How could my friend create when she was in real depression and negativity? Can negativity create since they are powerful energy? And how they can create positive things?

My friend is not that much interesting in LOA science, even sometimes she interacts with me but not following. I have led her to main principles regarding law of attraction to get her goals.

Recently she gained three of her goals by complaining, being ungrateful and crying. She was for month ago in a very bad mood and inharmony, I was sure that she will get more bad feelings and suffer but she didn’t, she gained them.

She could affect her parents to fulfill two of her projects, everytime when things are incomplete and not going well, she was complaining and nagging, I warned her to be in positive state to make things completed but she wasn’t, she was like a kid when his trip is canceled, as much she is negative as much things is happening, note that by time she let go but in negative way not the positive trusting way. Lately she was trying to attract new job, again she was ungrateful for her current job, again I advised her to be grateful to the current one to get the new, which I am doing, I am using every little time in work as I believe I am leaving soon. What happened that they call her for her dream job!!!

I was thinking, comparing our states I am acting positive and things are good with me but not in her degree!!! This friend is brilliant by getting goal after goal!! I was wondering from LOA point of view, even if she doesn’t believe in, well she does but not adopt, how can we explain her success with all this negativity? According to LOA?

And for me I love LOA and that is my way, but I want to know LOA read to her situation to understand things more, can her negativity brings things to her? Maybe she believe by playing victim role universe will interfere? So many people believe in that, so does the law responding to vibrations, thoughts even when they are done negatively?

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Totally understand you being baffled but one cannot compare her/ himself to another , whilst outwardly you might think you see what is going on with your friend,one can never know truely how another is thinking moment to moment. An ex aquaintence of my daughters has an "attitude " of entitlement to everything , she comes across as extremely arrogant by societies "terms" yet it seems to work for her ,she gets everything she wants even when it "appears" not fair how it all happens :-)

(26 Feb '13, 19:47) Starlight

Well eventually she will meet her match,but she will not like it the role will reverse.And right now people see the way she is how will she complain to other people about someone like her.Someone negative that complain and force other to get what she wants.It is a little like the little boy cry wolf work for a while but when the real need will be there no one will believe her.

(26 Feb '13, 22:42) white tiger

@Stalight, I put the comparison away, really I am, I am practicing LOA, in the way I taught to, in the way that resonate to me, but I was baffled, Yes maybe when she assured me her way is better

(28 Feb '13, 12:51) r0la

@White tiger, this negative other people who resemble her is right, they acting her way to give her, her stuff, but I was wondering LOA role in that.

(28 Feb '13, 12:52) r0la
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I think there are 2 factors to consider.

  1. She already has beliefs in place that support her.
  2. At some point she is letting go, giving up, surrendering.

The first point reminds me of my school days. I manifested good grades almost all the time. But in retrospect I wouldn't say that I was happy. Most of the time school was very stressful to me and actually I experienced mild depressions all the time, especially shortly before tests.

I complained all the time about life, school, teachers, my grades (although they were good) etc.

However my goal was to get good grades. And I believed that I was intelligent. I also believed that I could never get bad grades like others that were not caring at all about school. So in my expectation it was never possible to repeat the class or get bad grades.

So what does this tell about my beliefs and my attitude towards life?

It means that I somehow managed to internalize beliefs that were supporting me in the first place. (such as "I am intelligent.", "I can get good grades.", "I deserve good grades.").

Do you believe that I had no limiting beliefs? Of course I had many of them. That's why I felt unhappy. Otherwise I wouldn't be complaining, nagging and be pessimistic at this time.

At this point it would have been nice to have someone to tell me to feel good and be positive. So it would have been easy for me to change those beliefs, achieve even more without effort.

"note that by time she let go but in negative way not the positive trusting way."

It really doesn't matter how you let go or in other words... how you give up. Letting go, giving up and surrendering is always letting go of resistance. And when resistance disappears, allowing appears... desires manifest.

There are many people on this planet that manifest desires going through a cycle of

being depressive and complaining, through contrast creating stronger desire! --> letting go --> manifesting desire --> being depressive and complaining, through contrast creating stronger desire! --> letting go --> manifesting desire --> being depressive and complaining, through contrast creating stronger desire! --> letting go --> manifesting desire --> being depressive and complaining, through contrast creating stronger desire! --> letting go --> manifesting desire-->...

I've lived this way many years myself. But I don't think that life should be that stressful. Imo it would not be worth living that way. And to be honest, personally I would rather die.


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@releaser99 - yes that resonates with me - as a child people kept saying that i was intelligent so i suppose that i ended up believing it, and my mother "believed" in me, however i have always had a tendency to "space out"(let go) and can easily become deeply fearful, I realize though that fear can act as a driving force

(27 Feb '13, 06:30) ru bis

@releaser99, you know I have been with this friend step by step, for us my dreams are on their way, she was so supporting, she was forcing herself to act on my way, then she stopped, and choosing her way, for me she is free to choose any way that resonate to her, but to be honest, it was so shocking that her way flourish in the time I thought she will come back choosing positive thinking way.

(28 Feb '13, 13:39) r0la

I was like 'ohhhhhhhhhh, she did it? that's good' but I was frozen, confused. now to return objective in analyzing since this means to me to grasp more this science of living. I know deep in me that she had certain belief that support her, positively, that she will get them, which maybe I don't, and which I could learn to have.

