Ok, so I have a clear vision of what I want in a new job and have written it down as such. For the past two years, I was simply miserable about my current situation and had a few failed interviews. I was generally a very sad person overall who had sprouts happy moments, mostly because of my job but also because of a few other reasons. Then I got my hands on 'Ask and it's Given' by EH. Then that lead me to the Stingray manifesting experiments. Below are the steps I have taken since (been only two months):

a) Created about 8-10 focus blocks with the first one focused on the new job (and that's the one I spent most of my time on). b) Created a positive aspect list about my current job, past jobs and achievements. Reading through this makes me feel really good. c) Created a vision board / scarpbook with my dream job - pictures, description. I take 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a week just feeling how great this new job would feel. I generally feel very happy with after this process.

The conclusion I came to reading 100s of threads here is that the most important thing to manifesting is being happy. That being happy before you get 'stuff' is the way to go instead of waiting for 'stuff' and then being happy. In the past 3-6 months, I have had countless interviews for jobs that I'd absolutely love to start.

This makes sense to me, but what throws me off every couple of weeks is my horrible boss who's just generally a very mean person. She would say or do something that makes me want to quit everything and go back to my angry / hateful self. I try my very best to stay positive and ignore her but sometimes (more often than not), it brings out the worst in me. The recent failed interviews have also taken a significant toll as just when I think I'm so close to a perfect exit, something doesn't work and I'm still stuck with the same job I have.

Any ideas how to overcome this and how to attract my dream job in midst of this toxic environment?

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Hi @echnarcissus, how to be happy midst a toxic environment? I very much enjoy what Jafree Ozwald says "an enlightened being is anyone who can remain in a relaxed space of authentic communication and spiritual connection with the divine universal intelligence, while interacting with others from a grounded compassionate heartfelt space. In this enlightened state, you feel, see and experience a divine quality in everything and everyone. There is a general warm love radiating from your heart

(08 Apr '16, 01:59) jaz

all the time, and every action in your life becomes very easy because your essence is always in ease"

(08 Apr '16, 02:00) jaz
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the most important thing to manifesting is being happy. That being happy before you get 'stuff' is the way to go instead of waiting for 'stuff' and then being happy

That sums it all up about as well as I've ever heard :)

She would say or do something that makes me want to quit everything and go back to my angry / hateful self. I try my very best to stay positive and ignore her but sometimes (more often than not), it brings out the worst in me.

You actually don't have to stay positive in order to be heading in the right direction, vibrationally-speaking. You just have to not have strong negative emotion about what you want. This is actually quite a different idea to positive-style thinking. In fact, the neutral point is your friend.

I could write out here a detailed explanation of why this is the case. But I figure you just want to know what to do in your life right now, rather than hear all the theory behind it :)

So what I would recommend you do is to apply the clearing process mentioned in What's the remedy for this explosive rage against my wife?

What you are aiming at is to get to the point where your boss can say anything to you that she likes and, while you may not like what she says or the way she says it, you don't react to it with strong negative emotion.

You're aiming at the kind of attitude that you would have if you switched over to a TV channel and it had some weird (to you) TV programme playing where you think to yourself "Huh, I never realized people actually watched this stuff".

alt text

And then you just casually flip over to another TV channel that you're more interested in. With this attitude, you don't punish yourself for inadvertently briefly watching something you weren't interested in - you just nonchalantly hit the button on your remote and watch something else instead :)


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That's great, thanks so much. Can I use focus blocks or ME-4 as the method to do the clearing as opposed to EFT as you suggest in that thread? I'll be honest I'm a little lazy in learning just another methodology. But if EFT is worth it and kind of essential, I'll definitely learn it.

(14 Apr '16, 11:13) echnarcissus

@echnarcissus - Any clearing method can be substituted for EFT. Just use whatever you are comfortable with. I only use EFT because it's fast and easy...and I'm lazy :) I tend to use Focus Blocks (in conjunction with the spreadsheet) when I'm interested in tracking the vibrational change for future evaluation of results...it's easier to track and monitor written/typed vibrational setpoints. If I just want the change ASAP, I do the EFT tapping :)

(14 Apr '16, 13:33) Stingray

I would recommend using Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 4 with EFT/Faster EFT/Z Point Process, or a chosen clearing method that neutralizes negative emotions. I've used this process hundreds of times and it works wonders. Essentially study one of those healing methods if you haven't already and when you feel confident in your ability to use it, then answer all of the questions on the ME-4 spreadsheet. Essentially you will be pouring all of your feelings and emotions about your boss onto this spreadsheet and don't stop until every item on your sheet is at a zero on the zero to ten subject units of distress scale (SUDS). When everything is at a zero then you have successfully neutralized the issue and your vibration will have shifted. I recommend reading Stingray's description on Faster EFT.


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The Phenom

P.S I know how you feel because three years ago I had the worst boss that I had ever had in my life and that boss gave me the extra push I needed to work as an independent contractor until I can get my business off of the ground.

(07 Apr '16, 16:55) The Phenom

@The Phenom - Yes, ME-4 is a powerful method indeed. If one is prepared to invest the time in it and go through a period of discomfort while doing the clearing, it really gets to the underlying "core" of a problem and neutralizes it permanently, along with everything else that is connected to the same issue.

(08 Apr '16, 05:31) Stingray

Thanks guys. Here's a gameplan I had in mind to get a new job: a) Neutralize any negative emotion from either i) current boss ii) feeling that I don't have that new dream job b) Feel good about the new job via visualizations, positive aspects list (past achievements mainly). Let me know if this makes sense. Thanks a ton again!

(14 Apr '16, 11:23) echnarcissus

@echnarcissus - Seems good. One important addition I would suggest is to treat the good-feeling emotion as the final manifestation for any vibrational sessions you do. It's the Law of Attraction's job to deal with all the details of bringing it into your physical reality. In other words, just give yourself a break after you've tuned yourself into feeling good, and let it get on with doing what it's best at :)

(14 Apr '16, 13:42) Stingray
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Hi @echnarcissus, how to attract my dream job in midst of a toxic environment? There're many different ways of doing it, here's my favorite.

I'd mentally program myself using this template


It's simple to use. Just write a short phrase of what you wish on a piece of bristol paper using a lead pencil and place it on the center of the drawing, then place a photo of yourself on top making sure that both documents fit nicely inside the lozenge shape.

Line it up with magnetic north and leave it in a quiet place ... and that's all there is to it.

Using a pendulum it's very easy to feel the movements of energy in and around the device and know that it's working.


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Perhaps it would work if you believed in it... I couldn't make myself believe it!

(16 Apr '16, 00:01) Inner Beauty
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