Hi all, I guess you could say that any success stories here would definitely help as material for one of my focus block statements!

Some background : I'm currently in a really low place - the ex that I'm still in love with (and who I still think is The One) is going back overseas for postgrad studies. We're friends still, but this distance apart makes me think it's going to be so hard to get back together.

Anyway, any advice and success stories? Is it true that if I can manage to always feel good and positive and joyful whenever I think of her, I can eventually manifest a wonderful relationship with her?

Also, as I'm quite new to this method, I'd really appreciate any suggestions on the kinds of statements I could come up with to feel better.


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Pat W

@Pat W: I would keep at it for as long as you think it is worth it. If it doesn't work then you know you did your absolute best. If she really is the one, then it will happen, that's what I have seen in my experience.

(04 Aug '10, 23:31) Back2Basics

Thanks Back2Basics. :)

(06 Aug '10, 02:42) Pat W
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What you're effectively asking for here with this requirement for success stories is to observe someone else's manifestation and through that observation of something already existing in their physical reality, you will give yourself permission (at a vibrational level) to allow something similar to happen for yourself.

That's one way of doing it. It may work, but the downside to doing it this way is that you are giving your power away.

There is a danger of developing a habit of believing things are not possible until you see someone else do it (or manifest it) first.

Yes, many in this physical world are currently trapped in that belief system ( seeing is believing ) but, in my view, it's an unnecessarily limiting way of living your life.

There are many things that have happened (manifested) in my own reality that I'm not aware of anyone else having done (manifested) before. After you've had a number of these things happen, you sort of become immune to other people telling you this or that cannot be manifested.

When someone tells you something cannot be done, you just see those folks as arguing for their limiting beliefs instead of speaking any kind of ultimate truth.

But if you want to develop that level of self-confidence in your abilities to create your reality the way you want it then, at some point, you will have to step into the unknown by yourself and not care whether anyone else has manifested it before or not.

So how do you know if it is possible to manifest something or not?

Simple. If you can imagine it, you can have it...because any thought you think can be made into a habit of thought around which your physical reality will condense.

And the only guidance you really need that you are heading in the direction of what you want is how you feel.

Focus Blocks/Wheels statements that make you feel better will bring you closer to what you want - and those that make you feel worse are taking you away from what you want.

It is true that it is harder initially to start coming up with these personalized statements for yourself but the more you do it, the easier it gets, and developing that ability to shift your beliefs consciously will serve you well again and again in almost every aspect of your life.

So it's worth taking the harder option and working with your own unique statements.

If you want an example of a relationship-based Focus Wheel, have a look here

Regarding the other aspect of your question whereby you appear to want a relationship with someone who currently doesn't appear to have the same desire, you should probably be aware that you can influence others but you cannot assert.

I'm not saying that manifesting such a change in someone else's behavior regarding a relationship is not possible (because I've actually done it myself in the past) but it can be tricky because you need to carefully manage your own doubts if you see no obvious evidence of something happening. And also (I have found) there has to be a certain amount of willingness (or, at least, no particular conscious objection) on their part to becoming involved with you.

But I would have to also point out to you that there is an abundance of everything in this universe. And that includes an abundance of The One's who would be happy and willing to have a relationship with you. :)

I know it may not seem like that right now from your current mental state but, once you shift your beliefs a bit, you may start seeing the opportunities appearing right in front of your nose. :) Getting too hung up on one particular person may cause you to keep missing them.


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Hi Stingray, thanks - you always provide insightful answers. I do intend to come up with my own unique statements - I was just hoping to see some "successful" samples, haha. Can you share more about how to manage my doubts if I don't see obvious evidence of something happening? What challenges did you face and how long did it take for you to succeed? I don't think she has real objections to being with me - we broke up because of unconducive circumstances. That said, I do want to take your advice about many "The Ones" as well, so yes, I will try my best there.

(04 Aug '10, 15:54) Pat W

@PatW, my life is not the same as yours so, other than some interesting reading, knowing my circumstances is not going to be of value to you. What is valuable however is the method of getting yourself into a good-feeling place regarding this subject (using Focus Blocks or any other system you prefer) and then seeing what insights or actions are inspired to you. What you must keep avoiding is descending into need because need will act as a blocker to what you want. That's what I mean by doubts. If need appears, clean it up using Focus Blocks (or whatever).

(05 Aug '10, 07:03) Stingray

OK, roger that, Stingray. Cheers.

(05 Aug '10, 10:45) Pat W
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I just wanted to say lucky for you that you are still friends however going away is going to make it difficult. I on the other, my love of my life hates me and my letting go has been a challenge. I wish you luck.


answered 04 Aug '10, 13:43

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Hi PurpleB, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. In my case, we didn't become friends immediately post breakup - it took a while and some work. I can relate to your anguish, but you know something? Your being here on this site is going to be the start of some life-transforming changes. It was after my breakup that I found my way here (or maybe this site found me)... and many of the insightful posts and gems of wisdom here have helped me deal with stuff. I hope this site will be useful to you too. Best wishes.

(04 Aug '10, 16:00) Pat W
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