Crops circles are patterns created in crop fields by flattening the crops. Here is an example of one:

alt text

There are rumours that these crop circles could be man-made. However, these crop circles are so complex and symmetric that it seems impossible to me that they are man-made patterns. It is also believed that they tend to get formed close to ley lines.

How do these crop circles get created and what purpose do they serve?

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Pink Diamond

If one takes a close look at the crop circle above, it is very obvious that there are no signs of trampling. Manmade crop circles, using hand tools, are easily discernible. This does not mean that they might not have been created by man using other means. There are many reports of people observing strange lights in the sky as they are manifested.

There is also a suspicion that sound may be behind the phenomenon...

"....despite consistent attempts, researchers, scientists and hoaxers have failed to replicate all kinds of phenomena associated with genuine crop circles: plants bent, not broken or damaged, radically-altered chromosomes, massive depletion of the watershed, soil element alterations, major discrepancies in background radiation and electromagnetic fields, dowsable and long-lasting energy patterns, and so on.

Most disturbing for hoaxer advocates has been the discovery by Emeritus Professor of Astronomy, Gerald Hawkins, of Euclidean geometry and diatonic ratios present in crop circles, features requiring a familiarity beyond basic math and yet to be found in both controlled man-made designs or uncontrolled hoaxes."


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A video discussing the balls of light reported above crop circles:

(07 Feb '10, 23:47) Stingray

Anyone can register an URL and post anything they want about crop circles or any other subject. That doesn't mean the information is credible.

(08 Feb '10, 15:27) Vesuvius

I suggest you visit a site and see how you feel standing in one... they actually make some people feel sick.. so sick they have to leave.

(09 Feb '10, 02:10) Inactive User ♦♦
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If you really do your homework on crop circles, you will know that it is impossible for most of them to have been created by a couple of drunk farmers or whoever in the time period that they were created, if at all.

You know how it all works by now, a disinformation story run by a reliable/reputable news source such as BBC, CNN, MBNC, etc., aka controlled (someone's agenda) mainstream media outlet. Then 99% of sheeple blindly believe it. Job done.

The truth is they really are a fascinating phenomena and if we are honest and open minded, we don't know who made them or why. This site has some interesting info, but you have to dig around to find it. I picked out a couple of relevant articles with photos of crop formations here:

Enjoy... 8-)


answered 08 Feb '10, 02:59

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Crop circles can be provably and credibly made with human beings and simple hand tools. That doesn't mean that's where they come from, but it is the most plausible explanation.


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Vesuvius, I find it hard to believe that there are people out there who have so much time on their hands to create such complex crop circles. They don't even get any credit for it. I am probably hanging out with the wrong people. What do you know, you might hear a crop circle appearing near where I live soon...

(08 Feb '10, 22:18) Pink Diamond

OK, but what's more likely? That aliens who never show themselves to us, and never leave any other tangible evidence are visiting us from another planet and using our corn fields for an etch-a-sketch, or that some smart and slightly devious people are cutting circles in the middle of the night, because they have nothing better to do? I've seen far more elaborate hoaxes than this, and taking credit is not required for motivation. The only motivation that is required is the secret knowledge that many people are being puzzled, and that their crop circles make the news.

(08 Feb '10, 22:53) Vesuvius

I really don't know but they could be a language or a type of code telling the others aliens who come to our planet where they are locate at, what has happen and what they need and who they are. This is only a thought. Especially since it can be seen from above so very good.

But it could be caused by energies vibrating at higher frequency causing the soil to produce such abnormality of energy disturbances.


answered 08 Feb '10, 09:46

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