Over the last few years, I have put a lot of time and effort into trying to get the things I want in life, and nothing's happening. I tried creating things for myself, for family members, for friends, and even for strangers, but after all that time, I can't point to one thing and say "It worked!" And I would like to know why that is. It might help to know a few things:

You may say, "Have you tried this technique?" But I've done many of them, in various ways, multiple times, and I'm not really interested in learning more. I hear success stories of those who apply the same techniques in a nonchalant, almost skeptical kind of way, and get results rather quickly. I've tried doing it nonchalantly, and I've tried putting my whole heart into it (you know, with great emotion and joy in doing it, knowing it can be done, feeling it to be real, believing it to be true, taking "inspired" actions) and nothing. And it baffles me that with all the energy I put into it, nothing's come back in all that time, not even a confirmation.

You may say, "What you want may take a certain amount of time". I've tried various techniques not only for big things, but little things, little things we all typically want to make life a little easier (a little more money, better living conditions, small improvements here and there), little things that I know shouldn't take months or years to realize. I'm not asking to be a billionaire by next week, but it certainly should not take this long to get the small things I want.

You may say, "What you want may not be for the highest good." But I find it hard to believe that some "other" entity (Higher Source, Universe, God) is dictating what I can or cannot have. If that's the case, why all the teachings about manifesting things you want? Besides, it's not like I'm desiring poverty, or illness, or war. I want things that I know will make life for me and others more enjoyable, and it seems I'm being denied even that.

I'm getting to a point where I don't approach my desires with the same passion that I did a few years back, because I feel "What's the use? Nothing's working." So all I'm asking from those with some insight, why do you think my desires are not manifesting. Thanks for reading.

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@kevin32 - You have successfully manifested very detailed and helpful answers within a few hours from two very wise IQ thinkers, who do not answer every question, btw. This is beyond a confirmation or a vibrational match. It worked! :D

(05 Mar '14, 10:23) Grace
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  • I have put a lot of time and effort into trying to get the things I want in life, and nothing's happening.

  • And it baffles me that with all the energy I put into it, nothing's come back in all that time, not even a confirmation.

  • I'm not asking to be a billionaire by next week, but it certainly should not take this long to get the small things I want.

By just pulling a few of your sentences out and highlighting them above, I can see why things aren't showing up in your physical reality.

You are far too focused on looking for your stuff instead of simply basking in what makes you feel good.

I understand what you are saying about being nonchalant, feeling it to be real, believing it to be true, etc. You have to ask yourself though, did you really and truly believe those things to be real Right Now or are you just trying to convince yourself that you believe so that you can "eventually" get your stuff?

This is a really important question that you should ponder and ask yourself. I know there was a time when I thought I believed and felt it to be real, when I actually found that it was all coming from a place of getting something instead of feeling good for no particular reason.

Your physical reality is a complete and utter reflection of what is going on inside. What you see all around you is an indicator of your dominant core vibration. So your desires aren't manifesting because the inner and the outer aren't a match of what you prefer.

If you are doing these techniques to get things first and then trying to convince yourself to believe and feel it to be real second, you are on the frequency range of not having and lack, and the universe naturally responds with physical manifestations that match the not having vibration.

If you made the vibration of feeling good the most important thing in your life and completely gave up on anything ever coming to you, then that is when doorways start to open up.

You may think that you went about it this way from the start, but you probably wouldn't be asking this question wondering where your stuff was if you made feeling good the most important thing. You would be too busy immersing yourself in good vibrations to even care about the stuff along with asking this question:)

Ask yourself another question. Why do I want my desires to manifest?

Chances are very high that you want these things to manifest because in some way shape or form it will give you relief. The feeling of relief to me always feels good. So instead of putting in heavy amounts of time and effort, just make feeling good the most important aspect over everything else.

The universe already has every single desire that you want lined up ready and waiting for you. Yes, everything you want exists right now. I have a feeling you probably don't truly believe that in the core of your being but it is so. This is where allowing comes into play. Stop caring about making things happen. This sounds like a confusing paradox that makes no sense but is one of the biggest traps which causes resistance.

