Having a very keen interest in LOA and becoming a master of my destiny, I have felt the call to become a Life Coach/teacher as a way to complement my income. I am currently in the process of applying all these great principles and seeing how things are unfolding, but havent mastered it yet. However I am getting the call, and something is telling me, since I do enjoy these subjects so much, that I could do well doing this here.

I live in Lima, Peru, a city with 9 million people! The Secret book and video where quite a hit a few years ago, but I do see the need to take it further into practice, and help people apply these principles consciously. I have experimented, and currently working personally with ETF, Hypnosis, meditation, Brain wave meditiations, NLP, etc.

However before I put this out there, I would like to be prepared fully to take on a client, and have a plan and action to help him/her. Peru is booming now, and it is doing better than ever. I feel there is an unlimited market of people that I could help.

  1. Is there a program or specific plan I can follow and apply?
  2. I feel ready and able to do this, and at the same time would be a manifestation of producing income and helping people. It is morally correcto to do this, with out actully having fully mastered the financial situation in my life first?
  3. Are there any type of Certificates or Programs I could take to further acredit me as a LIfe coach?

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, I do appreciate this site tremendously, and enjoy coming here to learn to live a happy and abundant life.

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I don't know about training, but I recall there being a post on this site regarding people who work as life coaches online.

I can't find the post I actually had in mind, but there is another where the user is actually still active. I'd suggest asking them how it worked out; maybe they can provide you with insight.



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What you are talking about is being a mentor. That is an honorable choice to make as provided they be the right reasons.

Think on this question a bit: Why do I want to be a Life Coach?

We know the surface reason are obvious, to help others is wonderful but go deeper. Why do you? Is it to make money for yourself if you are not already a success? I had to think about this myself because what person is going to trust someone that needs them to be a success?

If I was going to a Life Coach I would want to know how successful he was and what he has achieved if not for others at least for himself. This was something I had to think about long and hard, I can't be a teacher until I achieve success in some area in my life that I can reflect on if asked my qualifications.

Now next thought of Why do I want to be a Life Coach? Maybe just maybe so I could get recognized as someone worth something? That is an egotistical thing not a noble thing and self serving which would hinder your ability to be the best coach for others. If we are trying to reach our own fame on the tails of others we are trying to help then we are divided and can not stand.

But when we truly want to help others like most of us here do all the time, then the greatest rewards are not money or praise or fame but knowing that someone has a better life. That things have changed for the better for them and they truly appreciate what they have achieved.

There are plenty of Life Coaches out there even the big guys like Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, and Brian Tracy. They say they will mentor you and having a personal mentor is helpful as I learned even from the S.O.S. These are guys that already made it big themselves though, I believe that there may be programs to teach people how to be mentors out there just as there are to teach people how to be teachers in school.

I wish you the best in this endeavor, may God be with you in this.

I see there is an 8 month program that you might like for training you to be a life coach here.



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