When I have a day in which something really negative happens and try as I may I can't get my vibrations to a positive scale, does that undo all the vibrational work I have been doing over the past few days?

asked 21 May '10, 10:26

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I Think Therefore I Am

Your vibration on any topic always stays where you last left it. This is how Focus Blocks can help you step up the vibrational scale. You work on a Focus Block for a while, take a break for a while (perhaps even a few days), and then come back to it where you left off.

But notice I said Your vibration on any topic always stays where you last left it.

I didn't say Your vibration on any topic always stays where you last left it - even if you think about the topic in between Focus Blocks sessions.

It is quite possible, while you are acclimatizing to a new vibrational level, that you could think about the topic again with your old habit patterns of thought and gradually drift back down to where you were before. It is not that the topic is really dragging you back down, it's just where your habits of thought have previously settled...when those habits of thought change for good, you will never drift back.

You'll know that this drift back has happened because when you read the Best Feeling Thought on your last Focus Block, it will not seem true to you - it will just seem like empty words.

But it's no problem - the solution is simple and highlights the power of the Focus Blocks approach.

If you feel your vibration has drifted back into old patterns of thought, just find a previous Focus Block on that topic that now seems to represent truthfully how you feel about the topic again.

Now just read the statements you've previously written in that Focus Block (and any following ones) from that point onwards - and obviously think about what you are reading! - and you will find that within minutes you can talk yourself back up to the Best Feeling Thought of your last Focus Block again.

I cannot stress enough what a marvellous feature of The Focus Blocks Approach this is...it means you only ever need to do the vibrational work on any topic once ever and, no matter what happens to you in life, you will always have a personal customized vibrational roadmap to get you quickly back to where you really want to be.


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First, I would like to say that in my experience, what we would categorize as negative usually is a lesson we must learn to deal with in order to move forward or to grow. I try to perceive the mishap, or shall I say lesson, as a learning experience and hopefully I handle the situation correctly so that lesson does not have karmic consequences and have to repeat itself. As far as disturbing your vibrational work and positive scale, it all boils down to your perception of the situation. If you believe if will disturb your vibrational work and positive scale it will. That will become your truth because you think it is your truth. But if you use your vibrational work and positive scale to assist you in finding a pragmatic and karmic correct solution, then that will become your truth.


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Behne Waller

I feel compelled to add my views here. I would say whether the bad day undoes your vibrational work really depends on how bad the day was and how long you have been doing the vibrational work. If you've had a fairly high vibration for quite a while, one bad day is not likely to be able to impact it all that much. However, if you have just recently started doing vibrational work, a bad day could comparatively have more impact. There is sort of a cumulative momentum behind your vibration. Really the goal is to keep it high over the long-run, and worrying about hiccups in the short run will probably interfere with the realization of that goal.

All a bad day will do is slow down your manifestation. If you feel good, things will happen for you quickly, if you feel bad, things will happen for you slowly. You don't really need to be too concerned about feeling bad, and you will actually move from feeling bad to feeling good more quickly if you simply allow yourself to feel bad when you do. You will be able to process the emotion and push through it nice and fast. What you resist persists, so if you resist or judge the bad feeling, it will likely stick around a while longer. But don't worry, your manifestation is still on its way, it will just take longer to arrive.

And remember, as Abraham keeps saying through Esther, well-being and goodness are natural. Objectively, positive things are more likely to happen for you because healthy, wealthy, and happy is your NATURAL state of being. Most people are not in this state because we have been trained into very strong resistance of it. Even if you can simply manage to feel neutral and calm about your life, good things will happen because you will have released resistance to what is natural.

So really, look at a larger block of time than a day. These last couple weeks, did you generally feel better than the couple weeks before that? Overall, this last month or year, did you feel better than the month or year before that? If so, everything's peachy.


answered 03 Dec '10, 02:16

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