The following question/answer is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) on Inward Quest. It is a perfect answer to your troubles. I have read through it numerous times and it never fails to make me feel good and give me inspiration.

Sharing something helpful: When I completely let go and was okay with not having what I wanted, things turned around for me

I want things that I know will make life for me and others more enjoyable, and it seems I'm being denied even that.

You aren't being denied anything. It's simply about frequency vibrations not making a match. Wondering where things are at is telling the universe that you don't have said thing.

The universe says, "your wish is my command, I will physically manifest situations and circumstances that match the vibration of where is my stuff into your physical reality."

Now if you went about it in a way of making how you feel in every given moment The Most Important Thing and totally and utterly stop caring about getting certain things (or in other words putting up walls of resisting by focusing on lack) the universe will simply say, "your wish is my command, I will physically manifest every single thing in its perfect timing that matches your good feeling vibration."

You don't have to remind the universe either. At the very nano-second you had the desire, it came into existence. It is just invisible to you similar to how channel 37 would be invisible to you on a television set if you were tuned to channel 4. The frequencies don't match, but that doesn't mean that channel 37 doesn't exist.

All you have to do is get the heck out of the way (walls of resistance) and Allow, Allow, Allow the work and effort to be done for you.

There is an abundance of information here on IQ to help you figure out how to stay in the good feeling place as much as possible. Try a different approach and keep it simple with raising your vibrational frequency at every given moment. Feeling good is the reason we want the things we want in the first place. Why not skip over all the effort and hard work and get there right now without any built in expectations of how everything should turn out.

Hopefully something I said here has helped you in some way.


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@Cory - Wonderful answer, as usual. You have reminded me that I have a habit of feeling that I need to remind the Universe of my desires, and that it is not helpful. Thank you.

One way I have replaced that tendency these days is, as I am drifting off to sleep, I sort of visit my own pictures, good feelings, and scenes of my desires, like visiting my own private playground. I have fun there, it keeps me happy, and I don't feel I have to do anything - just enjoy. :)

(05 Mar '14, 10:17) Grace

@Cory would also say read the comments under @TheTraveller answer too. A very good dialog.

(05 Mar '14, 17:13) ursixx

@kevin32 This is a great answer. I know if you are in a low-ish vibrational place, things like "Just appreciate where you are" will sound impossible. But I swear, when you make feeling good a priority and your own vibrational setpoint rises, after a while you start to get that if you can look at the things/relationships you have that are working, you can leverage that to feel better and better, and then LOA matches that. So you just start where you are and keep going, and things do get better.

(05 Mar '14, 18:16) corduroypower

@Grace You're welcome. Yes, if we can try to keep it simple an use analogies like tv channels to remind ourselves that all of our desires are Here and Now, even if they aren't visible with the human eye, it helps to lessen the burden of thinking we constantly need to remind creation of what we want.

Using imagery like that before sleep is the perfect time to do so because you are more allowing than in the pure waking state. Just remember to see those things from your own first person...

(06 Mar '14, 11:28) Cory

@Grace ...visual perspective and not in a viewing from above kind of way. When you are viewing those actual scenes from your own two eyes, it isn't just some misty like thought in your brain that just vanishes. You are tapping into a real, existing reality that just hasn't manifested yet in your frequency range reality. It's kind of like viewing a place you want to be through the webcam of a computer.

(06 Mar '14, 11:32) Cory

@ursixx Very good suggestion, I agree.

(06 Mar '14, 11:34) Cory

@corduroypower Just to take the appreciation a step further and make it simpler - if we can even find one thing in our life that we truly and utterly appreciate, and we just focus on that as much as we can, it will open doors up to other things on the same frequency of appreciation that we may not have even been fully aware of in our resistant state. The tiniest crack in the armor of resistance will still let the tiniest sliver of light flow through which can be increased by more and more focus.

(06 Mar '14, 11:38) Cory

Thank you - more great advice @Cory. I'm not certain I was seeing consistently from my own perspective, that makes a lot of sense.

(06 Mar '14, 15:42) Grace

@cory "it will open doors up to other things on the same frequency of appreciation that we may not have even been fully aware of in our resistant state."

