eg. the angel and devil on your shoulders scenario

I was wondering if any one out there has pondered this question.

I believe there is no devil but the devil that exists inside the minds of man, and that devil exists from early evolution being once useful as a tool of survival but now is preventing our evolution as a species.

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paul st

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You hate and kill what you fear. It's pathetic. Instead of addressing objects around you, address your insecurity of them.

(20 Feb '13, 04:26) CalonLan
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I don't believe so, even the monks who meditation all the time say that the temptation is still there but they can easily avoid it with no problem, so the thought arises but the temptation weakens over time..

Do not take thoughts to seriously, there are there as potential giving you options to take action on. Redirect the thoughts to what you most prefer and then those new thoughts will bring new opportunities, and as you focus on that the others you don't like will lessen or at least become less powerful.


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I will answer this question like this you have positive and negative energy in you,you can listen to one side or the other when you go in extremes you fall back on the other side.similar as if you would sit in the middle of a scale.the more you go one side the more the balence pull you down in the direction. so basically if you do not go in extremes you stay your self. you can look at the positive in you and the negative in you and re-balence the scale and stop it from going to much one side or the other. the more negative you get and the more negative you do for you and other around you.the more positive you get the more good you do for you and people around you.Then you will ask what is the catch? Why not do only positive? Because in this world both energy that you have are needed If you go in extremes and over do it you are not in balence and you fall back on the other side. So to be at peace one needs to be in balence as equals that help each other.If not it becomes self-rightnous.Look at the pharises for example: They where over doing it trying to be positive and doing positive thing and they falled in the opposite direction and thinking they where righteous they where blind respecting the letter of the law and not the heart of the law(justice,mercy,good faith) and they could not accept the truth and they killed jesus.

You have to understand that you are not alone in this world,And that you have to love your neighbor as your self.Not doing them things that you would not like being done to you.Each of us as free will and is responsible of it.

Something are Evil did we create them? or did someone else create them?Mankind is evolving eventually they will find their balence be at peace and help each other in truth with a good heart.

Even the worst evil have to eventually face the truth. in this world or the next.So to evolve and progress and find peace one needs to walk the path.

alt text

Who is with out sin to cast the first stone?


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white tiger

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white tiger, it maybe that energy is neutral a power source that is there. but how one decides to use or blindly uses it is what makes it as we call an evil or good force

(22 Feb '13, 19:33) fred

@fred If one know only evil he needs to learn good.What is neutral if it is not balence,are you not that balence for your self?One should not be blind to the truth,But should use the blindfull of mercy because every one makes mistake in this world,and need to learn from those mistakes,going in to extremes never solves annything,some one that goes in to extremes loose is balence and fall on the opposite direction one that makes extremes good is not in balence and fall on the negative side of the-

(22 Feb '13, 19:48) white tiger

scale they will do to other what they hate out of their own self-rightenous,one that go in extreme evil know that what he does is not good and he is also in self-rightenous he might think that he removes or oppose someone that is evil,yet he does the same thing,and if he does that to someone else will someone not do the same to him? When you climb a stair do you do one step at a time? or 4 steps at a time? what happens if you miss a step? will you go up or down? If one push someone down

(22 Feb '13, 19:59) white tiger

the stair out of is free will and judgement will not someone else do the same to him? If the one that is being push against as a better balence and just decide to make a side step to not oppose and play that game what happens to the one that oppose and push?

(22 Feb '13, 20:19) white tiger

If the one in balence catch the one that tried to push him and stop is fall,and tell him not to oppose and push other and that he should help them like he as been helped should he not understand the lesson? If he does not retain the lesson the next one might not catch him.

(22 Feb '13, 20:22) white tiger

white tiger, purposeful activity follows a plan, the nature or design of it to get willed to be. where the trump card gets its power is what happens. so where are you when it is recognized, the point you take on the crosss of up or down and of right or left

(23 Feb '13, 10:17) fred
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Duality, polarity if you prefer, is part of existence, it is a fundamental law of the universe, it is the law of attraction - if there is death then there must be life, and if there is life then there must be death.

This means that the more we push the devil away the more it bounces back stronger - angels and devils have to coexist, otherwise there is neither angel nor devil, it couldn't be any other way. Give them both a reason for existing and be without judgement as to whether they have a place in reality. It is important to accept that both have legitimate existence and this gives us the possibility to compare and choose which we prefer and the only way to do this is to declare them as having equal value. Once they both have equal value we take all power from the situation and we become free to choose, a completely neutral and balanced choice.

ffalt textff


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ru bis

Yes but do they have equal value?And how can they have equal value that can serve you? You are the one making the choice can you make a choice that leaves them equal? If you can make a choice that leaves them equal with out choosing one or the other then i would say you just solved a puzzle. since everything as some good and bad in it. quick example: you can win and lose and lose and win.Did you choose one or the other? or make a choice to use them both equally?

(19 Feb '13, 19:35) white tiger

win and learn from your victory why you did not lose, and lose and learn from your lost to win. Equip your self with the balence of justice,the blindfold of mercy, and the sword of truth and good faith, with a pure heart.

(19 Feb '13, 19:38) white tiger

thanks for comments white tiger

(20 Feb '13, 03:13) ru bis
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my opinion. a persons positive or negative behavior towards others is directly influenced by a persons internal health.(inside their body) If you eat unhealthely,smoke,take drugs, antibiotics a lot. chances are your body is not that healthy, neither is your liver, blood, and all your other organs. an thus your mood can be negative, agressive ,unforgiving and even violent.

Cleansing the liver is the best thing anyone do for their health. source: i used to have clinical depresssion for many years. It was all from a damaged liver from stress and unhealthy eating habits.Now skeptics are quick to judge. However we all know. a child is always positive for the earleir part of their lifes. due to having a much healthier internal body and liver.

its not genetics that make some poeple miserable or just plain bad sometimes. its consisent stress , and unhealthy lifestlye choices that have made their body in a dire state. yes the law of atraction makes wonderful things happen. \but you need to remain positive fulltime for it to work. And that can only happen if you dont have a million toxins in your bloddstream. chances are if think more negative thoughts in a day then positive. then the chances are you suffer from depression brought on by bad health. And NO. dont adress it by taking hard drugs and antibiotics. Use natrual homoepathic methods to improve health. like liver cleanse. or water fast. etc.

goood luck. enjoy life./


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Millenia even if the material things can affect someone,it goes a lot more deeper then this you are more then physical,your though and emotion affect you,the though and emotion of other affect you.Your choice affect you,the choice of other affect you.inside to outside and outside to inside.when you dream it is the same you go out of your physical and interact in the dream world at different level or dimension of those subtil plane of existence.Until you refind the water clay and go back in it.

(21 Feb '13, 11:06) white tiger

“Shape clay into a vessel;
 It is the space within that makes it useful. 
Cut doors and windows for a room;
 It is the holes which make it useful. 
Therefore benefit comes from what is there; 
Usefulness from what is not there.” the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

(21 Feb '13, 11:49) white tiger
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