Her negativity was a surrender, that one you talk about, which is letting go that benefit vibrationally.

(28 Feb '13, 13:45) r0la
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Sense of entitlement. People that have it tend to get what they want. She probably identifies very strongly with her desires being fulfilled, she probably visualizes it intensely. This makes her extra upset when reality doesn't seem to match. The idea that you must be "positive" in the sense that you are talking about to manifest is nonsense, people manifest all sorts of things all the time. Hitler manifested a wonderful summer retreat.

So the question is, do you feel entitled to what you want?

Here is a thought. Who do you think this world belongs to?


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Sense of entitlement - I know some like that & she gets anything she desires - always! Now that she lives in the US, she has her sites on the lottery. I fully expect her to win.

(27 Feb '13, 05:13) ele

@flowsurfer,even she acts negative but she knows very strong her desires are fulfilled, and here is the paradox being negative but sure they are coming. I wonder what is the law of her!!!

(28 Feb '13, 12:48) r0la

@r0la It's not a paradox; it's very simple ~ The Law of Expectation. It's the 'key' to manifesting & expectation factors into every facet of your life. Your manifestations & your experiences are the results of your expectation & that's where true genuine belief factors in.

(28 Feb '13, 18:40) ele
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From a vibrational point of view i find this question most interesting - everything oscillates, vibrates if you prefer, and this reminds me of the oscillating circuits described by Georges Lakhovsky, here is a bit of info

Globally your friend is negative whilst you are positive and this is exactly how a resonating circuit functions - in other words you and your friend form a whole, a circuit, that can be graphically represented by an open circle

ffalt textff

"emotions of fear, apathy, grief, anger, anxiety ill health emit a much different resonance or vibrational output than those emotions of love, joy gratitude, radiant health, just as tuning to 96.9 FM emits and as a result attracts a different outcome or frequency than 104.7 FM on your radio dial"

A flow of energy is created by emotions, and the very fact that you and your friend feel opposing emotions increases the tension thus the flow, to a point where energy jumps across the gap, symbolized by the yellow "sparks" in the graph, thus increasing the effect of the idea embedded within, a doorway into the invisible world ... negative and positive can be in harmony just as higher and lower notes of music can ... here we enter into the domain of vibrational medecine or to use a more rebarbative word, "radionics".


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ru bis

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ru bis I like this a lot. Yes, emotions are very strong currents of energy. Yes, Harmony. Now I understand your other examples. I thought they were out of balance; not enough yin to your yang. Big difference between harmony & balance. Yes, it 'vibrates' with me, makes sense & all the difference. You're such a cool teacher. Thanks!

(27 Feb '13, 05:11) ele

@ele - thanks for your faith

(27 Feb '13, 05:21) ru bis

. . . laughing . . . I don't know why I didn't know that! You're always in perfect harmony. lol!

(27 Feb '13, 05:37) ele

@ru bis, we were exchanging energy you mean?

my reading, information & vibrations affected her, I felt her in my circle, she was negative in a believing, letting go, I can't explain but maybe deep in her she believed.

(28 Feb '13, 13:50) r0la

@ru bis "thanks for your faith" ~ That's easy to do. Thanks for your beautiful explanation of why opposites attract & can create in harmony.

(28 Feb '13, 18:57) ele

r0la "my reading, information & vibrations affected her" - Your vibrations definitely had an effect - a co-creation. Make no mistake, vibrations have an effect on the people you come in contact with - both positive & negative. In this case, your positive vibrations (reflection) had the desired effect.

(28 Feb '13, 19:30) ele

@rOla - as ele so clearly puts it, "a co-creation", yes an exchange of energy ... creative energy as in creating a baby ... a build up of energy and "sparks fly" between the + and - thus forming a closed circuit, represented by a simple empty circle, symbol of plenitude and pure creative energy.

(01 Mar '13, 02:51) ru bis

@ru bis Closed Circuit, Circle? The power of the Universe always works in circles as does life. Circles ~ moon, sun, earth, world, & the wind, at it's peak of power, whirls.

(04 Mar '13, 04:14) ele

That sound so much interesting for me, since she could not be totally negative and yet manifest, - & + exchanging energy circle is an interesting fact,

Many times you share people with your information, they don't adopt but yet stuck in their subconscious and do their work

(04 Mar '13, 05:08) r0la

@rOla - yes true i enjoy sharing how i "see" things, i've modified the diagram to indicate how i imagine the next step, thanks for your confidence.

(04 Mar '13, 10:54) ru bis
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When your predominately feeling good it gets harder to notice your manifestations. Good things seem to trickle in slowly and steadily, (as you are not blocking the Stream) and because your already a vibrational match to those things they will seem like no big deal to you. You might not even notice them at all as they just seem normal to you.

It's sounds like your friend, by predominately feeling negative emotion has cut of her Stream for a period of time. This allows all those desires to get blocked of from manifesting and they start accumulating.

Think of it like a kink in a garden hose. The water (Stream of well-being) pushes up against the kink (negative emotion) and starts to build up pressure. When the kink is freed ( negative emotion released) the water that was blocked suddenly gushes out at a faster rate than normal.

This results in a lot of desires manifesting in a short period of time so they really stand out and will seem like a big deal :) This is how the majority of people (and myself a while ago) who are not aware of LOA or Vibrational raising methods manifest things into their life.


answered 28 Feb '13, 21:51

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