So true. I love that. It's amazing how often I have experiences like "Wait, was that always in this book?" or "Huh, I just remembered that I used to always hit traffic on this road, and now I almost never do."

(06 Mar '14, 15:55) corduroypower
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My take on this, FWIW, is that we are all manifesting all of the time. Our physical realities are reflections of the beliefs we hold. When I, earlier this year, took stock of what I actually believed about LOA stuff, I realized that I did not actually believe, on a fundamental level, that I could choose my own life experience in this way. I just didn't really buy it. I would say that I did, but - no. So that's one place to maybe check with yourself, to see if you deep down REALLY believe that you can choose your own experience. Because I have found that things have begun to shift meaningfully for me since unpacking that stuff.

Also, I am finally starting to understand something Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) says: "Words don't teach. Only life experience teaches." Because I think that basically all teachings are about attempts to reduce resistance to the flow of energy that constantly pours through us, but all teachings are also originating from a specific mind, standing in a specific life place, and so they may or may not be that helpful to YOU. Because... words don't teach. They're just words. It's only when you have experiences yourself that you can build a personal life theory that works for you.

I mention that because I used to get really hung up on things like "Why doesn't EFT work for me the way it works for other people? What am I doing wrong?" And now I think more like, look, any given way of releasing resistance is going to work for some people and not for others, but that's okay, because the method itself is just sleight of hand. It's just the "trick" you're using to convince your own mind that you can release resistance now. So EFT or focus wheels or whatever all work... for some people. And for the people they don't work for, there are other techniques that do work. And I regret (in a very mild way) the time I've spent being obsessed with making something that didn't instantly work for me work for me. You are not "doing it wrong". If you are trying something, and you feel discomfort, that, to me, is a sign that you should stop and try something else.

I am also (finally) understanding that when you do things like Abraham processes, or any kind of LOA work, if you have a playful energy about it, if you're doing it like it's a game, and for fun, you're releasing resistance and opening up energy flow. If you're doing it to grrrrrr make something happen through your force of will (ask me how I know), you are probably adding both energy and resistance. At least that is my experience. Being playful is everything, even as it can feel totally implausible as a state of being, when you're in a lower vibrational place.

Another thing I'm finally getting is that if you make your guiding light just a process (whatever it is for you) of seeking relief, you are on your right path. It's really the only commonality I think we can say is true for everyone, that if you seek whatever relief you can from where you authentically are, you are releasing resistance.

The "where you authentically are" thing has been important to me, too, to understand that I can only get accurate emotional feedback if I am willing to be brutally (well, in a manner of speaking) honest with myself about how I feel right this second about a topic. I think many of us, over time, have talked ourselves into feeling bad about our own bad feelings, so that we push them away when they come up, until we say things to ourselves like "Why didn't I get that new job? I felt so great about it!" when in reality, if we could be really honest, we would see that we actually felt a lot of resistance and anxiety that we were pushing away and covering up with faux positivity. (Again, at least in my own experience.)

You might like this Abraham segment about disappointment:


Anyway, I related to your post, because I have noticed in myself and a couple of my LOA friends that we've moved through similar patterns and stages:

  1. Living our pre-knowing-about-LOA lives, relatively low-energy, but pretty full of resistance. Feeling semi-bad.
  2. Finding out about LOA. Whoo! Everything is going to be awesome! Your wanting really ramps up and energy flows powerfully. Feeling really excited! The honeymoon period.
  3. But you had all of that resistance you've built up along your life path, before you knew about this stuff. Starting to feel not as good.
  4. So things get really uncomfortable. Your desires now feel actively thwarted, actively bad, why is this happening, what am I doing wrong? Feeling really quite bad.
  5. You give up and turn Zen. You seek relief through wanting less, or at least less specifically. You make peace with some of the things in your life you don't like, because not making peace with them has become nearly unbearable. Your resistance is reduced, but energy isn't flowing very fast. Feeling better, but not good.
  6. You get bored with this and start to want more again. Energy is moving pretty fast now, and your resistance is still reduced. Your life starts to change, but only through the "cracks of least resistance", only the things it's easy for you to believe you can change. (It's easy for me to believe that I can find good parking spots. I find a lot of good parking spots. It's easy for me to believe that my relationship with my partner gets better and better, and it does. It's harder for me to believe that I can have the career of my dreams. I am still in the middle of working through that!) Feeling consistently pretty good.
  7. I theorize that you hit a tipping point right around here, and you shift into a high-energy, low-resistance state. Life experience teaches, and you understand fairly fully. Life now seems fun and interesting to you. You are manifesting things you really want, only in this vibrational state, you don't feel them as "THINGS I REALLY WANT" (grrrr, gritted teeth), so much as "Oh, there you are. Sweet." Feeling great.
  8. Wizardy? Not sure.

