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"Aaaaaaaaaalllright. Good day to you this day of your time, how are you all?"

Bashar Song - Windows and doors

I find this song quite funny :).

asked 14 Feb '13, 08:09

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wikified 14 Feb '13, 11:48

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@releaser99 Nice song i have look at another video from bashar with a crop circle in it.having 3 circle at the base in the middle diamond shape pointing at the sun. it explain the triratma. If one can understand the symbol and what it relates to.diamond

(14 Feb '13, 08:59) white tiger

Made me smile. Thanks @releaser99.

(14 Feb '13, 10:01) figure8shape

@releaser99 Thanks for sharing! I loved it, and so did my kids!

(14 Feb '13, 10:26) Bedazzled

@releaser99, if you are sharing information rather than asking a question, please remember to make it Community Wiki. Thanks

(14 Feb '13, 11:49) Barry Allen ♦♦

@White tiger I don't know what those symbols mean at all. I think you should ask @blubird two regarding symbols. @figure8shape @Bedazzled You are welcome :) @Barry Allen Thanks. I'm going to remember this.

(17 Feb '13, 13:55) releaser99

@releaser99 it is ok i know what they mean i have understand what they relate to.You will probably put the pieces together your self it comes with experience.

(17 Feb '13, 15:23) white tiger

@releaser99 - Simply brilliant :)

(25 Feb '13, 07:48) Stingray
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great stuff releaser99, i love the debugging rythm - let's hope that this makes it worldwide - and gets people hooked and wondering where the real power of bashar's work really is - it reminds me of that story about merlin the wizard, when he took his magic robe off, all that was left behind was a sheet of paper that floated to the floor - the wizard just vanished into thin air :)


answered 14 Feb '13, 08:59

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ru bis

@ru bis i agree with what you say. But merlin in excalibur was interesting. holy grail,sword,water. those legends like gnosis and alchemy where like a code to hide information in wisdom,using symbol. according to the story they where looking for the holy grail to make albion,merlin was a caracter giving arthur the sword scelled in the stone and some teaching.To make him a king of albion with is knight of the round table.

(14 Feb '13, 13:36) white tiger

@ru bis Thanks. At least it's fun for Bashar followers :)

(17 Feb '13, 13:58) releaser99
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