they were.

(31 Jul '14, 16:59) PowerWave

This does seem to be a close theory to what they could have been, but it doesn't quite fit with what I saw. And I have yet to see anything that looks like it accurately.

(31 Jul '14, 17:00) PowerWave

Too bad you didn't get a video of it as i would have loved to have seen it.

(02 Aug '14, 11:33) Eldavo


Yeah.. When stuff like this happens I'm the type of person that doesn't really care for video taping. Plus I doubt my low quality phone camera would have captured much.. or maybe it would have.

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm trying to sensationalize this either, LOL. I'm just curious if anyone else has seen something like this or if someone can provide me with insight as to what this is. I'm just interested is all. :)

(02 Aug '14, 21:43) PowerWave
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first of all lightning does not come only from the sky it is a discharge between the cloud and the ground, when positive ion and negative ion meet there is a discharge what you call lightning. so if you say it seamed as it came from the ground then the charge ion where more up near the cloud when the discharge as happen. also you do not need rain to have lighting or thunder when it is very hot and humid you can have this.

if you see only one lightning cloud and it goes opposite to the wind and the lightning does not reach the ground then I would say it is not normal. I have seen that once.

or seeing many light turning around in a cloud changing color like it was a airplane show yes this is not natural weather phenomena and I also saw that once.

how do you name something in the sky that is unknown? it is call U.F.O. unknown flying object.

Does it means it is alien. not necessarily. Does it means it is not known what it is? yes 100%.

And once known you can tag it with being this or that. then it is not U.F.O. anymore.

Next time take picture or video if you can. there is also some U.F.O. site around the world where you can post this they also ask you question what is the weather are you sure it is not this or that. the time, the date and some other question.

Some people Study and make inquiry about this and could tell you if they know what it is, or they could show you similar photo and report to learn more truth about this.


answered 31 Jul '14, 19:34

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white tiger

Thanks white tiger. For some reason when these types of things happen I tend not to video tape anything. Not that these things happen to me often, they don't, but I dunno, in the moment it's happening I just enjoy viewing it and then later get interested in sharing information with others.

(02 Aug '14, 21:46) PowerWave

Hopefully someone will present a similar case of something, but if not it doesn't really matter. It's just interesting and fun to talk about these things, especially if someone's seen something similar. :)

(02 Aug '14, 21:48) PowerWave
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