I am in phase 6, as it were, right now. I am really noticing the truth of what Abraham says: "It's as easy to create a castle as a button". Except I don't actually believe that. I currently believe that it's much harder to create the career of your dreams than it is to create a parking spot or the perfect shirt on the sale rack or a great afternoon with friends. And so my experience is happily matching that belief. But I do feel that I am drawing closer to a point where I fully understand that I am choosing that belief, and that I can choose another one.

Tl;dr: my primary LOA teacher is Abraham, and for a long time I understood their teachings to mean that you essentially have to achieve a matching vibration for everything you want. Want a new red car: you have to vibrate "I own a new red car", etc. I think this misread of what they're saying inadvertently caused a lot of resistance in me as I tried to make things happen. But now I understand their teachings to mean more: get happy, any way you can, often through distraction, and LOA will bring you thoughts, feelings, news articles, conversations, etc. that match that higher vibration, and you can focus on that, and it forms a cycle of positive feedback, until you move into very a high-energy, low-resistance vibrational state, and instead of specific individual desires needing to be managed and achieved, everything kind of becomes vibrationally available at once, like floodgates opening.

I don't know if that idea is helpful to you, but it was helpful to me when I had that realization, that I didn't need to micro-manage the things I wanted, but just focus on feeling as good as possible, and LOA would bring me the things I want.


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@corduroypower "The honeymoon period" lol. Nice answer :).

(05 Mar '14, 04:08) releaser99

@corduroypower - I appreciate the way you broke down the phases of your experience, it expresses my own very well. I too am in your phase 6, and look forward to the next level. I'm just cruising now on as good a vibe as I can find, reaching for one better thought, over and over during some challenging periods recently. So thanks for that, it makes me feel better to know I am not alone... and when you break through to the next level, please do come back and let us know how you managed it!

(05 Mar '14, 09:57) Grace

@kevin32 - I just wanted to mention that I have good success at times when I get frustrated, with using "Wouldn't It Be Nice If". It has to be the lightest, silliest, most playful and very quick thought, and it works like a charm, and helps build up my confidence again.

(05 Mar '14, 09:59) Grace

This is so uncanny! Yes, I went through all of those stages. I'm currently at 7 :) Feeling FANTASTIC (alignment) matters way more than all of the 'stuff' but when you get here your long-held desires start arriving, and superfast too.

(05 Mar '14, 11:15) Yes

@Yes - I would love it if some folks who are in stage 7 or beyond would talk about what happened when they started going through the tipping point, and if they did anything in particular, or just kept focusing on their own happiness. Like @grace I love realizing that I'm not alone, that others have gone through the same stages!

(05 Mar '14, 14:22) corduroypower

You are putting your feeling above the 'stuff' so it will just unfold for you now, there's nothing more to do. Abraham described this setpoint once as a combination of hoping, believing, knowing, hoping, believing, knowing. You're still a bit shaky on the 'knowing' but once you KNOW you see, everything that has already created, in your vibrational reality. Your thoughts just start to change themselves effortlessly. I went from thinking 'I KNOW my money is on the way' to ...........

(05 Mar '14, 17:11) Yes

'I have so much money I don't know what to spend it on' and I would spend hours and hours looking for things I wanted to buy because I could feel the money was mine just as I could feel things that were already mine. There is no difference in the stuff you can see and the stuff that you can't yet see. The feeling of ownership on vibrational things not yet seen and physical things you can see becomes the same. For example, I bought Christmas presents for a man that I wanted to be with.....

(05 Mar '14, 17:15) Yes

... before we were together. I bought the presents before I'd even got the call that we were getting together. That's the level of knowing that comes for the vibrational stuff, it's true ownership of that before it's visible. It comes, automatically, there is nothing else for you to do. It just unfolds now, your thoughts will start to change and you'll feel the momentum moving in the direction of the things that you want, and then it goes on from there really fast because you know it works. :)

(05 Mar '14, 17:19) Yes

@Yes think it was Wayne Dyer that said " Start from the end"...

(05 Mar '14, 17:30) ursixx

@Yes Thank you. "It just unfolds now, your thoughts will start to change and you'll feel the momentum moving"... I can't tell how how fun it is to read that.

(06 Mar '14, 02:57) corduroypower

"Start from the end" is right! :) Corduroypower, keep milking those good feelings. :) It's all on the way to you.

(06 Mar '14, 06:36) Yes

@corduroypower Very nice answer. You make a very good point about using tools and techniques that you enjoy using instead of forcing yourself to use a tool because everyone else says to do it. That was a big hurdle for me in the beginning phases. Look at the whole lot of techniques, then sift through them and find what is the most fun and enjoyable to use. Forcing ourselves to do things that feel like hard work is only going to produce resistance and more hard work in our day to day lives.

(06 Mar '14, 11:50) Cory

WOW! What a great-feeling thread! I feel high as a kite. Thanks everyone! :D

(06 Mar '14, 15:49) Grace

:) I've just come across this from Abraham and it describes stage 6 perfectly. You need do nothing now from this point on because the vortex changes your thoughts for you: "It makes sense to me that if I stay in the vortex on a more regular basis, using any excuse that I can to stay in there, it makes sense to me that the vortex will train my vibration to the frequency where I will rendezvous with what I have put there.....

(07 Mar '14, 05:49) Yes

....I can’t find the exact feeling place of what I want but I can find the general feeling place of that and I believe that the vortex will train me into the precise feeling of it. So, I am content to, for now, just be in love with my vortex. I’m content for now to just feel the satisfaction, in fact I feel like I’m already doing that because I’m not unhappy in my life....

(07 Mar '14, 05:50) Yes

...I must be really be right on track and I'm eager to feel my vibration shifting and shifting and shifting and I know the specifics will explode within me when the time is right, and meanwhile I'm just happy to be in my vortex." :) This describes how it is right before you realize (tipping point) that you don't need to be patient in the vortex because everything you want is right there now before your eyes, and then you see it! :)

(07 Mar '14, 05:52) Yes

@Yes - Chills! Thanks for sharing that. That is awesome.

(07 Mar '14, 15:01) corduroypower
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If you are using all the correct techniques to manifest without results then the short answer to the question "why are my desires not manifesting" is that they are being short circuited by embedded beliefs that prevent your desires from manifesting. Embedded beliefs are just that, they are so deeply ingrained that they become part of you and you don't even realize they are there, automatically controlling your life.

Trying to manifest in these conditions is like swimming against the tide

alt text

you will find it hard going and your results will be negligeable


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Over the last few years, I have put a lot of time and effort into trying to get the things I want in life, and nothing's happening. I tried creating things for myself, for family members, for friends, and even for strangers, but after all that time, I can't point to one thing and say "It worked!"

Are you sure this is true, that there is absolutely nothing that you wanted that came to be? Even if life worked by pure Chance and Luck, you will still sometimes get what you want and sometimes not. It won't be absolutely not getting you want.

There ARE things you have successfully manifested into your life, you just have to be aware of them.

Appreciate all that you DID Manifest. Believe that what you want WILL Manifest. Delight in all that things that ARE Manifesting.

You have to KNOW that when you Ask you will Receive whether it is 2 seconds from now, 2 days from now, or 2 years from now. It is coming, just like when The Body feels Pain there is an automatic response to Heal, although it make take a few days or weeks, or even months to notice, it is the same way with Asking and wanting. Even if you don't see it is already happening.


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